Boost Trust & Sales: Leverage the Power of Video Testimonials

Reading Time: 7 minutes The significance of social proof for e-commerce businesses is unmatchable. And when it comes to testimonials, especially video testimonials, they hold the utmost importance in building a trusted and credible brand identity.  Statistics show that over 47% of consumers prefer video testimonials, which help them visualize a product better. It’s fair to say that providing […]

9 minute read

UGC Videos: Definition, Types & How To Boost Sales From Them 

Reading Time: 8 minutes When was the last time you saw a poor review of a product while e-shopping and still proceeded to complete the purchase? Almost never, right?  Unsurprisingly, customers trust customers. And, when we say that social proof is the most significant form of decision-maker in a shopping journey, we mean it.  Statistically, 77% of consumers have […]

11 minute read

What Is A UGC Creator & How to Become a UGC Creator in 2024 – A Complete Guide

Reading Time: 11 minutes If you don’t live under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the terms “User-Generated Content” and “What is a UGC Creator?”  It’s becoming the thing of the present and shaping the future of marketing in incredible ways. Now, the thing about UGC creators is that their content can be an empowering force to portray any […]

14 minute read

The Complete Guide to UGC for E-commerce: Turn Your Content Into Conversions

Reading Time: 11 minutes The e-commerce industry is living on a competitive edge where businesses are continuously striving to stand out. But as the competition is expanding, so are the opportunities UGC  for eCommerce businesses to mark their space.  User-generated content, for one, is becoming the ultimate source of social proof and authenticity for brands. UGC ecommerce is a […]

15 minute read

Content Moderation: The Key To A Successful UGC Campaign  

Reading Time: 8 minutes UGC allows brands to bond with new and potential customers based on genuine, honest reviews and visuals. Picture your mind as a well-kept library: declutter, tidy shelves. Similarly, a UGC campaign succeeds with proper attention and fitting content, like maintaining your mental space. But there’s a challenge. The internet has a lot of opinions and […]

10 minute read

Word of Mouth Marketing: A Guide To Build WOM Marketing Strategy

Reading Time: 10 minutes Consumers have always valued opinions expressed directly to them. But, over the years the consumer-to-consumer channels of communication have changed. It is now more online and businesses can drive sales and revenue by spreading the word about their products. Implementing a word of mouth marketing strategy can help you attract, engage and convert customers in […]

13 minute read

Ultimate Guide To Introduce Shoppable UGC Galleries Into Magento 2 Stores

Reading Time: 4 minutes Brands today have started pivoting the spotlight away from themselves and towards their consumers, employees, and supporters – empowering them to create content featuring their brand.  This content is based on their experience with the brand and has grave potential to connect, attract and convert visitors into loyal users.  Further, shopping has become a constant […]

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