Which Social Proof E-commerce Brands Can Use & How: For Shopify Stores

Reading Time: 9 minutes Earning customers’ trust is the fast lane to building a successful e-commerce business. How? Well, when customers trust a brand, a whole array of other benefits follow, such as improved brand loyalty, increased repeat purchases, and overall improvement in business revenue.  This trust in e-commerce brands comes from online reviews that hold immense significance for […]

13 minute read

How to Collect Customer Reviews on Your Shopify Store

Reading Time: 9 minutes The biggest gap between an abandoned purchase and a successful sale is a customer who gets convinced. Assurity plays a crucial role in this process and inspires successful purchases.  But, how does a brand provide this assurance to customers? Simply, through a relatable and trusted voice that can not only vouch for your brand but […]

12 minute read

How To Add Shoppable Videos on Shopify & How They Can Help You Increase Sales

Reading Time: 9 minutes In today’s highly visually-driven marketplace, grabbing the attention of your audience is not easy.  To stand out, Shopify businesses have to devise unique and highly engaging strategies. Before the inception of digital content, traditional forms of advertising were the only way to attract customers’ attention.  But now, digital visual content, especially videos, have become a […]

11 minute read

10 Best Shopify Customer Retention Strategies & Examples for Success

Reading Time: 8 minutes The e-commerce marketplace is massive and growing bigger than ever. Every brand has a competitor, and customers are practically spoilt for choice with so many brands to choose from.  This means reduced repeat purchases and the need to acquire new customers, making the efforts to build a new customer base frequently and exceeding your marketing […]

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11 Best Shopify Marketing Strategies For Your Store to Increase Sales

Reading Time: 8 minutes There are over 4.4 million live Shopify stores globally. If you’re wondering, “Why do I need Shopify marketing strategies to grow my business?” then the answer is simple. To stand out among this fierce competition and establish your brand as a trusted business in the industry.  With the help of practical strategies that suit your […]

10 minute read

How to set up Instagram Shop with Shopify in 2024? (Quick Guide)

Reading Time: 8 minutes Are you looking for an easy guide to learn how to set up Instagram shop with Shopify and grow sales? In this article, we are about to uncover the steps for you.  But, before we begin, here’s some interesting data: Statistics suggest that over 130 million Instagram users tap on shopping posts every month and […]

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10 Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps to Recover Lost Sales

Reading Time: 9 minutes Abandoned cart Shopify has become a prevalent challenge for e-commerce businesses. Especially since the competition in the market has risen so much that brands have almost become replaceable quickly.  Wondering why is this scenario taking place?  To put simply, customers are drawn towards brands that provide the best value to customers in terms of services, […]

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