Craft a Winning Shopify Product Page: Customization, Examples & Templates (2024)

shopify product page
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Are you wondering why does a Shopify product page matter at all?

Hear us out. 

It’s 2024, and we have to say that there’s never been a more lucrative time to sell online. The eCommerce industry picked up its pace somewhere between 2019 and 2021, and, honestly, it never took a breather after that.

The eCommerce graph is on a relentless high, and businesses across industries are not leaving one chance to convert more customers. Shopify businesses, in this matter, are truly performing. 

Statistics show that Shopify sellers generated more than $319 billion in global economic impact. Isn’t that mind-blowing? 

Shopify brands are optimizing their stores, especially focusing on the ones that matter the most – the product pages. Product pages are the most value-driving landing pages for any eCommerce business because of the countless benefits it brings to any brand’s growth. 

In this blog, we will learn about it all and in-depth.  

What Is A Shopify Product Page?

Shopify Product Page

A Shopify product page is a landing page within a Shopify online store, dedicated to a specific product available for sale. The page lays out all the essential details about that specific product including the product’s name, description, price, images, variations, and add-to-cart buttons. 

Simply put, the product page is where potential customers can learn more about the product and make a purchase decision.

Some businesses curate engaging product pages and include visually appealing elements such as product videos or AR elements to help customers try out the products virtually, and so on. 

Make Your Shopify Product Pages Sell More: Key Things to Include

Product pages are pretty unkippable. Whenever a potential customer visits your website, they will likely visit multiple product pages of the products they like to either check the pricing and delivery details or see them properly via bigger images. 

Product pages hold countless advantages for eCommerce businesses. However, it is essential to implement strategies that can transform your product pages and help them stand out and offer results and more sales. 

1. High-Quality Product Images

One downside of eCommerce shopping is customers’ inability to see and experience the product in real life. Unlike retail shopping, where customers can develop their shopping decisions based on the actual product, eCommerce brands can achieve this only via visuals. 

Integrating high-quality images in the product pages is the closest brands can get to showcasing their products to customers in their realest setting. Clear visuals provide essential information that words alone cannot convey, allowing customers to assess the product’s features, shape, and suitability for their needs.

2. Precisely Written Product Descriptions

While product visuals are essential, precisely written product descriptions go a long way in establishing customer confidence. Studies show that one of the biggest reasons for product returns in eCommerce is that the bought items don’t match the product description. 

How can brands overcome this? By providing complete details related to the product, brands can reduce product returns and improve their overall reputation. It is important that brands give out as much information as possible about the products. This means, including shipping information, payment options, delivery details, and additional product details.

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3. Social Proof To Boost Buying Decisions

Social proof builds brand trust and credibility. Unlike retail, where word-of-mouth marketing directly plays a substantial role in building a loyal customer base and boosting buying decisions, eCommerce businesses can rely on authentic customer feedback and reviews to achieve the same. 

By incorporating social proof and user-generated content in product pages, eCommerce businesses can easily boost purchase inspiration for customers that are in need for an extra nudge. 

4. Easy Navigation To Checkout Pages

Another strategy that eCommerce brands use to optimize their Shopify product pages to get more sales is simplify the navigation journey from the PDPs to checkout pages. This means, offering customers a quicker an more convenient way to complete their purchases.

 Various brands offer “Buy Now” buttons that take the customer directly to the checkout page. Some brands use other CTA buttons that create urgency and fasten the purchase journey. 

5. Shipping Information & Return Policies

Cart abandonment is a crucial issue that eCommerce brands face today. Rigid and inflexible return policies and long delivery times are one of the major reasons behind it. 

By clearly laying out this information on the product pages, brands can eliminate customers’ guesswork, considerably reduce the cart abandonment rate, and improve conversions.  

Learn from the Best: 7 Winning Shopify Product Page Examples

You must understand the significance of optimizing your Shopify product page properly and how it can help a brand multiply conversions. In this section, we will discuss some of the leading Shopify product page examples and how you, as an eCommerce business, can take inspiration from them. 

