The Power of Product Videos: Types, Examples, & Best Practices

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In a world of online shopping where customers cannot touch and feel the products, product videos have become a game changer. 

E-commerce businesses have several creative options for creating product videos that showcase their offering. However, the beauty lies in the variety of formats available.

Businesses can strategically use product videos to guide potential buyers throughout the journey, from initial awareness to the final ‘add to cart’ click.

This guide will explore the various product video types, their benefits, and some significant examples to take inspiration from. Let’s dive in. 

What are Product Videos?

A product video lets businesses show off their products in action, features, and benefits.  Product videos can be promotional and informational. They aim to generate interest and sales demand for the featured product. 

5 Main Types of Ecommerce Product Videos 

As a business owner, it can take time to determine what type of ecommerce product videos you want to use for your next video marketing strategy.  We have collected a list of product videos you can incorporate. 

Introductory Product Videos 

An introductory product video is used to announce a product launch, a new collection, or a new product feature. Such types of introductory product videos are made to create hype around the new launch and attract the target audience’s attention. Here are a few characteristics that an Introductory product video requires : 

  • Tell your target audience what it is all about- what is the product? What are its main features? 
  • Use effective and trending audio for your product video and make it viral on social media platforms. 
  • Remember to put a clear call to action for your introductory product videos to drive conversion. 

UGC Product Videos

User-generated product videos are the content created by real users. Unlike the videos brands make for paid campaigns, user-generated product videos with minimal setups like smartphones. The best part about utilizing these product videos is that they can be shoppable. With more videos like this, brands can easily showcase how their products are valued and increase their visibility simultaneously. Here are some examples of UGC product videos that you can incorporate into your video marketing campaign. 

product user-generated videos
  • Product Reviews
    Product review videos are where the customers, influencers, or creators provide product feedback. Most product review videos are unbiased; however, brands sometimes pay influencers or creators for a positive review. This helps them to establish a better brand reputation. 
  • Product Usage Tips
    These videos are where the creators provide tips and tricks related to the products. This helps the viewers and buyers to utilize the product best. Product usage tips can help the brand and the customers, as these videos act as testimonials, bringing more customers to the brand.
  • Before and After Videos
    Such videos are a popular format as they emphasize on Transformation of something or someone after using the product. They are commonly used in various industries, such as beauty and fitness. 

Product Demo Videos

As the name suggests, product demo videos demonstrate the product(s) in action. These videos are generally created by the brands themselves or the influencer reviewers. Let us take an example of a product demonstration video of a fitness tracker.

product demo videos

In this video, you will see it worn during the exercise and measuring the distance covered. This visual depiction is far more engaging than static information, giving viewers a clear understanding of how the products work and why they need it. 

How-to Videos 

A ‘how-to video’ is an instructional video that teaches the viewers how to do something step by step. These videos are created by experts or enthusiasts in a particular field and cover many topics. ‘How-To videos’ are vastly popular on platforms like YouTube and can be valuable for learning new skills or completing tasks. 

Such videos are an excellent way to establish your brand as an expert in the industry. They can also showcase the products’ unique features. When potential customers see what types of ins and outs a brand offers through a valid source, their trust in the brand increases. 

Product Unboxing Videos

Product unboxing videos are a type of online video where the creators film themselves unpacking and showcasing a new product. These videos often include detailed shots of the products, their packaging, and any included accessories. Product unboxing videos are popular on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. 

unboxing product videos

Unboxing videos are incredibly addictive, with Over 90,000 people typing ‘unboxing’ into YouTube monthly. These videos effectively transmit the thrill of trying out new products to the viewers without purchasing. Unboxing product videos have the power to boost the growth of any product significantly. 

Importance of Product Videos for Ecommerce

Ecommerce product videos play a crucial role in enhancing customer satisfaction and engagement. They are also an effective way to convey the intent of the brand. Let us take a look at the reasons why product videos are essential for ecommerce. 

