Introducing Reel Shop: Instant Video Commerce for Your eCommerce

Reading Time: 2 minutes Turning your eCommerce store video-first is not a choice but a necessity today. Most studies suggest that when it comes to video content, it takes three seconds to form an engagement with the customers. Research also shows that search engines prioritize websites with rich and engaging content.  So, what does this mean for eCommerce stores?  […]

3 minute read

Instagram Shoppable Video: 5 Best Examples in 2024

Reading Time: 7 minutes Instagram shoppable videos are powerful marketing tools for eCommerce businesses. Particularly in today’s highly video-centric space, where all platforms, such as social media channels and online stores, are moving towards a video-led approach.  Brands are utilizing the popularity of Instagram video content to attract customers at various business touchpoints. One of the most powerful ways […]

9 minute read

Malandra Uses Tagshop’s Shoppable UGC Galleries To Boost Sales

Reading Time: 3 minutes Quoting Vogue, “Malandra jewelry is a brand that reflects power, femininity, and elegance which undoubtedly highlight the beauty of every woman.” Malandra is a premium jewelry brand from Mexico with the objective of enhancing the style and femininity of every woman through quality, variety, and excellent customer service.  Malandra, with a team of over 30 […]

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How ‘So Broome’ Uses Shoppable UGC Gallery to Boost Visitors’ Engagement With Tagshop

Reading Time: 2 minutes “We used Tagshop to re-purpose user-generated content created from people holidaying in Broome and displayed it on our website to drive more traffic. Additionally, the tool’s ability to tag our products to UGC is extremely helpful”   -Founder & Manager, So Broome  So Broome is the ultimate traveler’s guide that intends to give its users a […]

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How To Set Up Pinterest Buyable Pins To Drive Sales & ROI

Reading Time: 6 minutes Pinterest buyable pins are becoming more and more important for brands as the influence of social commerce is rising among global consumers. With over 450 million monthly active users, Pinterest is everyone’s go-to place to get inspired with new ideas and aesthetic images. While scrolling, whenever we see a cute dress or a top, we […]

8 minute read

Introducing Product Page Galleries By Tagshop

Reading Time: 5 minutes Product page galleries are a popular solution leveraged by thousands of global brands to strategically improve conversions and revenue without massive investments.  In an ecommerce conversion funnel, the most crucial page is the product page, where the user decides whether to buy the product or not.  So, it is essential that product pages hit the […]

6 minute read

Introducing SnapUp: Collect Visual UGC, Reviews & Ratings Seamlessly

Reading Time: 5 minutes A recurring question among e-commerce businesses is “How to collect UGC?” User-generated content is a valuable asset for both businesses and consumers. Social proof, such as visual reviews, ratings, customer content, etc., is no secret that brands can use it to create game-changing elements.  Even though its significance cannot be overstated, its collection remains challenging […]

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