How To Add Shoppable Instagram Feed On PrestaShop?

Shoppable Instagram feed Prestashop
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PrestaShop is a popular open-source CMS for ecommerce that offers many valuable features and opportunities for brands. One such opportunity is adding shoppable Instagram feed on PrestaShop website to leverage social commerce successfully. 

Instagram has evolved from a mere photo-sharing app to a more dynamic platform, opening up many possibilities for users and businesses. 

Did you know that around 130 million users tap on these Shoppable posts every month? Massive right? 

But wait, is that the end of the ecommerce era? Well, marketers have decided to turn the tables, and you can now add shoppable Instagram feeds on PrestaShop ecommerce store.

Continue reading to understand the how & why of leveraging the shoppable Instagram on PrestaShop website.

The Role of Shoppable Instagram On PrestaShop

Instagram shops are Instagram business accounts turned into shoppable storefronts. Commerce brands can tag their products on their Instagram posts using shoppable tags. Users can tap on these tags & make seamless purchases in a few easy steps, making online shopping friction-free. 

Now, brands have started curating these posts as Shoppable Instagram feeds and embed them on their ecommerce website to give the perfect social shopping experience to the website visitors.

Users can explore the brand’s entire Instagram shop on PrestaShop website, engaging with the content. If they like it, they can buy them right from the Shoppable Instagram feed, eliminating the process of going through the lengthy product catalog to find a product. 

Read the below-mentioned steps you can follow to add Shoppable Instagram on Prestashop ecommerce store. 

Steps To Add Shoppable Instagram Feed On PrestaShop

1. Start by Log in to your Tagshop account

Add Shoppable Instagram Feed To Your PrestaShop Store

2. From the home screen, click on the Shoppable Galleries in the sidebar

3. You will see shoppable galleries, click on Add New Shoppable Gallery

4. Create Shoppable Gallery by entering Gallery Name

5. Once you created the Gallery you need to pick a source to create feed, choose Instagram

6. Next, you need to select your connection type. You can choose from hashtags, mentions, handles, etc, lets try with Hashtag(#)

7. Once done with entering Hashtag, click on Create Feed or Connect To Instagram to aggregate content from the platform

8. Once you create feed you need to authenticate with Facebook to give access of your Instagram account

9. Click on Product Catalog on the sidebar and select the Add products option

Now, you will see three options to upload the products- the import product list allows you to upload products using CSV & the add product option enables you to add manually one product at a time and Sync Product Catalogue allows you to sync products after automatically from your live online store.

10. After choosing any option, you can Add your product catalog successfully to your Tagshop account.

11. Now Select the Tag products option from the sidebar and, all your posts will be ready to be made shoppable

Look for the product you wish to tag and click on the product to tag it to the post

Once done, you can customize the feed using a wide range of customization options to make it more attractive

12. When you are all set, click on the Publish button on the bottom left

13. When you are all set, click on the Publish button on the bottom left and choose the PrestaShop option from the given website CMS platforms

14. Now copy the Publish Code and login to your PrestaShop account

15. Now if you wish to install shoppable Instagram feed on Prestashop website homepage then add the Publish code to HTML of Homepage code.

Similarly, if you want to add it to product pages then add the publish code to Product template page.

That’s it! That’s all it takes to add your Shoppable Instagram Feed on PrestaShop ecommerce store!

About Tagshop

Tagshop is a social commerce platform that allows brands to utilize their social content and efficiently turn it into conversions. It is comprehensive as brands can leverage social content and build shoppable galleries ready to use on websites resulting in increased conversions, brand growth, and revenue instantly.

With Tagshop, you get to publish your Instagram store, shoppable UGC galleries, product reviews, and shoppable galleries on your website. These features have allowed brands to engage their website visitors and let them shop from shoppable galleries by tapping on the shoppable hotspots without searching around the entire website.

Some of the most promising features of Tagshope are its Visual Galleries, Product HotSpots, Shoppable UGC galleries, and powerful analytics to track & optimize your content performance.

Benefits of Adding Shoppable Instagram Feed on PrestaShop

Still wondering why you need a Shoppable Instagram Feed on your PrestaShop website? These benefits are here to convince you.

Instagram Visuals Improves Engagement

Visuals are the essence of every successful website. 68% of marketers reported that they plan to increase the use of visual content marketing campaigns. That’s because humans are visual animals, and we feed the most on what the eye sees over what the eye reads. When you bring the Shoppable Instagram Feed to your PrestaShop website, you present something refreshing to your website visitors. 

It inspires them and encourages them to engage with your website, decreasing your website bounce rate. Best part? Each time you create a Shoppable Post on Instagram, it will automatically appear on your website, keeping your PrestaShop website fresh and giving something new to the visitors each time they visit. 

Shoppable UGC Brings Transparency

More than 86% of companies today use user-generated content as part of their marketing strategy. As the online space is witnessing an expansion in the number of businesses, consumer behavior has shifted towards looking for real-life experiences or reviews by peer consumers before putting money anywhere online. 

When you create Shoppable UGC Feeds for your PrestaShop ecommerce store, its uniqueness helps you stand out from the crowd. You make your brand more transparent and reliable for potential customers. User-generated content is known for building trust and help consumers make more confident purchases with you.

Shoppable Tags Boost Conversions

Having an ever-increasing conversion rate is the ultimate goal for ecommerce websites. The Shoppable Instagram Feeds come with shoppable tags that make shopping friction-free for the users. It gives your website visitors the perfect social shopping experience as they get to explore your Instagram feed along with your products, engage with them, and purchase them.

The shoppable Instagram feed helps your website visitors to skip the lengthy ecommerce steps that often lead to a higher cart abandonment rate, causing a decline in sales for the brands. E-Commerce brands lose $18 Billion in sales revenue each year because of cart abandonment. The shoppable tags navigate the users directly to the payment page, helping your potential customers make quicker purchase decisions.


So, we just introduced you to the ultimate commerce trend: Instagram shoppable feed and how you can incorporate them on your PrestaShop website.

Reaching the end, we hope that you understand the concept of managing the Shoppable Instagram Feeds with Tagshop better. Tagshop can help your brand reach a larger audience, create a social presence, improve your PrestaShop website’s engagement rate, decrease the bounce rates and ultimately shoot up your conversions like never before.

Go on, follow the steps, collect all those shoppable posts, and curate your amazing Shoppable Instagram Feeds for your PrestaShop Store already!

Shoppable Instagram Feed
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