Ultimate Guide To Introduce Shoppable UGC Galleries Into Magento 2 Stores

Shoppable UGC Magento 2
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Brands today have started pivoting the spotlight away from themselves and towards their consumers, employees, and supporters – empowering them to create content featuring their brand. 

This content is based on their experience with the brand and has grave potential to connect, attract and convert visitors into loyal users. 

Further, shopping has become a constant activity over the past few years. Consumers casually scroll through their phones between apps, social media, search engines, etc., and buy something without intentions. 

They might come across any ad posted on Instagram, or some content on TikTok, make a purchase and get through their day. For Magento 2 eCommerce stores to stand out from the competition and cash upon this consumer behavior, leveraging innovative solutions is extremely important. Here, it can be helpful to create shoppable UGC(user-generated content) and integrate them into the shopping experiences. Find out more in the blog.

Shoppable UGC Gallery Into Magento 2 Stores – An Overview

eCommerce brands must look forward to adding more social proof to the shoppers’ buying experiences. This helps make products easier to discover and for consumers to make confident purchases. 

Integrating Shoppable UGC into your Magento 2 store can drive sales from social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, etc., and your website. 

Moreover, with authenticity becoming the preliminary aspect of selling, shoppable UGC galleries in Magento 2 can streamline the process of buying, build trust and amplify your brand’s performance.

Thousands of eCommerce brands trust tools like Tagshop to multiply their business through intelligent solutions like shoppable UGC/Instagram/product page galleries. Brownie points for delivering results without being technical.

Integration Of Shoppable UGC Gallery Into Magento 2 Store

The possibilities of cashing on the UGC boom are diverse. Find out how you can win shoppers’ attention across the buyer journey.

Shoppable Instagram Galleries

  • Integrate a customized shoppable Instagram gallery on your Magento 2 store to showcase social proof, boost credibility and inspire purchases. 
  • Repurpose user and brand-generated posts on Instagram to your website and make them lucrative. 
  • Social commerce tools help you collect content using the handle, hashtag, mention, etc., curate them into a shoppable Instagram gallery and enrich your shoppers’ experience. 
  • Product pages, the home page, category page or a dedicated page for social shopping and ‘shop the look’ inspiration pages – incorporating shoppable earned media can drive quality traffic to your site.

Shoppable UGC Gallery

79% of people say UGC highly impacts their purchase decisions. Leverage shoppable UGC galleries across your Magento 2 store to ignite imagination and drive revenue.

  • Using poised brand-produced content no more generates appeal – creative and casual does. 
  • Leverage visual users’ content from social media platforms and build brand credibility that props up your own branded content. 
  • Repurpose this content on your Magento 2 online store to help prospects envision your products in their lives.
  • With some social commerce tools, you can collect UGC beyond social media directly on your website with an on-site visual UGC upload feature, make it shoppable and embed it into your gallery.
Shoppable UGC

UGC Lookbooks

UGC is 5X more likely to convert customers into buying your products than professional pictures. So for fashion and apparel brands, in particular, there’s enormous potential for growing your engagement and conversion.

Highlight branded or user photos and videos as engaging visual galleries on your online store to enhance product discovery and purchase intention.

Visual Reviews

Capitalize on the combined power of visual reviews and shoppable galleries to engage customers, showcase social proof and grow sales.

  • Streamline the purchase pathway with enhanced product discovery through shoppable galleries featuring the best of users’ visual experience. 
  • Convert online store visitors into shoppers easily by showcasing shoppable visual reviews for your line of products on category pages.
  • Showcase authentic content on the checkout page to reduce chances of cart abandonment, and promote upselling by incorporating visuals of your most loved products.

Product Page Galleries

Turn content into maximum conversions by integrating shoppable UGC galleries into your Magento 2 store’s product pages. In addition, some credited social commerce tools allow you to:

  • Collect UGC & branded content from diverse social channels, curate product-specific shoppable galleries & publish them on your product pages.
  • Improve the shopping experience on product pages featuring emotive user-generated photos and videos.
  • Activate product hotspots to make buyers’ journey seamless by directing them to checkout. 
  • When shoppers come across this content, their chances of exploring your products increase.

Why Should You Integrate Shoppable UGC Gallery Into Magento 2 Store?

Cost-effective: The number one benefit of bringing shoppable UGC into Magento 2 eCommerce is that it saves eCommerce brands a sizable chunk of money. As they no longer have to plan professional photoshoots showcasing their products, their users can do that now.

Builds Trust: Building trust is where most of our sales come from. If you want to win consumers, UGC is what can do the trick for your brand, as your users market about your brand instead of you!

Streamlines Shopping: With consumers becoming a lot less patient, online stores need to provide an instead streamlined shopping experience, and shoppable UGC galleries for Magento 2 stores can suffice for that need seamlessly.

Go Beyond Social Commerce: Harness the power of UGC but beyond social media, with shoppable UGC galleries integrated across your Magento 2 eCommerce stores. And with social commerce as an eCommerce strategy gaining mammoth traction, imagine the impact when it is brought to your highest selling point!

Over To You

Activating UGC’s superpowers can be a real deal to grow and derive revenue as you wish. Further, with Magento 2 being better and more innovative, using social commerce tools can bring the best out of your eCommerce marketing efforts. 

Your users are everywhere; it is about time for you to have an omnichannel approach too!

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