What are Shoppable Videos? Types, Benefits and Strategies

shoppable videos
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Shoppable videos are revolutionizing the way we shop online. By integrating clickable product links, shoppable videos provide a seamless shopping experience. Shoppable videos enhance engagement and drive higher conversion rates for brands.

However, as eCommerce marketing continues to welcome new changes, video content, particularly shoppable videos, has risen and is set to become the most transactional form of content.  

Interestingly, studies show that over 91% of consumers want to see more video content by brands. 

Brands are becoming more conscious of this change and are actively integrating shoppable videos into their marketing strategies. 

But before we begin to understand this strategy in-depth, let’s learn this term by definition.

video shoppable

What is Shoppable Video?

Shoppable videos are the type of interactive video content that allows consumers to discover and purchase products directly showcased in the video itself by clicking without navigating to different pages. Shoppable interactive videos offer great experiences & benefits to both viewers and businesses.

It is a frictionless way of shopping with interactive CTA buttons like “Add To Cart” or “Buy Now” that lets the customer jump directly from the video content to the product page. 

Shoppable videos have become extremely popular in the marketing landscape due to their engaging nature. These videos have the potential to attract customers and lead them toward making a purchase in a more streamlined and efficient manner.

However, the success of shoppable videos depends on various factors, including the quality of the content, the effectiveness of the user interface for making purchases, and the brands’ ability to target the right audience with their videos.

Now that you understand the definition of shoppable videos, let us understand how shoppable videos work.

Types of Shoppable Videos

Businesses across industries are integrating interactive shoppable videos in their e-commerce marketing strategies

However, what’s important to note is that not every business has the same requirements to reach their customers. It takes different efforts for each business to implement this strategy most effectively.

Here are a few types of shoppable videos:

1. Product Demonstration

Customers expect more than just basic product information nowadays. They want to know about the product and connect with the brand before they make purchasing decisions. 

Shoppable product demonstration videos are a great way to give your customers a closer look into your products. You can showcase your products from different angles, in different use cases.

2. Shoppable Video Ads

Customers have become reluctant of watching any content that is highly pre-posed and scripted. The same goes for advertisements. Shoppable video ads are the new way to promote your products authentically. 

Businesses can enable audiences to buy products directly from these shoppable social ads and increase conversions. These ads can be created through authentic user-generated content and are more effective than any other form of advertising.

3. Shoppable Live Streams

Since the inception of e-commerce, customers have become more inclined towards shopping online. And fairly so. Shopping online is convenient – it sames time, efforts and does not have location-specific barriers. 

However, customers still miss the thrill of shopping from retail stores. Shoppable live streams allow users to shop for products directly through live streams. This type of shoppable videos are highly transactional as brands can offer clearance discounts and host auctions through shoppable live streams and customers can make purchases.

4. Shoppable Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos are a trending phenomenon in the current times. Although, more than a trend it is a great marketing tactic for brands to showcase their products in their most genuine nature. First began on YouTube, and now popular on every platform. 

Shoppable unboxing videos provide a unique and interactive way for e-commerce brands to show their products. These videos help customers to discover products, and purchase those products in a frictionless way.

Be it any industry, shoppable videos are unlocking new opportunities for e-commerce brands every day. These videos are interactive, genuine and gives an edge to customers that is more than just browsing and shopping.

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Benefits of Shoppable Video For eCommerce

Shoppable videos offer several benefits for e-commerce businesses, helping them unlock numerous possibilities and reach their brand’s goals. 

Here are some of the key advantages of shoppable video:

1. Better Product Visualization

Getting customers to visualize products remains a pain point for e-commerce businesses as static images can show the products in a limited setting. With shoppable videos, brands can showcase their products with more precision and clarity. 

They can help the customers visualize how the products look from different angles and in movement. This enhanced video shows the products in action and helps them make quicker purchase decisions.

benefits of shoppable videos

2. User Engagement

Consumers nowadays have very limited attention spans. It is a struggle for brands to keep their customers engaged and interested in their products. 

