Introducing Shoppable Product Hotspots: Enhance Your Store With Tagshop’s Interactive Hotspots

Shoppable Product Hotspot
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Building a community of loyal customers has become a huge challenge for e-commerce businesses nowadays, primarily due to the highly competitive market with alternatives that can quickly replace any business. 

In this landscape, simplifying customers’ shopping experiences is the best strategy for positive customer retention. With features like shoppable product hotspots, brands in 2024 can achieve just that while also boosting their revenue substantially. 

Now, before we begin, let’s learn what are product hotspots.

What Are Shoppable Product Hotspots?

Hotspots or shoppable hotspots are product tags that you can strategically pin on products featured in an image or video on your website.  

These shoppable hotspots bring an essential feature to the website, especially if they are placed on shoppable galleries and feeds. 

The Hotspots attract users’ attention instantly, provide them with the necessary information, highlight the product in a visual post, and allow consumers to buy the products with minimal clicks and friction easily. 

Having a shoppable gallery with hotspots can work as an attention magnet on your online store. Users can access different kinds and categories of products without having to navigate through the store.

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Upgrade your shopping experience with Shoppable Product Hotspots.
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How Do Shoppable Hotspots Work?

If you are an e-commerce business, you might struggle with getting your website visitors from your homepage to product pages, which is basically improving your store’s engagement rate. 

By adding shoppable product hotspots to the visual content on your website, you can display your products through engaging social content, such as user-generated content, or influencer collaboration content, improving the overall visibility of your products and helping your customers discover them easily. 

With shoppable product tags, you can provide a freeway for your customers to navigate easily through a product’s page and make a purchase instantly. 

These product tags come in handy to inspire users and turn their inspiration into sales.

How To Get Started With Hotspots?

You can follow these simple and easy steps to get started with the Shoppable hotspots by Tagshop. 

  • Create Free Tagshop account or Log in to your existing account.
  • Complete the steps to collect social content from your preferred channels and sources. 
  • Upload your product catalog through the available platforms, such as Shopify and Bigcommerce. 
  • After this step, click on the ‘Tag Products’ option under any post.
  • Search & tag products to the posts. (follow this for all posts you want to tag)
Shoppable Product Hotspots
  • Now, click on ‘Enable Hotspot’ in the top-right corner of tagging pop-up.
  • Once you enable hotspot, you will see hotspot pins appearing on the post.
  • With product hotspots, you can tag multiple products in a single post.
  • Drag and drop your hotspots on the post as per product position.

Similarly, you can do so for all posts. Once you create your shoppable gallery with hotspots, then you can move on to publishing it on your website. 

In these simple steps, you can add shoppable product tags to your embedded gallery.

Which Brands/Businesses Can Use Shoppable HotSpots?

There is no specific limit to who all can use these hotspots. However, we have listed a few industries who can perfectly leverage these hotspots to create Shoppable Instagram feeds, UGC shops, shoppable social galleries etc. to sell their products or services.

1. Fashion & Clothing

Fashion and apparel brands can showcase the different looks, clothing combinations, complete sets, outfit ideas, and more to sell more products and increase average order value.

2. Cosmetics

Cosmetics and makeup brands can leverage these hotspots to sell different products collectively through the kits, skincare sets, etc., by highlighting makeup images and videos using different cosmetics.

3. Travel & Hospitality

The travel and hospitality industry has a lot to gain through these hotspots. They can sell experiences and book through the shoppable tags. Travel brands can showcase past customer experiences through visual galleries and generate bookings through hotspots.

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Upgrade your shopping experience with Shoppable Product Hotspots.
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4. Food & Restaurants

Food businesses and restaurants could create leverage visual user-generated content from social media, add shoppable hotspots, and publish shoppable galleries on their website and signages. Users can explore different dishes, get a visual representation, read reviews, and order the dishes they like through tags.

5. Consumer Goods

Consumer goods brands can also leverage these hotspots like Fashion brands to showcase their products, highlight real-life usage, and allow direct buying through the tags. 

Likewise, any other brand or business from any industry with an aim to sell their products or services can leverage the shoppable hotspots.

Ready to take your sales to the next level?
Upgrade your shopping experience with Shoppable Product Hotspots.
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All-in-all, product hotspots are an excellent feature for e-commerce businesses of 2024. They are trending now among brands and businesses for all the right reasons in providing them the  ability to streamline their customers’ shopping journey and ultimately improve the engagement rate. 

The idea is simple: By adding hotspots to their content, brands can provide a complete shopping experience, help their website grow, and drive maximum returns on investment.

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