1. Increase Attention & Retention 

Product videos are one of the prime reasons brands are getting more famous online. While a reader might only understand 10% of a brand message when written in text, a video conveys nearly 95% of the same. Apart from that, the click-through rate of a video is also 96%. 

Product videos also spark curiosity and evoke emotions, encouraging people to engage with the brand. The better your product video will be, the more interaction you will receive for your brand. 

This happens because product videos take the viewers and potential customers through an emotional rollercoaster and provide the information in a fun way. 

2. Building Trust & Transparency 

In a world where everything is happening online, convincing customers to buy a product still takes work. This is where product videos come into the picture. When customers cannot check out the product physically, product videos are the content they can rely on. These videos can show them how a product looks and works simultaneously. This transparency by the brands also helps in acquiring trust from the customers.

3. Boosting Engagement & Conversions  

Product video marketing is highly effective for boosting engagement and conversions. With clean and professional product videos, brands can differentiate themselves from competitors. This is because video marketing enhances the chance of brand visibility and reach to a larger audience. 

Best Practices to Create Product Videos 

Product videos are a pivotal part of today’s marketing scenario. As things stand in 2024, the number of online shoppers is estimated to be 2.64 billion, and videos remain the only key to showcasing to customers what to expect from brands or businesses. Let us take a look at the best practices to create product videos. 

  • Define Your Target Audience
  • Create a Video Script 
  • Get Good Audios 
  • Ensure The Perfect Length of The Video
  • Use Product Video Description 
  • Use Product Videos As Social Media Ads 
  • Include A Call To Action

Define Your Target Audience

One of the initial stages of creating a product video strategy is to define your target audience. This group is more likely to be interested in your product and its benefits. They are the ones who will convert into customers shortly. 

To define your target customers, you must gather more information about them, such as demographics, behaviors, etc, so that your products solve the pain points. All this information helps businesses to align their product video with their target customers’ needs and preferences. As a result, the final product video will resonate with them. 

Create a Video Script 

While creating product videos for ecommerce brands, one of the favors you can do for yourself is create a video script. This helps businesses optimize their product video creation process. Creating a video script helps them to plan and be more efficient. The element of a video script is crucial to create product videos that capture maximum engagement. Here are some essential components of a successful video script: 

  • Content Idea is the fundamental concept your video script revolves around. Keep it simple and accurate. 
  • Purpose – define your purpose why you want to put out this video 
  • Video Type – The product video you create decides the script and pace. For example, if you upload a testimonial video, the script should focus on real-life examples rather than state the benefits of the products. 

Get Good Audios 

The footage quality of your product video is important, and getting good audio is equally essential. Using Lavalier mics can enhance the audio quality of your product videos if you are narrating the script. You can also utilize the trending audio for your videos to make them viral on social media platforms.

Ensure The Perfect Length of The Video

A typical product video is about 15 to 20 seconds long, depending on the circumstances. However, you can stretch up to 60 seconds for testimonial and demo videos. 

The length of your product videos should vary depending on what story or message you want to convey. If you want to focus on a particular feature quickly, opt for a 30-second video, depending on the platform. 

However, if you want to go for a product launch, aim for a 60-second video talking about your product’s features. 

Use Product Video Description 

If you are uploading your product videos on platforms like YouTube or Instagram, it is essential to use search engine optimization best practices. Choose appropriate keywords for the product video to make it more discoverable. This could include your product name; a key feature is to include keywords in the following areas. 

  • Video Title
  • Description
  • Captions
  • Hashtags 
  • Tags. 

By doing this, the hosting site’s algorithm will better understand the content of your video. You can also create a detailed description informing viewers what to expect from the videos. You can also include links to direct viewers to a product page, making it easier for them to purchase. 