Shoppable videos are super interactive and work brilliantly to keep the viewers hooked. By integrating shoppable videos in their e-commerce, businesses can encourage customers to actively engage with shoppable videos and allow them to click on products directly from the video. It also indicates a higher level of interest, which can be a valuable signal for marketers.

3. Increase In Conversion Rates

Shoppable videos directly contribute to increased conversion rates. By turning content shoppable, you enable your customers to make purchases directly by clicking on the content. 

This seamless purchase process is a great motivator for customers to complete their purchases, as customers don’t have to go through the entire process of product discovery to check out. 

This seamless path is also a great strategy to reduce cart abandonment, resulting in increased conversions.

4. Establishes Brand Trust

Shoppable videos are superior in many aspects, especially when it comes to building trust and credibility. By publishing well-crafted product videos, you can let your customers explore products within the video. Customers can trust that the information provided in the video is accurate and they are more likely to have confidence in your brand. 

This transparency can instill customer confidence and increase trust in the e-commerce brand. Customers who trust a brand are more likely to become repeat customers and brand advocates.

5. Improved Shopping Experience

A good shopping experience for customers is the holy grail of customer retention and that’s exactly what shoppable videos provide. With shoppable videos, customers able to explore your products with ease and this convenience persuades them to make purchases, increasing your average order value (AOV). 

By providing your customers with an immersive and seamless shopping experience, you can improve your customers’ satisfaction with your brand, resulting in repeat purchases.

Thousands of brands are adopting this strategy into their marketing and are reporting higher conversions. 

However, simply integrating shoppable videos is not enough. There is not one but many types of shoppable videos that can affect brands differently. 

How to Create a Shoppable Video?

Shoppable videos work by conveniently integrating e-commerce capabilities into video content. This strategy is becoming the need of the hour for e-commerce businesses for a good reason. 

Any brand can turn their videos into shoppable in just a few simple steps. 

Step 1. Collect Content

Interactive videos shoppable

The first step is to collect content from your preferred social media platform. You can collect content through sources like hashtags, user handles, or user mentions. 

Step 2. Create Shoppable Gallery

Video shoppable

After collecting content, you can create a compelling shoppable gallery from the video content. You can create specific galleries from Facebook shoppable videos or YouTube shoppable videos

Step 3. Add Product Tags

shoppable videos

Once your gallery is created, you can add product tags to each video and turn it into shoppable. Once your content has product tags, customers can tap on the video and directly shop for products from the gallery.

Step 4. Integrate Your Gallery

Shoppable video ads

After adding product tags to your gallery, you can integrate your gallery into your e-commerce touchpoints—for example, your website’s homepage, product pages, or checkout page.

An interactive shoppable video can significantly enhance your e-commerce strategy and help you position your brand in a more approachable way. The effectiveness of shoppable video content and its superiority over other forms of content has been proved time and again. 

Let’s talk numbers. 

  • Statistically, there are over 1.7 billion unique users on  YouTube monthly. 
  • Marketers say that they are generating 66% more qualified leads due to video commerce. 
  • About 80% of consumers agree that video content helps them make confident purchasing decisions.

These numbers show how shoppable video content is making waves in the marketing world with its power to bridge the gap between inspiration and action. Let us move ahead and find out more benefits of shoppable videos.

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Who Should Use Interactive Shoppable Videos?

Shoppable videos present a novel opportunity for eCommerce businesses across industries to grow in countless ways. Video marketing, in general, has amassed a huge market globally and eCommerce businesses in particular. 

The reason is simple. Videos are impactful, engaging and communicative at the same time. Studies show that brands using videos into their marketing experience 3X better brand visibility. 

By now, you must be aware of the various advantages of using shoppable videos. Let us learn how various industries can utilize this strategy. 

1. Beauty & Cosmetics Brands

Interactive shoppable video

Shoppable videos for beauty brands is the most ideal situation. The cosmetics and beauty industry strives on loyal customers that can give repeat business to brands. To achieve this, brands can utilize interactive shoppable videos to showcase makeup tutorials, skincare routines, or product demonstrations. By allowing viewers to click on products featured in the video to purchase them directly, beauty and cosmetics brands can drive sales and provide a seamless shopping experience.

