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Turn Visual UGC Into Trust & Sales

Activate visual shopping experiences, social proof, and conversions by leveraging social media customer photos and videos featuring your brand products.


Collect, Curate, & Publish The “Real” Visuals

Showcase customer-generated visual UGC reviews on your website to boost product discovery, spark product imagination and direct shoppers to purchases.

Activate Visual User-Generated Content

Leverage Visuals To Sell More

  • Boost product discovery and inspiration among consumers to drive sales

  • Showcase authentic photos with tagged products to turn UGC into visual shops

  • Highlight customer photos and videos across buyer journey to maximize conversions

Activate Visual User-Generated Content

Tap Into 'Seeing Is Believing' Phenomenon

  • Visual UGC reviews are considered 3 times more trustworthy than regular content

  • User photos showcase real-life product value and authenticity to build social proof

  • 72% users are more likely to make purchase after accessing visual + textual reviews

Turn Customers Into Influencers & Advocates

Seamless Visual Shopping Experience

  • Visuals provide information 60x faster than text that enables instant gratification

  • Creatively display products in real-life use through unique & exciting customer visuals

  • Feature product-specific visual UGC galleries on product pages to reduce abandonment, inspire users, and upsell products

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Turn Customers Into Visual Influencers

  • Collect on-site customer photos, reviews, and ratings directly from your customers

  • Explore and curate the best Instagram hashtag content and display it across your store

  • Get users' content rights and leverage visual UGC in social ads and emails to drive revenue

Empower Content Curation & Product Tagging With AI

Filter content, improve productivity, and boost product discovery on-site with AI and advanced machine learning.

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  • Automated content filtering process to repurpose content that’s most relevant.

  • Easy product discovery through suggestions and product tagging through intelligent tagging assistant.

  • Automated TruSense moderation to ensure you collect the most appropriate social posts.

  • Track user sentiments, analyse content themes, and identify top-performing content through robust content analytics.

Grow Your Brand With Tagshop

Get in touch to build brand trust, conversions, and affinity with promising solutions.

Spotlight Features For A Seamless Experience

Explore the best-in-class features that are exclusively designed for a premium and seamless experience.

Sync Product Catalogs
Sync Product Catalogs

Sync your product catalog directly from platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, and more.

UGC Rights Management
UGC Rights Management

Get users' content rights directly from the users and repurpose approved UGC without any legal restrictions

Interactive Hotspots
Interactive Hotspots

Enable shoppable hotspots to highlight the tagged products in your gallery and make it more interactive for users.

Creative Customizations
Creative Customizations

Leverage diverse themes, customizations, styles, and designs to make your gallery more engaging, exciting, and branded.

Integrates Seamlessly With Your Tech Stack