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shoppable video platforms
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Video marketing for e-commerce has become today’s most prominent marketing strategy. And what holds the utmost importance and makes the foundation of this strategy is none other than shoppable videos. Let’s first understand what shoppable video platforms are.

Statistics show that including a video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate by up to 80%.  And to make this happen, e-commerce businesses must rely on shoppable video platforms that can seamlessly cater to businesses’ visual marketing needs and requirements. 

Shoppable Video Platforms: An Overview

top shoppable video platforms

Shoppable video platforms are tools that allow users to integrate e-commerce functionalities into their video experiences. These platforms allow businesses to add shoppable product tags on the products featured in the content, enabling viewers to shop directly from the video. 

Explaining in detail, Shoppable video platforms allow users to aggregate content from multiple sources, such as social media platforms, and add product tags to the content through a product catalog. Users can integrate this curated shoppable feed into their desired e-commerce touchpoints. 

Let’s explore some of the best shoppable video platforms that allow their users to meet these functionalities.

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10 Best Shoppable Video Platforms

Here are the top 10 shoppable video platforms that e-commerce businesses can consider for their video marketing strategies in 2024.

1. Vimeo

Vimeo is a well-known video marketing platform that is gaining popularity among young users at an incredible pace. 

The platform is especially impressive for not only allowing users to share their creative videos on the spot, but also making and managing them with ease and integration of exciting effects and features. 

More so, Vimeo provides more creator-centric features with the option to schedule videos and automate postings.

2. Lyvecom

Lyvecom is another impressive shoppable video platform that allows users to leverage their video content most effectively by turning it into shoppable. 

The tool also enables users to tailor videos in various formats for different touchpoints, such as carousels, stories, widgets, grids, and more! 

With Lyvecome, you can improve your website’s engagement by easily integrating this shoppable video content on your Shopify store and tracking how your shoppable videos are performing.

3. Tagshop

Tagshop is among the top shoppable video platforms, giving its users the ability to harness the power of visual video content fully. 

With Tagshop, users can seamlessly aggregate content from social media channels, curate a feed from the collected content, and turn the feed shoppable by seamlessly integrating product tags in the video. 

Once the feed is shoppable, users can embed feed on website. This integration has proved to be highly effective in improving brand’s engagement and visibility.

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4. Videowise

Videowise is a popular shoppable video platform built especially for e-commerce businesses to embed videos into their e-commerce touchpoints seamlessly. 

The tool offers end-to-end video infrastructure for brands & retailers, designed for scale and peak social commerce performance. Additionally, Videowise does all this without affecting the speed of the website.

5. Giosg

Giosg is one of the top and most renowned shoppable video platforms providing live shopping functionalities to its users. 

With the tool, businesses or users can host live shopping sprees wherein consumers can make purchases seamlessly. Giosg helps its users boost sales, connect with customers, and improve their engagement.

6. Livery

Livery is a widely known shoppable video platform that offers multiple video marketing solutions to users, especially e-commerce businesses. 

These features include interactive videos that convey what your brand or product does quickly, clearly, and effectively. Livery is the perfect platform for brands looking to integrate compelling videos into their sales strategy and making profits out of them.

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7. Clicktivated

Clicktivated is a transformative shoppable video tool known for its interactive video technology, allowing users to add clickable hotspots to videos, turning them into shoppable experiences. 

With Clicktivated, viewers can click on items in the video to learn more or make purchases, making the entire shopping experience simpler and more immersive

8. Restream

Restream is another live shopping tool and platform primarily known for its live-streaming services that allows users to make purchases in just one click. 

While it may not be entirely focused on shoppable videos, businesses can use the platform to broadcast live content, potentially integrating e-commerce elements.

9. Smartzer

Smartzer is an easy-to-use shoppable video platform specializing in the creation of interactive and shoppable video solutions.

The tool allows businesses to create engaging video content with clickable elements, leading to a more interactive and seamless shopping experience. These features have provenly lead to improved engagement and build trust.

10. Bambuser

Bambuser is a number one video commerce platform known for its live video shopping capabilities, enabling real-time interactions between businesses and viewers. 

It facilitates immediate purchasing opportunities during live broadcasts, making the video content shoppable. The tool also provides seamless e-commerce integrations and is trusted by top brands.