Let’s begin:

1. Luxsea

Luxsea is a popular swimwear and activewear brand for women that offers a range of designs and swimsuit patterns. Luxsea Swimwear is especially known for its quirky prints and colors.

shopify product page examples

Luxsea has curated immersive product pages that display almost all mandatory information required by customers to make their purchases comfortably. This includes a sizing guide, clothing details such as the fabric and material, and delivery information. 

best shopify product pages

Luxsea has also made sure to present its products through high-quality and captivating images that help customers visualize the product in a realistic manner. What’s more is, Luxsea also understands the value of giving customers authentic content as an inspiration so they can shop more confidently. 

shopify product page customization

By embedding a shoppable UGC gallery into the product pages, Luxsea allowed customers to shop the products seamlessly, ultimately boosting the brand’s conversion rate by 3X. 

2. Feather & Black 

Feather & Black is a home furnishing brand that sells a wide range of products such as tables, wardrobes, beds, as well as complete furniture sets. The brand sells these furniture items in a variety of materials and sizes. 

best shopify product pages

Feather & Black has created brilliant product pages that showcase just about everything a customer needs to see before making a purchase. The page displays high-quality product images that show the product in a natural setting. 

product page templates

Additionally, Feather & black has featured all the necessary details on their product pages. These details include the product’s material, size, and styling inspiration. The page also displays frequently asked questions about the product. 

customize product page shopify

What’s interesting is the way Feather & Black has showcased social proof in their PDPs through a shoppable Instagram gallery. The brand has showcased real user-generated content on the product page gallery to improve the product’s visualization. This helped the brand boost its sale of the product and turn it into a best-seller. 

3. Kyte Baby

Kyte Baby is an apparel and care brand for new-born babies, toddlers, and moms. The brand offers a wide range of products such as clothing, baby care accessories, toddler car seats, and more. 

Kyte Baby has curated an excellent product page for their brand that displays all the information required to make a purchase. The details include the products’ sizing chart, shipping information, return policy and product care instructions. 

shopify product page

Kyte Baby also understood the importance of offering proper visualization that can allow potential customers to make informed decisions. To fill this gap, Kyte Baby has embedded high-quality product videos that showcase the products in action properly. 

shopify product page customization

This integration is helpful for both the brand and the customer in a way that brands get to communicate about their products more effectively and customers can have the transparency of what’s being offered to them. 

4. Nuut 

Nuut is a wellness brand that offers a wide variety of flavored supplements. The brand is also known for its plant-based protein powder and various other plant-based supplements that are particularly popular among fitness enthusiasts. 

shopify product page examples

Being a brand from an industry that dwells solely on customer trust, Nuut has curated an immersive product page that displays each product’s information correctly in detail and filtered by each supplement’s nutritional value. Additionally, the product page also explains the product flavor specifically so customers can shop accordingly. 

customize product page shopify

Other than the basic information, Nut has dedicated a section explaining step-by-step how customers can consume their supplements. Now, to instill customer trust in the product pages, Nuut has embedded authentic reviews by real customers that honestly convey their experiences with the brand. 

5. Olay

Olay is a globally recognized skincare and beauty brand that gained popularity for selling products for various skin types. The brand has one of the best Shopify product pages and can be considered an example of how brands from similar industries can optimize their PDPs. 

shopify product page examples

Olay has showcased all significant product information, including the product’s size, key ingredients, and payment options. Additionally, Olay has dedicated a specific section to demonstrating how to use the product, who can benefit from it, and any additional information. 

shopify product page

Additionally, Olay has also embedded authentic customer reviews to boost the product’s credibility and help customers feel confident while making their purchase decisions. 

6. Puma

Puma is a global leader when it comes to athletic and leisure footwear and apparel. The brand has a huge collection of sports and casual shoes, along with activewear for customers across the globe. 

shopify product page

With such a huge customer base, Puma has embraced their product pages with high-quality visuals that showcase the products in the best possible way. Puma has optimized their product pages with all significant information such as the product’s sizing details, color, product ID as well as care instructions. 

customize product page shopify

Additionally, Puma has also improved the product page by showcasing the UGC of actual customers wearing the products and presenting a genuine visualization of how others can wear them. This has helped Puma gain more engagement and drive more customer-generated content. 

