Instagram Shoppable Video: 5 Best Examples in 2024

Instagram shoppable video
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Instagram shoppable videos are powerful marketing tools for eCommerce businesses. Particularly in today’s highly video-centric space, where all platforms, such as social media channels and online stores, are moving towards a video-led approach. 

Brands are utilizing the popularity of Instagram video content to attract customers at various business touchpoints. One of the most powerful ways to do so is by making Instagram content shoppable. 

This strategy has helped numerous brands improve their revenue and growth exponentially, and in this blog, we will give you deeper insights into their strategies. 

But before we begin, let us understand what an Instagram shoppable video is by definition. 

What is an Instagram Shoppable Video?

An Instagram shoppable video is a type of interactive video content posted on Instagram in the form of a post video or reel. This video content generally showcases a brand’s products or services. These videos are highly engaging and can attract viewers more effectively. 

What’s more, Instagram shoppable videos are then embedded into the brand’s homepage or product pages and made shoppable, allowing customers to buy the featured products directly from the video. 

Sounds interesting, right? Well, believe it or not, a vast number of brands use this strategy. In the coming section, we will learn why. 

See how your shoppable instagram videos look like.

Why Should Brands Use Shoppable Instagram Videos?

As you know, Instagram shoppable videos are interactive pieces of content. When embedded into valuable eCommerce touchpoints like homepages or product pages, they can attract website visitors and turn them into customers.

Benefits of shoppable instagram video

1. Visually Enhances the Website 

One of the most essential factors behind a high website engagement rate is having captivating web pages. 

By embedding attractive Instagram videos into the website, brands can enhance their visual appeal and persuade customers to spend more time exploring the store. 

Additionally, brands can utilize shoppable Instagram videos to showcase their products from all angles and allow customers to buy products directly from the content. 

2. Boosts Product Discovery 

Statistics suggest that over 50% of consumers agree that visual search is more important than text when shopping online. 

By using high-quality, shoppable Instagram videos, brands can better their product discovery, allowing customers to find new products at a single glance. 

This is particularly beneficial for brands offering a multitude of products. They can embed a variety of videos and put each product into the spotlight effortlessly. 

3. Boosts Confident Purchases 

Online shopping has become very popular. However, customers still face the challenge of receiving products that are different from their expectations, leading to higher return rates. 

By inculcating Instagram shoppable videos, brands can showcase their products more realistically through authentic user-generated content. Because UGC often features products in real-life contexts, customers can make their purchases more confidently.

4. Smoothens Shopping Journey 

Instagram shoppable videos are interactive video content with product tags embedded into the viewing experience. This allows customers to shop products directly from the video without having to navigate to different pages. 

Customers love a simple and convenient shopping journey. By inculcating Instagram shoppable videos, brands can streamline shopping and redirect customers from product discovery to purchase within seconds. 

5. Encourages Impulse Purchases

Embedding engaging shoppable Instagram videos on websites can also encourage impulse buying decisions for customers. When brands integrate shopping features into engaging video content, it can trigger impulse buys. 

As viewers watch and engage with the video, the ability to purchase instantly compels shoppers to act upon their decisions, leading to more impulse purchases. 

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How to Make Instagram Videos Shoppable?

Now that you are aware of the advantages of adding a feed of Instagram shoppable videos into your website, let us learn how you can do it. 

Typically, brands can use Instagram’s embed link to integrate an Instagram video into their website. However, this method possesses some limitations. To counter it, leading brands use third-party shoppable Instagram platforms to collect Instagram videos seamlessly and embed them into any preferred touchpoint. 

Tools like Tagshop offer promising features that help brands utilize their Instagram videos most effectively and without any barriers. 

Step 1 : Login to Tagshop 

Tagshop shoppable instagram
  • First things first. If you are a new user, go to Tagshop and create an account. Tagshop offers a 14-day free trial to all users so you can start exploring the tool immediately.
  •  Or else, log into your existing Tagshop account and continue.

Step 2 : Collect Content 

Instagram video shoppable
  • Once you are logged in, pick Instagram as your preferred social media network. 
  • Choose your feed type from the options given, such as hashtags, user handles, reels, etc., and click “Create Feed.”

Step 3 : Upload & Tag Products 

Instagram shoppable video
  • After you have collected content, the next step is to sync your product catalog. You will find CMS platforms, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento. Choose your preference.
  • You can also sync your product catalog manually. Simply click on “Import Product List” and upload your catalog from the device. 
  • After syncing your product catalog, you can start tagging products into your Instagram videos to make them shoppable. 

