Introducing TruSense – AI-Powered Smart Content Curation & Product Tagging Assistant By Tagshop

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We are excited to announce the launch of our most powerful and artificially intelligent feature – TRUSENSE by Tagshop. This feature is powered by AI and machine learning that works as an assistant for smart content curation and predictive product tagging. 

“It’s time to make your UGC campaigns more personalized, powerful, and value-driven.” 

TruSense will provide a smarter technology for users or brands to strategically and seamlessly manage user-generated content with minimal effort. 

It’s now time to eliminate the long hours of content moderation and product tagging. Let’s explore TruSense. 

What Is TruSense? 

TruSense is a feature by Tagshop powered by image recognition technology and machine learning to monitor and tag visual content through digital intelligence. 

TruSense analyzes visual content on various factors such as object detection, scene detection, facial analysis, facial recognition, and many more. Based on the analysis, TruSense provides tags to your content that helps in advanced content moderation and product tagging for shoppable galleries. 


TruSense aims to simplify the Tagghsop experience for clients. It will allow users to seamlessly manage their content hub and leverage AI technologies to maximize value from their shoppable galleries. 

WhyTruSense Is Important For Tagshop Users?

Here are a few reasons why Tagshop users must leverage TruSense. 

1. Content Moderation

Moderation is a massive task for all users, especially when managing thousands of posts. The UGC is limitless, which makes it necessary to manage effectively. 

TruSense enables seamless content moderation by allowing users to filter content through tags. This filters massive amounts of content easily and quickly to find and use the best possible content. 

2. Product Tagging by TruSense

Product tagging is always a time-consuming process. However, if you have a smart assistant who can suggest the products for each post, the work becomes a lot easier to create shoppable UGC galleries. 

TruSense intelligence matches the product tags with the post tags to find the most relevant products during the product tagging process. Therefore, you will not always have to search for products to tag them in your posts. 

3. Content Discovery

As discussed earlier, you may have massive amounts of content in your Tagshop account. This will create chaos during moderation and management, leading to time consumption. 

Content grouping

With TruSense smart content tags, you can easily find and manage the content from your content hub. Advanced filters can also be associated with TruSense to further your content curation activities. 

4. Content Grouping 

Content grouping is one of the most crucial features. The user-generated content that we curate can be raw and from different categories or of different characteristics of your brand. 

Therefore, filtering and grouping content based on similar categories, tags, and characteristics is important. This is where TruSense comes into the picture. You will be able to curate and group content separately based on their tags. 

How To Use TruSense With Tagshop?

Here we have mentioned a few steps to leverage TruSense with your Tagshop account. 

If your plan allows you access to the TruSense feature, you can use it with the following steps. 

Important: You must already add content in your gallery to use TruSense. Follow these steps once you have added content to your gallery. 

1. Log in to your Tagshop account and click on Shoppable Galleries 

2. Click on the moderation button under Design & Filter section

3. You will see all your posts with “Tags” assigned to each post and a few hotspots for Tags

Note: Hotspots are assigned randomly for a few of a post’s tags. 

4. Now, you can explore the TruSense tags for each post here. 

5. Click on the Filter option in the menu; advanced filtering options will appear

6. Choose tags for which you want to filter content in moderation

You can also combine multiple filters to refine content in depth. 

7. You can click on the Tag icon to “Add custom tags” to any posts.

Now moving on to product tagging with TruSense.

8. Click on the Add Products option under Product Catalog

9. Now, you can either sync your products directly, and it will fetch the product tags automatically

10. You can upload a CSV file for products in a proper format, include tags for each product, and upload it successfully in Tagshop. 

Once you have uploaded the products with their tags, you can move to product tagging.

11. Click on the Tag Products option under the Product Catalog menu in the sidebar

12. Now, you will see all your posts, click on tag products under any post, a popup will appear

13. Click on the search bar, and a dropdown will show you the most relevant products as per the post

The product tagging assistant will match the product tags with post tags to provide you with the most relevant product recommendations in search. 

14. Simply click on the product you want to tag, and it will be tagged to the post.

These are some of the ways you can leverage the TruSense smart content curation and product tagging assistant in your galleries. 

To explore more about the feature or understand all possibilities in a detailed manner, kindly reach out to us at [email protected] or book a demo with us. 

Our team will help you get all the necessary information about TruSense and how it can benefit your business or use case. 

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