6. 6KU Bikes

6KU Bikes is a brand specializing in designing and manufacturing bicycles for urban commuting, fitness, and recreational riding. They offer a range of bicycles, including fixed-gear, single-speed, commuter, and more.

shopify product page

The brand has created value-packed product pages that display all essential details about the products and showcase them flawlessly from every angle. Additionally, the brand has incorporated information such as the bike’s size, riding suitability, colors, etc. 

best shopify product pages

To add an extra layer of social trust, 6KU has also embedded authentic customer reviews on every product in its PDPs, which help other consumers understand the product better and make their purchase decisions accordingly. That’s not all, the brand also has FAQ section embedded that simplifies customer queries allowing them to be informed.  

How To Customize Your Shopify Product Page

For every Shopify business, having a well-optimized and responsive store is a dream come true. When customers visit a website, every business hopes that they get a smooth user experience that can encourage them to spend more time exploring the site and maybe eventually make a purchase. 

Product pages are essentially crucial for Shopify businesses as they directly influence customers’ purchasing decisions. They need more efforts to keep customers engaged so brands can derive some value from this site visits. Shopify product page customization is an essential part of this process. To customize product pages Shopify brands use various powerful strategies:

  • Mobile optimization: Statistics show that over 18% of customers abandon their online shopping carts due to usability issues on mobile devices. To bridge this gap, various brands are now relying on mobile optimization to retrieve maximum revenue potential. 
  • Video marketing: Videos have become a brilliant way to present your products with more impact. Since the inception of social platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, the popularity of short videos has increased. Many brands are embedding engaging shoppable videos into their product pages to improve the overall visualization. 
  • Upsell & Cross-sell: Some of the best Shopify product pages have showcased impressive product bundles, as well as upsell and cross-sell other related products on the product pages. This helps customers discover more products and improve their overall shopping experience.
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5 Product Page Templates for Shopify Store

No matter what your business goal is, improving conversions is an essential part of any marketing strategy. In this blog, we have covered strategies, ideas as well as real brand examples of captivating product pages. 

Now, let us understand the types of product pages that brands usually curate. Here are 5 examples of product page templates for your Shopify store:

1. Product Pages with Product Bundles

This is somehow the most used product page template that can be a perfect option for your brand if the goal is to improve the average order value. By curating product bundles, brands can easily upsell and cross-sell products. Additionally, by creating frequently bought-together bundles, brands can put more products into the limelight than just one. 

2. Product Pages with Shoppable Galleries

This is the most popular Shopify product page template, and it can successfully help a brand retrieve more conversions, customer trust, and website engagement. Businesses can create captivating shoppable galleries showcasing visual content of customers using the same product in life. This is a brilliant strategy for eCommerce businesses to optimize their product pages with content that serves as social proof and also provide inspiration. 

3. Product Pages that Create Urgency

Another popular product page template is the one that creates a sense of urgency among customers to boost instant sales. These product pages showcase countdowns and flash deals. Some brands also host live video shopping streams on product pages where brands appoint a creator or model, and they showcase the product in action. This practice allows customers to visualize the product better and make purchases based on that information, allowing brands to boost customer engagement and sales. 

4. Product Pages for Services

Product pages for services is a product page template that focuses on incorporating visual elements such as images, videos, or infographics can help illustrate the service process. Because services are not physical products, brands utilize compelling product descriptions that clearly outline the features, benefits, and unique selling points of each service. 


Having seen numerous Shopify product pages, one thing is sure: customers appreciate transparency. When customers have a clear understanding of what they’re buying and how it meets their needs, they are more likely to take action. 

In conclusion, by formulating product pages that can efficiently convey the product’s value, brands can experience several positive outcomes. This includes improved conversions, better customer satisfaction, and an enhanced brand perception. 

Shopify Product Page

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a landing page and a product page in Shopify?

A landing page in Shopify is a page designed to capture leads or direct traffic toward a particular action. On the other hand, a product page in Shopify is a webpage dedicated to showcasing and selling a specific product, providing detailed information, and directly facilitating the purchase process.

What are the best practices for SEO on my Shopify product pages?

Brands can improve the search engine visibility of their Shopify product pages by integrating high-ranking keywords related to the products in the descriptions and embedding customer reviews on the page.  

What should you avoid on your Shopify product page?

Brands should avoid curating product pages with poor-quality images, vague product descriptions, complicated navigation processes, and a cluttered layout.

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