2. Fashion & Apparel Brands

fashion video shoppable

When it comes to the fashion industry, customers expect more than just pre-posed catalog image sto form thei buying decisions. With the help of Interactive shoppable videos, brands can easily showcase their latest collections, offer styling tips, or runway shows and improve the overall product discovery. With the help of shoppable videos, brands are able to simplify the purchase journey for customers. It works by allowing viewers to click on items showcased in the video to purchase them instantly, providing a convenient shopping experience and driving conversions.

3. Consumer Goods Businesses

Video ads shoppable

Whether it’s electronics, home goods, or fitness equipment, consumer goods businesses can leverage shoppable videos in a more enhanced way than any other industry. Videos present an engaging opportunity for brands to convey their product’s offerings. Brands can utilize UGC videos, branded content as well as customer testimonials and feature them on eCommerce touchpoints to demonstrate product features, highlight use cases, and facilitate direct purchases. This approach can increase product visibility, engagement, and ultimately, sales.

4. Hospitality Brands

The hospitality industry has the maximum amount of UGC there is. Hotels, resorts, restaurants and travel companies can use interactive shoppable videos in the form of UGC to showcase their accommodations, amenities, and experiences. Viewers can click on various features such as room types, dining options, or activities to make bookings or purchases, enhancing the booking process and driving revenue for hospitality brands. This visualization instills confidence among customers to make their purchases.

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Strategies To Integrate Shoppable Videos Into Your E-commerce

Just like each e-commerce business has a different style of creating videos, similarly every e-commerce business has a different integrating strategy for shoppable videos that can really amp up the brand’s visibility and growth.

Here are a few strategies to integrate shoppable videos into your e-commerce.

1. Work On Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce has become the most prominent type of commerce nowadays. Research shows that over 40% of online shoppers are mobile users. Which brings us to our point. The best strategy to integrate shoppable videos into your e-commerce is to work on mobile commerce diligently. 

Study your audience and find out the percentage of mobile users for your brand. According to this information, optimize your videos for the best customer and user experience.

2. Create More Short-Format Videos

A new wave of short-form videos have incepted. According to statistics, the average human has an attention span of only 8.25 seconds. Believe us when we say, businesses cannot create long advertisements anymore and expect users to stay engaged. 

Short form videos are the new way of interacting with your audience and the most effective strategy to create shoppable videos that will generate value when integrated into your e-commerce.

3. Choose Value-Driving Ecommerce Touchpoints

No matter how great your video content is. It is necessary to integrate it where you can derive most value from it. 

There are certain types of content like more engaging and polished shoppable videos that might also serve as product inspirations. This type of content would sit best at your e-commerce homepage. However, if you are looking to retarget customers through shoppable emails, it is best that you use shoppable content that your customers have shown interest in.

4. Focus On Cross-Promotions

Shoppable videos have a high potential and can be scaled widely due to their interactive nature. Collaborate with popular influencers and drive content that really speaks on behalf of your business and reflects your brand values.

This way, you can tap in their audience as well as connect deeply with your existing audience resulting in building more brand trust and generating more revenue. 

By implementing these strategies, you can leverage the power of shoppable videos to really build a customer-centric brand. 

Strategies are important. However, good shoppable video platforms that supports your brand’s needs is even more crucial for best results.

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5 Shoppable Video Brand Examples To Inspire You

Here are the best shoppable video examples to inspire:

1. Huda Beauty

shoppable video

Huda Beauty is one of the highest revenue-generating beauty brands in the world. The brand’s popularity is such that celebrities, makeup influencers, passionate makeup users, and loyal customers are actively creating authentic content for the brand. 

Huda Beauty has a designated brand hashtag, #HudaBeauty, and the brand is leveraging its popularity by integrating this authentic content generated by real users into its marketing touchpoints. Huda Beauty has been an active user of this shoppable video strategy and has successfully earned revenue from it.

