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Are you fascinated by how some eCommerce stores seamlessly integrate YouTube shoppable videos into their pages? Imagine offering the same engaging experience for your brand. In this blog, we will show you exactly how to achieve that efficiently.

The power of authentic YouTube content is impeccable. Statistics show that there are 4.95 billion active YouTube users worldwide on a monthly basis. With such a massive audience base, you can imagine the kind of visibility it can bring to any eCommerce business if used correctly. 

This is when YouTube shoppable videos come in. By enabling YouTube social commerce on your online store, brands can utilize YouTube content in multiple ways: 

  • Improve brand visibility by carefully placing products in your videos.
  • Boost conversions by showing best-selling products and enabling direct purchases. 
  • Maximize engagement rates by putting captivating videos into the spotlight. 

With YouTube shoppable videos, you are definitely in for experiencing a plethora of advantages. But before we move further to understand about it in detail, let us learn the meaning of YouTube shoppable videos.

Shoppable video youtube

What is the Meaning of YouTube Shoppable Video?

A YouTube shoppable video is a form of video content used by eCommerce brands on their eCommerce touchpoints to facilitate seamless shopping. As the name suggests, YouTube shoppable videos are posted on YouTube by a user and then collected and turned shoppable using a product tagging platform. 

YouTube shoppable videos are highly engaging pieces of content due to their engaging nature. They display content compellingly and showcase the products in question so naturally that viewers are compelled to tap on the products tagged in the video and buy them. 

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Key Benefits of YouTube Shoppable Videos

YouTube shoppable videos are an excellent form of content for engaging viewers. They can substantially reduce friction and lead customers to make impulsive purchases. But, that’s not all! Embedding YouTube shoppable videos into your online store has various other benefits. Let’s learn about them: 

Shoppable video youtube

1. Effortless Shopping

Simplifying shopping experiences for customers is of utmost importance for eCommerce brands. By embedding YouTube shoppable videos into the website, brands can enhance product discovery and allow customers to explore and purchase products directly from the video content. 

This type of commerce is especially effective in engaging younger audiences, as they are more likely to be attracted by captivating YouTube shorts and make purchases easily. 

2. Increased Engagement

Users’ attention span has substantially reduced in the past few years. This is mainly due to the excess consumption of content, which has practically led viewers to feel bored if the content doesn’t immediately excite them. 

With the help of YouTube shoppable videos embedded into online store’s webpages, brands can grab viewers’ attention immediately and instill interest. They can integrate YouTube videos created by customers or utilize influencer partnership content to showcase the brand products more meaningfully. 

Additionally, by turning them shoppable, brands can facilitate seamless shopping opportunities. 

3. Deeper Brand Connection

Building meaningful connections with your customers goes a long way in building a successful eCommerce brand. But how do brands form these relationships? By engaging them, making them feel like part of a community, and valuing their loyalty. 

Embedding UGC such as YouTube videos created by customers on important touchpoints can make customers feel like their opinions matter. This can ultimately lead to forming better customer relationships and trust. 

Brands also turn this UGC on YouTube shoppable and allow new customers to make their purchases directly from the embedded content.  

4. Targeted Product Placement

Influencer and creator collaborations are powerful marketing strategies that brands indulge in at some point in their marketing plan. And when they do, it is essential to utilize those relationships to the fullest extent. 

By showcasing UGC content effectively through these engaging videos, brands can achieve better-targeted product placement. With this strategy, products are placed within relevant video content, enhancing their appeal and relatability. 

For instance, beauty products are featured in makeup tutorials, fitness gear in workout videos, and tech gadgets in unboxing reviews. 

How to Make Your YouTube Video Shoppable? (Step-By-Step)

Now, you are already aware of YouTube’s potential as a platform. Which is why, embedding quality YouTube videos into your website makes total sense. In this section, we will help you how to make your YouTube videos shoppable by best shoppable video platform

shoppable video youtube
  1. Login to Your Account  

To begin with, create an account on Tagshop. If you are a new users, login to your existing account by entering your credentials. 

