We Tried Foursixty For You, and Here's What We Think.🤔

The eCommerce space has reached a stage where customers constantly need to be impressed. Forget glossy, impersonal content; today, it's all about authenticity.

That's where shoppable User-Generated Content platforms step in. They bring real use cases and experiences straight to your audience and blend them with shopping opportunities.

Foursixty is a leading platform helping eCommerce businesses achieve these goals. But lately, the platform has not been in customers’ best books. Especially since the 80% increase in its pricing.

We wanted to find out what Foursixty has in store for its customers. So, we tried it.

Using Foursixty Isn’t The Flex You Think It Is. Here’s Why:

Many eCommerce businesses trust Foursixty for its popularity in the market, but when it comes to the real deal - the pricing and features offered, Foursixty lags far behind.

If you think Foursixty is offering you exceptional services, here are some major factors you need to consider.

flag-icon Unreasonably high-priced plans
flag-icon No live chat support
flag-icon No AI-Smart features in sight
flag-icon Cannot curate review galleries
flag-icon Does not offer automated product tagging
flag-icon No way to acquire social traffic
Despite charging substantially higher than its alternative tools,

Foursixty offers a pretty basic stack of features that in no way compensate for its price. 

Need better proof? Hear Foursixty's actual customers depict their experience with the tool:

so far it's still not working and have not heard back from email support at all. Would be great if it actually does what it is supposed to. Also - for such a big app, you should have live chat support

Gifts By Mariam shopify rating icon
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Might be good but this app continually stops working and requires continual authorization. Not worth $100 month.

Sea Shepherd shopify rating icon
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The experience has not been good so far as it's been a few days and the app developer has not responded to us so far.

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More Reasons Why You Need A Switch From Foursixty

It’s okay if you need more reasons to decide. Because we can still go on about how Foursixty is depleting your hard-earned resources in return for nothing.

🔻Caters to limited business sizes

Foursixty seems tailored for larger companies, leaving smaller businesses feeling overlooked.

👎Lacks countless essential features

Users may find themselves missing critical tools or functionalities that are standard in other platforms.

😵Typical app navigation

The user interface lacks intuitive elements and can prove to be challenging while navigating.

😑Poor scalability & flexibility

Foursixty struggles to keep up with businesses as they grow and evolve, lacking the scalability and flexibility needed to adapt.

❌Offers limited gallery options:

Foursixty limits users to curating only visual content galleries without providing the option to gather and showcase reviews.

Why Some Businesses Still Prefer Foursixty?🤔

Some large-scale businesses still prefer Foursixty as they aren't significantly affected by the cost. Moreover, many business owners delegate platform tasks to specialized teams, which shields them from noticing any discrepancies.

On the other hand, small or budding businesses do not avoid these massive shortcomings. They pay close attention to detail, which is why Foursixty's rise in the pricing plan has made it unaffordable for all businesses. Instead, they only want to cater to enterprise-level businesses that operate with minimal manual intervention.

Where Are All The Brands Moving?

Brands are moving to better Foursixty alternatives like Tagshop. Tagshop is a feature-packed, shoppable UGC and Instagram platform that caters to eCommerce businesses across industries effortlessly.

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What User Says About Tagshop?
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It's an amazing platform to showcase and built a connection between your social platforms and products on your page. The customer team service - Prakhar has always been useful and guidance has been amazing. very much satisfied with the app

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Amazing experience so far thanks to their very attentive customer service. Not going to lie there have been some glitches when adding the widget but the tech team makes up for it with one on one customer support!

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Been using TAGGSHOP for more than a year now, their client service is amazing, and we love how we can feature in the exact moment of the user's journey, the UGC content of our product... Highly recommended

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