2. Dr. Dennis Gross

Shoppable video interactive

Dr. Dennis Gross is a renowned skincare brand that has been in the industry since 25 years. The brand focuses on giving its consumers the best quality skincare products that are tailored according to their specific needs. Dr Dennis Gross is particularly popular for their Alpha Beta Peels, which are said to give users glowing and radiant skin. 

Dr. Dennis Gross has also invested in shoppable video as their prime marketing strategy and is one of the best shoppable video examples for brands. The brand’s homepage includes a shoppable video gallery with tagged products. This integration has allowed the brand to simplify their customers’ shopping experience and enhance their product’s visibility.

3. Malandra Jewellery

interactive shoppable video

Malandra Jewelry is a Mexican jewelry and accessories brand using shoppable videos as its prominent marketing strategy. Malandra deals in trendy imitation jewelry pieces that are in immense popularity nowadays. 

The brand is making use of its active online presence and utilizing the content generated by customers by turning it into well-curated shoppable galleries. Malandra has integrated this shoppable gallery into their e-commerce homepage and has generated 3X user engagement and revenue from these shoppable videos.

4. Puma

Puma is a globally recognized and highly influential sportswear brand. The brand has a strong online presence and has collaborated with international celebrities like Christiano Ronaldo. Puma is using its online presence and active audience participation in a more engaging way by turning this content into shoppable and integrating it into their e-commerce touchpoints. 

The brand is showcasing its collaborative and partnership content to provide users shopping inspiration as well as a more enhanced look of what the brand is offering. This engaging integration has improved the brand’s product visibility and a more seamless shopping experience.

5. Dr. Squatch

interactive shoppable videos

Dr. Squatch is a men’s personal care and beauty company. The brand has a unique selling point as it deals with 100% natural products free of toxic chemicals and specially formulated for men. This brand has launched its latest collection for Jurrasic Park fans and is also becoming a popular social media account on TikTok.

Dr. Squatch wanted to valuably utilize its presence on social media and bring its audience from TikTok and Instagram to its website, where the audience can actually take action. The brand integrated a shoppable video gallery into their homepage with tagged products so that customers can easily purchase products they are interested in. 

These brands are prime examples of shoppable brands that have perfectly leveraged the power of social media and e-commerce together. Through a combination of trendy products, a strong online presence, shoppable content, and using platforms that work best for them, the brands have become leading names in the industry.

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Ending Note

From the plethora of strategies, shoppable videos have really made a difference in the marketing space. Businesses, big and small, are integrating this one hell of a strategy into their efforts and transforming their website’s responsiveness, user experience, and product discovery considerably. 

 Interactive shoppable videos offer a highly engaging and convenient way for brands across different industries to showcase their products or services, increase customer engagement, and drive sales by enabling direct purchases within the video content.

For brands who are just getting started with this remarkable strategy, we have provided a lot of meaningful information that might help you get there easily. From helping you understand how each eCommerce industry fits with this strategy, to providing you with shoppable video trends that are currently cowling th emarket. 

Hope this article helped you understand about shoppable videos in depth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are shoppable videos, and how do they work?

Shoppable videos are videos with embedded product tags. With shoppable videos, users can click on the content and land directly on the product page of the tagged products. It allows users to shop for products seamlessly without much requirement for navigation.

How can shoppable videos benefit my e-commerce business?

Shoppable videos can benefit any e-commerce business by making the shopping experience more interactive and frictionless for customers. By integrating shoppable videos you can simplify product discovery and decrease cart abandonment rate considerably.

What types of shoppable videos are common in e-commerce?

Some of the most popular types of shoppable videos in e-commerce include product demonstration videos, tutorial videos, lookbooks, and interactive advertisements.

Are there any successful examples of e-commerce businesses using shoppable videos?

Yes, there are many top brands like Puma and Huda Beauty that have effectively integrated shoppable videos into their marketing strategies. These brands are also reportedly experiencing growth in their revenue which is a sign of a successful example.

What are YouTube shoppable videos, and how do they work?

YouTube shoppable videos are interactive videos that allow viewers to click on products shown in the video. They work by adding shoppable cards or product links directly in the video on YouTube.

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