Introducing Reel Shop: Instant Video Commerce for Your eCommerce

Reel Shop
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Turning your eCommerce store video-first is not a choice but a necessity today. Most studies suggest that when it comes to video content, it takes three seconds to form an engagement with the customers. Research also shows that search engines prioritize websites with rich and engaging content. 

So, what does this mean for eCommerce stores? 

It is essential for eCommerce businesses to not only embed videos into their website, but in fact, embed video content on website that can turn shoppers experience more interactive. 

With this, we introduce Reel Shop – an all-new theme that allows businesses to put their video content into the spotlight and boost sales directly.  Let us learn about this exciting feature well in detail. 

What is Reel Shop? 

Reel Shop is an interactive theme by Tagshop that allows users to collect video content from multiple social media platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. 

Tagshop’s Reel Shop

Users can then curate engaging shoppable galleries from the collected videos and publish them across eCommerce web pages. The theme is in-built and available to use for all existing users without any added investment. 

This interactive video theme can help eCommerce owners enable video commerce into their marketing strategy instantly. But, that’s not it. There are various other benefits of this theme. Let’s learn about them. 

Why You Need Reel Shop for Your Brand? 

Video marketing is becoming the most prominent strategy for eCommerce businesses. Thanks to the rise of video-forward social media channels like Instagram and YouTube that have made videos the most preferred form of content. 

With the help of Reel Shop, brands can easily leverage their engaging, top-performing video content and display them on valuable touchpoints. Not only this, but with Reel Shop, brands can enable customers to shop the featured products directly from the video.

Here are some benefits of this theme: 

1. Turn Website More Interactive

With Reel Shop, eCommerce businesses can showcase attractive video content on their pillar landing pages. When customers find engaging content, they tend to interact more with the content, and, additionally, encourages them to explore the website further. 

2. Boost Your Store Engagement 

Website engagement is an important metric that defines the success of an eCommerce store. Brands rely on many strategies in order to boost their engagement, however, nothing works as well as attractive visuals. With Reel Shop, brands can seamlessly collect all types of video content from multiple channels, turn them shoppable and embed them into website. 

3. Streamline Shopping Journey

An easy shopping journey is the foundation of customer retention. With Tagshop’s Reel Shop, eCommerce businesses can enable quick commerce by facilitating instant buying options for customers. Brands can tag the featured products into the video and allow customers to shop them in merely 3 steps. 

4. Improve Your Website Aesthetics

Your website’s aethetics make a huge difference in defining the brand’s identity and customer perception. With Reel Shop, brands can showcase the best content and make the online stor elook more attractive and welcoming to new customers. 

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