E-commerce businesses are trying out strategies left and right to climb up the sales and recognition ladder. In this endeavor, shoppable videos is becoming a powerful strategy, proving to be of great value for e-commerce. 

In the above section, we have mentioned top 10 shoppable videos platforms. Now, let’s learn how users can choose the best shoppable video platform for their business.

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Criteria For Selecting Shoppable Video Platforms

Choosing the most effective shoppable video platform is a different journey for each e-commerce business. As the niches vary, every e-commerce business has different requirements to grow. 

10 best shoppable video platform

Some businesses might need features like content creation, management, and sharing. While other may need more advanced features like e-commerce integrations and product tagging.

1. Ease of Use:

The foremost and most basic criteria of choosing a shoppable video platform is the ease of use. The platform should be user-friendly, allowing you to easily create, customize, and manage shoppable videos without the need for extensive technical expertise.

2. Integration with E-commerce:

Ensure that the shoppable video platform seamlessly integrates with your existing e-commerce touchpoints and platforms. This includes compatibility with your online store, payment gateways, and inventory management.

3. Interactivity Features:

Look for platforms that offer robust interactivity features such as clickable hotspots, annotations, and links within the video. These features enhance viewer engagement and the overall shopping experience.

4. Mobile Optimization:

As a significant portion of video consumption happens on mobile devices, the platform should be optimized for various screen sizes and devices to provide a seamless experience for mobile users.

5. Analytics and Reporting:

The platform should provide comprehensive analytics and reporting tools. This data can help you track user engagement, conversion rates, and other key performance indicators to optimize your shoppable video strategy.

By carefully evaluating these criteria, you can make an informed decision when selecting a shoppable video platform that best suits your business needs and objectives.

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Future Trends of Shoppable Video Platforms For E-commerce Businesses

Shoppable video integrations are an epic strategy for e-commerce businesses currently, especially in a highly social media-driven era when the meeting point for consumers and brands is none other than social media. 

We are well aware of the trends of the present day. However, there is an array of possibilities in the coming future that might define the e-commerce industry.

1. Augmented Reality Integration:

Shoppable videos may incorporate AR technology, allowing consumers to virtually try on products or visualize how they would look in their own environment before making a purchase. This immersive experience can enhance user engagement and confidence in their buying decisions.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Personalization:

AI algorithms may play a more significant role in shoppable video platforms, offering personalized recommendations based on user preferences, browsing history, and behavior. This can create a more tailored and relevant shopping experience for individual consumers.

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3. Interactive Storytelling:

Shoppable videos may become more sophisticated in terms of storytelling, with interactive narratives that guide users through a personalized journey. This approach can create a more engaging and memorable shopping experience.

4. Live Streaming and Real-time Engagement:

Live shoppable videos will become more prevalent where influencers, brands, or retailers will be able to interact with viewers in real-time. This can include live product demonstrations, Q&A sessions, and immediate purchase opportunities during live broadcasts.

Wrapping It Up

The technological advancements have proved to be advantageous for more or less every industry; however, the e-commerce industry has particularly benefitted from it. Basic features have leveled up businesses extensively with the help of tools like shoppable video platforms. 

This strategy can prove to be of great value to businesses looking to integrate social aspects into their business, allowing them to improve their ROI and growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do shoppable video platforms enhance the e-commerce experience?

Shoppable video platforms can help enhance the e-commerce experience by allowing users to simplify purchasing by activating one-click shopping functionalities. Consumers can click on the tagged products in content and reach the checkout window in no time.

What features should I look for in a shoppable video platform for my e-commerce business?

Shoppable video platforms should have features like ease of use, seamless integrations with required e-commerce touchpoints, and analytics that help users find out the efficacy of their shoppable video integrations.

Can shoppable video platforms be integrated with existing e-commerce platforms?

Yes, many shoppable video platforms, like Tagshop, allow integrations with e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and Big Commerce.

How do shoppable videos impact conversion rates?

Embedding shoppable video into your e-commerce can improve product discovery reduce visitors’ time to find products, and provide them with product inspiration to help them make confident and informed purchases. This can help increase your conversion rates.

Do shoppable video platforms provide analytics to track performance?

There are many shoppable video platforms that offer analytics functionality to track how well the videos are performing. Tagshop is one such platform that offers its users the opportunity to stay informed about the performance of their shoppable content.

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