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Shoppable Instagram
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Shoppable Instagram has become the ultimate destination for eCommerce brands to target and achieve sales. 70% of the shoppers turn to the platform for finding their inspiration to purchase and nearly half of the people surveyed by Facebook, use Instagram to shop weekly; showcasing the potential that the platform has to meet customers right where they are.

Further, with the lines between content and commerce fading, integrating experiences on which potential users can depend upon is crucial.

Here, converting content generated on Instagram into shoppable experiences can be a deal maker because 63% of consumers expect their shopping experiences to be personalized. Creating and curating shoppable Instagram gallery can successfully cater to the growing need of a customer-centric brand experience.

To know everything about this leading strategy, keep reading.

Shoppable Instagram – An Overview

With over 1B monthly active users, Instagram has emerged as a powerful platform for brands to market their products, while has become a go-to place for customers to discover products to introduce into their lives.

Simply defined, Shoppable Instagram is the visual catalogue of the brands that vibrantly showcase the products and merchandise with the product details, specifications, and price tags that helps the brands reduce customer’s purchase path.

It allows the brands to display the product’s captivating images from Instagram with product tags in any location within the online store.

How To Create Shoppable Instagram?

To create shoppable Instagram feeds/galleries, you must first decide which social commerce tool would you like to go forward with.

Upon finalizing that, you will be able to:

  • Collect Content From Instagram

Depending upon which connection type you wish to fetch content from (handle, hashtag, mention, tags, etc.,) your social commerce tool help you collect all the content generated on Instagram.

  • Moderate and Customize Your Feed

Once the Instagram feed is created, you can moderate and Customize it, subject to the requirements of your brand. This is important because, not all the posts generated will be appropriate for your brand and nothing catches shoppers’ attention like personalization.

  • Add Product Tags

Post moderating and customizing your Instagram content, add product tags to make your feed shoppable. This will help you showcase all the information about your product cumulatively at one place, maximizing shoppers’ convenience.

  • Publish Shoppable Instagram Gallery

After all the major steps are taken care of, you can then publish the curated shoppable Instagram feed on your eCommerce. The gallery featuring authentic content when integrated into eCommerce will help in building trust and conversions.

How Tagshop Can Help You Create Shoppable Instagram Gallery?

Tagshop is a leading social commerce tool that has serviced a variety of eCommerce brands across categories. The tool’s promising features assists brands in attracting the shoppers’ attention, keeping them engaged, driving conversions and ROI.

  • You can sync your product catalogue directly from platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Magneto, WooCommerce, and others to build brand awareness and drive revenue.
  • Get users’ content rights directly from the creator and use the approved UGC without any legal compliances. 
  • Enable shoppable hotspots to highlight the tagged products in your gallery and make it more interactive for users, in addition to providing a friction-less experience. 
  • Automated content filtering process to repurpose content that’s most relevant, alongside easy product discovery through suggestions, and product tagging through intelligent tagging assistant. 
  • Collect content(visuals, reviews and ratings) directly from users through the on-site uploads, turn it shoppable and incorporate the content in the product, category or check-out pages. 
  • Track user sentiments, analyse content themes, identify top-performing content through robust content analytics, make amends wherever needed and boost performance. 

How Can You Create & Integrate Shoppable Instagram Gallery With Tagshop?

  • Register or Log In to your Tagshop account
  • Select Instagram as the source to fetch all the content generated on the platform
  • Once you have curated your Instagram content, start syncing your products
  • Now add product tags to your Instagram feed and make it shoppable
  • Lastly, copy and paste the embed code on any page of your online store (home, category, checkout, etc)
  • Tada! You have successfully created a Shoppable Instagram feed. 

Bring Your Product To Life With Shoppable Instagram Feeds

Why Must You Integrate Shoppable Instagram Feeds?

Capitalize on your users’ voices, highlight experience-based content and sell more through shoppable Instagram. A variety of brands are already placing their bets on the strategy to reach out to their target audience, garner deeper relationship with them, and boost revenue.

1. Builds Brand Authenticity

Content generated on Instagram has immense potential to influence the purchase decision of the buyers, credits to the reliability, and credibility is generates.

When people come across this content, they understand the product better and can make smarter buying decisions.

Further, by featuring real experiences of the buyers into consumers’ journey, chances of up-selling also increases. Brands can alter how visitors perceive their brand and make an impact that lasts.

2. Streamlined Path To Purchase

Quicker, shorter, and simpler purchase path! There is nothing more that a brand can aspire for. 

A lengthy buying process has repercussions on sales generated by a brand. With Shoppable Instagram, eCommerce brands are provided with an opportunity to showcase real experiences of users alongside product tags, leading to checkout.

Consider this, when your visitor is provided with all the required information at one place and they do not have to run wild for information; tapping into their buying impulse gets rather easy.

3. Authentic Advertising With UGC

User-Generated Content (UGC) is created by the users featuring their experience with products and brands.

Shoppable Instagram feeds integrated in the eCommerce also potentially highlights shoppers’ reviews, feedbacks, and overall experience which shapes up purchases. Over 90% of customers believe that user-generated content is helpful when making a purchase decision.

By showcasing genuine customer images with the products infused in their lifestyle, brands can leverage the power of authenticity as the best marketing tool. 

4. Personalized Shopping Experience

Providing a personalized shopping experience is becoming key in building brand sales and customer relationships. Similar to product differentiation, customer experience differentiation, though essential, still is a challenge for online stores.

D2C brands are constantly growing in number and leveraging the best customer experience practices are just not enough to win brand growth. Here, formulating and executing strategies that are customer-centric can make a brand.

Introducing shoppable Instagram to the online storefront can help in providing a personalized shopping experience to the shoppers and help brands in achieving those targeted numbers.

Top Brand Examples For Shoppable Instagram Feeds

1. Eureka Street Furniture

Eureka Street Furniture is an Australian furniture brand with 35 years long history of providing differential, high-end furniture at budget prices.

They incorporated the shoppable Instagram gallery into their online store to boost product imagination and help people visualize how their furniture pieces would look like in real setting.

Leveraging this smart solution helped them increase their sales by 15% and achieve 500K monthly views on gallery. Further, the addition of content to commerce gave a rise of 78% to their website’s visitor engagement.

shoppable instagram

2. Opuline

Opuline is an aesthetic jewelry brand that specializes in eastern jewelry. Besides timeless pieces or jewelry, they also have a captivating storefront, which highlights the wearing experiences of their satisfied customers.

The customized shoppable Instagram gallery features product hotspots alongside UGC, which successfully targets shoppers’ engagement with aesthetic visuals from the social network.

instagram shoppable posts

3. Lavinde

Lavinde is a beauty and cosmetics brand from Copenhagen, catering to a wide range of products. They integrated the hashtag shoppable Instagram gallery into their website to build trust by showcasing shoppers’ experiences with their brand to the visitors.

The brand exclusive hashtag #LAVINDECPH inspires beauty enthusiasts to share their beauty tips and their experience with Lavinde Copenhagen’s products, which is then resourced to their shoppable Instagram.

shoppable instagram posts

Wrapping It Up

In this world changing rather rapidly, brands need to keep pace with the customers ever changing spectrum of choices and wants.

Integrating a shpoppable Instagram gallery into the eCommerce can help bring into the light content from users, influencers, or the brand itself, turn it shoppable and grow sales.

Shoppable Instagram will help you increase user engagement, improve brand-user relations, and enhance sales. Any better bet?

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