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Explore an amazing eCommerce startup story of a Mum & her daughter using Tagshop to help their platform “Mumdaughter” grow.

Find out how they increased conversions with Shoppable Instagram Galleries solutions from Tagshop (previously Taggbox Commerce)


Increase In Conversions


Better Avg. Order Value

MumDaughter is an eCommerce startup for women’s clothing & fashion from India that started just 11 months ago and has expanded its footprint across the country, delivering inspiring clothing by putting together modern designs & experienced craftsmanship. 

The brand believes highly in inspiring & influential fashion powered by the customers.

They want to empower their customers to share more user generated content on social platforms featuring their brand’s clothing and simultaneously turn UGC into conversions as Shoppable UGC by Tagshop. 

“I’ve always believed in the power of influencing, power of content created by our clients on social media, doing experiments with our outfits and influencing people by their content.”

CEO & Founder, Mum & Daughter

The Challenge

Turning UGC Into Shoppable Inspiration

Since UGC showcases the real essence of a product in real-life, varying with each customer personality, Mum & Daughter wanted a solution to capture maximum User-generated content and drive sales parallelly with Shoppable UGC galleries.

MumDaughter motivates their clients to experiment with their clothing, add the customer’s unique essence, and share these images on social media & tag them.


But UGC can only be acquired as the customers grow, whereas they are a growing brand that hasn’t completed one year in the market.

So, the challenges were manifold, starting with generating more conversions and empowering them to share more content relating to the brand.

Also, there was a need for a solution to grow traffic to the store, build brand trust, and maximize engagement with the brand. 

A solution that can tick all the above-mentioned challenges was needed, but it would cost a fortune to find & use such a solution. 

“I was in search for a solution which can boost traffic, increase conversion rate, provide best shopping experience, highlight UGC on our website.”

Co-Founder, Mum & Daughter
Shoppable UGC

The Solution

Solving The Shoppable UGC Challenge Perfectly

The team conducted comprehensive research, which concluded that a Shoppable UGC gallery might solve these challenges.

They did market research to compare & review the best platforms that provide Shoppable UGC & Shoppable Instagram galleries. They finally found Tagshop as the best solution.

The research included various metrics like pricing, features, user experience, customer support, and many more. 

With Tagshop Shoppable UGC galleries & Link In Bio solutions, they collect UGC posts from Instagram, tagging products to make it shoppable, and then publishing the Shoppable UGC on their website. 

Mum & Daughter now uses the Shoppable galleries on various web pages on their eCommerce platform. It is to highlight their new and popular designs & products shared by their loyal customers. 

They are making the most of their UGC at hand by making it Shoppable. They are now building a hub of UGC as they grow to scale their Shoppable UGC campaigns.

The brand has integrated the Shoppable Gallery Link on Instagram feature that has boosted its Shoppable UGC campaign. 

MumDaughter Instagram

The Results

Growing The Conversions, Engagement, & Traffic

Mum & Daughter has used Tagshop Shoppable Galleries for six months now. They have experienced a 186% increase in conversions and a 58% higher average order value through our website. 

These shoppable galleries on the Mum Daughter website are working as an inspiration for the users. The users see how a product looks in real life, its aesthetics, etc., that make it authentic & engaging. 

This has led to fruitful growth in conversion rate, and these Shoppable galleries are influencing a great part of the sales. 

They see an increase in website traffic since they have integrated the Link in bio feature on Instagram. Overall the Shoppable galleries are working perfectly to drive traffic. Also, they are generating engagement and increase conversion rate for eCommerce among many other benefits. 

The “MumDaughter Feedback

Tagshop is quite a user friendly; I can easily tag pictures with products. It has so many customization options and themes that I’m still experimenting with.”

The focus on customer satisfaction and seamless experience has been a priority for Tagshop. MumDaughter have had an amazing journey with Tagshop so far, which they intend to extend for the long-term. 

Taggbox Commerce Clients

I really like the Shoppable galleries & its features. Also, to mention specially, I started liking the product even more when I came across its customer support to help me set up a connection. As soon as I chatted with customer support, they instantly replied. They put me on google meet call and literally helped with every single step. To be honest, I never expected them to be this quick.”

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