Use Product Videos As Social Media Ads 

Social media platforms provide a perfect space for video ads. This is where you can incorporate product videos into the plan. Pick your favorite type of product videos; whether product demonstration videos or UGC product videos and use them as social media ads. You can also utilize a short excerpt from the testimonial in a product video example or produce a video centered on testimonials and satisfied customers. Both these approaches effectively encourage viewers to make the purchase decision. 

Include A Call To Action

Having CTAs in your product videos is an essential element.  This helps you drive more conversion to your brand. You can also incorporate shoppable UGC or other product videos so customers can purchase instantly. 

5 Inspiring Product Video Examples 

It is a fact now that people are obsessed with watching product videos before purchasing. Here are some product video examples that can help you take inspiration from: 


Nike is known for its high-energy and impactful product videos, often featuring professional athletes. It also showcases the latest innovative sports gear and footwear. The video is expertly crafted to inspire and motivate viewers to push their limits and achieve their athletic goals. Apart from that, Nike also uses various effective video campaigns from time to time to feature their products. 

nike product video examples

For example, in August 2023, Nike released their A Feel For Every You, showing that fitness might mean different things to everyone. They allowed their customers to flex themselves with their Nike leggings. 


Zara product video exmaples

Zara maintains an active presence on various social media platforms. Zara’s product videos are characterized by their sleek and sophisticated style. They often feature fashion models wearing the latest clothing lines in modern urban settings. The videos effectively convey the brand’s emphasis on contemporary fashion and timeless style. 

MAC Cosmetics

Mac Cosmetics creates visually stunning product videos highlighting their diverse range of makeup products. Their videos often feature bold and creative makeup looks and showcase their products’ versatility and quality. The videos appeal to makeup enthusiasts and aspiring makeup artists. 

mac product videos

Also, MAC Cosmetics collaborates with different creators who match their brand value. This helps them to make their product reach the maximum number of people. 

Nova Nude

Nove Nude’s product videos are known for their focus on natural beauty and simplicity. The videos often feature soft, warm tones and emphasize the brand’s commitment. They have adopted a pink hue as their brand tone. This gives them an edge and makes their product video eye-catching. 

Novanude examples of product video

Their product videos reflect and celebrate natural beauty. These product videos resonate with individuals who appreciate a more subdued and minimalist approach to making and skincare. 


Prada’s product videos exude luxury, sophistication, and elegance. Their videos often feature exquisitely crafted fashion items showcased in refined and aspirational settings. They effectively convert the brand’s status as a symbol of high fashion and discerning taste. 

ecommerce product videos

Their Instagram posts are primarily about their products, which have recently combined tech precision with human intuition. This paints a picture of the brand, showing that Prada is modern and timeless despite being an age-old brand. 

Make Your Product Video Shoppable with Tagshop 

tagshop shoppable product video app

Competing with brands in this vast arena takes a lot of work. The problem starts with grabbing customer’s attention and creating a product video that stands out and converts. This is where Tagshop comes into the picture. 

Tagshop helps ecommerce business owners to transform their product videos into powerful marketing tools. Imagine your viewers being able to click directly on the product and make the purchase. With Tagshop, business owners can remove buying friction, fuel their conversions, and take their target audience to the purchase page. 

Tagshop is not just about convenience, instead, it helps business owners to create a rich and engaging experience with potential customers. Additionally, it helps business owners remove friction in the buying journey, eliminating too many clicks to buy a product. 

Final Note

Product videos are essential to product marketing strategy, especially in a highly competitive industry like e-commerce. 

We have covered all the types of product videos and their examples you can adopt in your video marketing strategy. Product videos aren’t just multimedia; they can be used in multiple ways, such as uploading them to your social media platforms or website. Making it appealing and approachable to the end customer requires much work. In fact, in this digital era, product videos determine the revenue your brand will generate. 

We have mentioned all the best ways to create the best product videos and some inspiring examples to take inspiration. So, what is stopping you now? Start your product video marketing strategy fresh, and see your business grow. 

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