What is Video Shopping: Best Platforms, Strategies, and Examples

Reading Time: 5 minutes Online shopping has become a norm for consumers today. Thanks to the improved digitalization that has encouraged and allowed customers to engage in online shopping confidently.  While factors like secure online payments, improved customer services, fast shipping, and easy returns have bolstered consumers’ trust in e-commerce, it’s no secret that providing this level of convenience […]

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16 Best SaaS Affiliate Programs: Earn Up to 50% Recurring Commission

Reading Time: 11 minutes Did you know that over 84% of online content publishers participate in SaaS affiliate programs and, statistically, earn up to $62,000 annually?  Interestingly, SaaS affiliate programs are among the highest-yielding collaborations, growing at an astounding 27% CAGR.  Even though affiliate marketing is growing swiftly, many of you are unaware of its potential and what it […]

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12 Must-Have E-commerce Tools To Grow Your Business In 2024

Reading Time: 8 minutes Today, businesses are connected to their target audience without any geographical restrictions. The horizons of e-commerce and online stores are expanding, but driving traffic is an art to master.  Many e-commerce businesses and online stores suffer losses due to ineffective sales, which might result from inefficient strategies. Sometimes, however, the strategies are enough, but the […]

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Introducing Shoppable Product Hotspots: Enhance Your Store With Tagshop’s Interactive Hotspots

Reading Time: 4 minutes Building a community of loyal customers has become a huge challenge for e-commerce businesses nowadays, primarily due to the highly competitive market with alternatives that can quickly replace any business.  In this landscape, simplifying customers’ shopping experiences is the best strategy for positive customer retention. With features like shoppable product hotspots, brands in 2024 can […]

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Shoppable Images: How are they transforming the e-commerce landscape in 2024?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Here’s an intriguing statistic to capture your attention: More than 3.2 billion images are uploaded on social media on a daily basis.  Encountering this amount of content quickly saturates consumers’ overall attention spans, making it difficult, especially for brands, to stand out and get them to engage with this content. But there’s a catch: utilizing […]

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Video Commerce: The Future of Ecommerce Businesses

Reading Time: 8 minutes You’re seriously missing out on a huge scope of growth if you’re not leveraging video commerce as an online business. The impact of social media has expanded tremendously over the years and has contributed to changing consumer behaviors, overall.   In fact, statistics suggest that e-commerce businesses using it for their marketing are improving 49% better […]

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Top 15 Shoppable Video Platforms 2024 – Boost Your Revenue By 3X

Reading Time: 14 minutes Video marketing for e-commerce has become today’s most prominent marketing strategy. And what holds the utmost importance and makes the foundation of this strategy is none other than shoppable videos. Let’s first understand what shoppable video platforms are. Statistics show that including a video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate by up to […]

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