  1. Select your Plan (For new users) 

Once you are logged in,  you will be required to choose a plan. Here, you can choose any plan to continue. Tagshop provides a 14-day free trial for all plans. So don’t worry, and select a plan without any credit card.

Awesome! Now you are logged into your Tagshop account. From here on, you can start collecting content and turning your YouTube videos into shoppable.

Let’s learn how: 

  1. Collect Content 
  • The first step is to start collecting content. From the social network options provided, select YouTube. 
Youtube shoppable
  • The next step is to pick a feed type from which you will collect content. For example, we will choose the channel URL. Click on  ‘Create Feed.
shoppable youtube videos
  • As you click, your YouTube feed will appear. You will be able to see all the content that exists in the channel. 
  1. Make Your YouTube Feed Shoppable

Once you have your feed, it’s time to sync you product catalog so you can turn your YouTube feed shoppable. Let’s learn how:

  • From the side dashboard, go to Content > Product Catalog. Now, from the provided CMS platform, pick the platform you want and connect it to upload your products. 
  • To import your product list manually, click on the ‘Import Product List’ button and upload your CSV File or Product Catalog. 
  • Now, you can add product tags to your collected video content by clicking on the ‘Tag Products’ button. Your YouTube videos  are now shoppable! 
  1. Customize Your Feed 

Your shoppable YouTube feed is now ready. To customize your feed,  go to ‘Apps & More’ and moderate your feed by enabling features like ‘Auto-Moderation’ to filter out irrelevant posts or ‘Custom Post’ to upload a video manually to your curated feed.

  1. Publish Your Gallery 

Your shoppable YouTube feed is now ready. If you want to embed it into your website, you can do so by following these steps. 

  • From the dashboard, go to ‘Website’ to personalize your feed by choosing a gallery theme and customizing it by adding CTA buttons, backgrounds, etc. 
  • Once done, don’t forget to click on ‘Save Changes’ and click on ‘Generate Code.’
  • From the gallery type drop-down list, choose where you want to publish your gallery. 
  • Finally, select your preferred eCommerce platform and follow the steps provided. 

Best Platform To Turn YouTube Video Shoppable

Tagshop - shoppable video platform

Turning YouTube videos into shoppable content can significantly enhance viewer engagement and drive sales. Several platforms offer this functionality, each with unique features and benefits. 

However, Tagshop stands out as one of the most efficient platforms designed especially for eCommerce businesses to leverage their valuable user-generated content effortlessly and boost sales.

Here are some features that Tagshop offers. 

  1. Social Media Integration: Tagshop connects with YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other social platforms to turn social media content into shoppable posts.
  2. User-Generated Content (UGC): It allows brands to leverage UGC by making customer photos and videos shoppable, enhancing authenticity and engagement.
  3. Customizable Galleries: Brands can create customizable galleries and embed them on their websites.
  4. Analytics: Tagshop provides detailed analytics to track engagement and conversions from social posts.
  5. Influencer Collaboration: It facilitates collaborations with influencers, making their content shoppable as well.

Tagshop is a social commerce platform that can help eCommerce businesses convert their social media content into shoppable experiences. Brands can easily take these galleries and embed them into value-driving marketing touchpoints. Tagshop is packed with smart features that makes social selling a breeze for brands, without any limitations. 


In 2024, YouTube shoppable videos are the “it strategy” that every business wants to implement in their marketing. 

eCommerce businesses are tapping into the potential of majorly all video-sharing platforms. But YouTube’s vast audience base is a tempting factor that is persuading brands to lean towards utilizing YouTube videos are shoppable. 

YouTube shoppable videos are helping brands improve product discovery for customers as well as simplifying the purchasing journey. The integration of shoppable videos is a highly advantageous strategy that can transform a business substantially. 

So, what are you waiting for? Try out this exciting strategy for your eCommerce today.

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