Step 4 : Customize Shoppable Video Feed

Shoppable video instagram
  • Before publishing your Instagram shoppable video gallery, you can customize it by adding CTA buttons and changing the feed’s style and theme.
  • At this point, you can also enable the product hotspot feature and add multiple shoppable product tags in a single feed. 

Step 5 : Publish instagram Shoppable Video Feed

  • To publish your gallery, click the “Generate Code” button under your shoppable video feed. 
  • After this step, you will see various eCommerce platforms like HTML, Shopify, Magento, etc. Choose your preferred platform.
  • Choose your preferred platform and copy the embed code provided on the screen. 
  • Follow the instructions provided to embed the code into the backend of your website. 

That’s all! Brands can create their own stunning Instagram shoppable video galleries by using Tagshop. The platform is easy to use and allows you to collect content, curate, and publish a gallery in merely 5 steps. 

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5 Successful Examples of Instagram Shoppable Videos

The effectiveness of engaging Instagram shoppable videos embedded into your eCommerce store cannot be understated. They offer a zillion advantages, and in this section, you will find examples of five leading brands that are achieving exponential growth through this strategy. 

Let’s begin.

1. Malandra Jewelry 

Malandra is a famous jewelry brand that utilizes Instagram shoppable videos to enhance its marketing efforts. The brand’s active social media presence has helped it gain a good number of followers and loyal customers who actively post UGC. 

Being a fashion brand, Malandra put the user-generated content to its advantage by turning this content shoppable and showcasing it on the website. This strategy helped the brand simplify the shopping journey and make the website visually appealing, boosting revenue and engagement.

2. Anyday Cookware

Anyday is another brilliant example of leveraging shoppable Instagram videos to improve product discovery and offer unmatchable buying inspiration. As a consumer-good business, Anyday prioritizes authenticity over pre-shot and scripted visuals. 

The brand integrated a captivating Instagram video gallery into its homepage. The gallery displayed how existing customers utilize their cookware to curate exciting recipes. Integrating a shoppable Instagram gallery helped the brand offer honest inspiration to customers, leading to more confident purchases. 

3. Luxsea Swimwear

Luxsea is an Instagram-famous swimwear brand that leveraged the power of shoppable Instagram videos to boost sales and instill customer trust. 

The brand frequently collects all captivating user-generated content posted by customers and influencers and turns them into shoppable galleries. 

This curated feed of Instagram shoppable videos showcases the brand’s best-selling swimwear worn by real customers. Viewers can find product inspiration and purchase from the same interface as they explore the website. 

4. Faces Canada

Faces Canada is a popular beauty brand and the perfect example of how to effectively utilize videos to demonstrate products in action. Customers love the brand for its affordable yet good-quality makeup products. 

In fact, a huge credit for the brand’s popularity goes to social media, where customers, influencers, and beauty gurus create content featuring the brand’s products. 

Faces Canada is using this content to its benefit by turning it shoppable and featuring it on the brand website. This strategy of showcasing trending Instagram videos on the website has helped the brand achieve growth.  

5. Glossier

Glossier is a globally recognized beauty brand that is implementing the strategy of shoppable Instagram videos on website. The brand’s social media presence is too good not to utilize it for marketing. 

To leverage it properly, Glossier is curating a feed of shoppable videos and embedding it into the website homepage. The feed showcases the brand’s products in use by customers and improves the journey from product discovery to purchase. 

Why Tagshop is the Best Platform for Instagram shoppable videos?

instagram shoppable video

Tagshop is one of the best shoppable video platforms where any eCommerce business can implement this strategy without many obligations. The only mandate is to rely on an efficient, shoppable Instagram platform that does not limit your ideas and lets you curate the best galleries. 

If you want to get started with this brilliant strategy, Tagshop is your best bet. 

Tagshop is a leading shoppable UGC and Instagram platform that allows you to collect Instagram content without limitations. Additionally, users can build compelling, shoppable feeds that allow customers to make their purchases seamlessly. Here are some more features: 

  • Collect Instagram reels exclusively without any hassle.
  • Add multiple shoppable tags to videos to highlight multiple products. 
  • Sync product catalogs in a single click. 
  • Redirect social traffic to website with
  • Customize your gallery as you like with various themes.


In conclusion, Instagram shoppable videos can unmatchably boost your eCommerce business website engagement, sales, and visibility. The only bottom line is to leverage these videos properly so they can convey your brand’s offerings in the most natural way possible. 

If you are an eCommerce business looking for a strategy to enhance your growth, look no further. Utilize Instagram shoppable videos on your online store and watch your brand grow.

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