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Product Page Galleries
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Product page galleries are a popular solution leveraged by thousands of global brands to strategically improve conversions and revenue without massive investments. 

In an ecommerce conversion funnel, the most crucial page is the product page, where the user decides whether to buy the product or not. 

So, it is essential that product pages hit the right strings for potential customers to make positive buying decisions. However, the challenge is to deliver trustworthy, authentic, and beneficial information that helps in turning leads into customers. 

This is where the importance of Product page galleries comes into the picture. 

What Are Product Page Galleries?

Product page galleries are mainly the shoppable UGC galleries embedded on the product pages on an ecommerce site or online store. These product page galleries feature visual UGC and social media posts relevant to the product on the page. 

Tagshop defines product page galleries as curated galleries featuring shoppable visual UGC relating to the product page it is published on. 

These galleries help in showcasing how existing customers are using the product in real life. In addition, this visual marketing inspiration fueled by user-generated content helps build trust and credibility for that page’s product. 

Why Are Product Page Galleries Important For eCommerce & Online Store?

For eCommerce and Online Brand stores, the product page plays an important role in turning leads into buyers. This is why brands showcase reviews & ratings on product pages. 

But text reviews aren’t enough to inspire purchases. Consumers want visual inspiration and reviews that build stronger trust and showcase authenticity. 

product page galleries

That’s why more and more brands are integrating visual cues on their product pages. Having product images and videos give a better understanding and visual overview to the consumers. 

Not just any visual content, but a more real, credible, and inspiring form of visual content is what brands are looking for and leveraging on their online store. 

Therefore, this is why product page galleries are so crucial. These galleries feature visual UGC that builds social proof, helps to showcase authenticity, and inspires consumers to make a purchase. 

How To Create & Publish Product Page Galleries 

Now that you have explored the what & why of Product page galleries, it is time to find out how you can create and publish Product page galleries for your Online store or ecommerce. 

Tagshop is the most popular social commerce platform for brands to create and publish shoppable Instagram feed and UGC galleries for product pages based on intelligent content curation for each product page.

The steps have been divided into 4 main sections for better understanding.

Section 1: Collect Content

1. Create your Free Tagshop account or Log in to your existing account

2. Click on the Shoppable Galleries option in Sidebar, your galleries will appear

Taggbox Commerce Home Screen

3. Click on the Edit button under your first shoppable gallery, the editor will appear

shop galleries

4. Choose your preferred social platform from where you want to collect content from the given option. 

product galleries platforms

Let’s choose Instagram as an example here. You can add more feeds later from the Add Feeds option under Content Gallery. 

5. Enter your feed option like Hashtag, Handle, Mentions, IGTV, Tagged, etc. 

product page gallery feeds

6. Complete the authentication to connect your social media platform and successfully fetch content

NOTE: Tagshop does not store or have access to your private information or passwords relating to the social media accounts that you connect. 

Section 2: Tag Products

7. Now, you will see all your posts with the Tag product option under each post. However, you will need to upload products before tagging. 

8. To upload products, click on the Add Product option under the Product catalog menu in Sidebar

Products CSV file

9. You will see the following options:

  • Import Product List: This option helps you upload products in bulk using a CSV file 
  • Add a Product: This option lets you upload one product at a time
  • Sync Shopify Products: Enter Shopify store URL and fetch products directly from Shopify

Product CSV File & Product ID Error

1. Make sure to follow the sample CSV format as provided during uploading process

2. Error in Product ID: In excel sheet, when you enter more than 11 digits in a cell, the digits get truncated. Make sure to enter product ID without truncation.

3. Make sure you enter correct Product ID for each product in your CSV file.

4. Without Product ID, you won’t be able to use product page galleries option

10. Once you successfully upload your products, then click on the Tag Products option from Sidebar

11. Now it’s time for product tagging. Click on Tag products option under any post; a popup will appear

tag products

12. Enter the product name in the search bar and click on the product to tag it to the post. 

Tag products to posts

Note: it is recommended not to use Hotspots on these galleries if you intend to show small images. 

Similarly, tag products to all the posts in your gallery. You can tag upto 4 products per post. 

Section 3 – Design & Filter

13. Now click on the Themes option under Design & filter and choose the theme of your product page gallery. 

customize shoppable gallery

You can also make changes to card style, theme settings, hover effect, social actions, CTA button and more in the Design & Filter section.

Note: It is recommended to use the Modern slider theme for the best experience. 

Section 4 – Publish Your Gallery

14. Now click on the PUBLISH button at the bottom left corner; you will see 2 publishing options 

  • Homepage & Landing Pages
  • Product Page Galleries
Product galleries

15. Click on Product Page galleries and you will see different CMS options like HTML, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, etc. 

16. Click on your choice of CMS. Let’s choose Shopify as an example. 

17. Now, you will see the steps to publish Product page shoppable galleries on Shopify.

18. Follow the simple steps mentioned there to publish the product page gallery on your Shopify store. 

Similarly, you can follow the steps for your CMS as well. 

If you face any challenges and issues while publishing the galleries, then feel free to contact us through message, mail, or call. We will help you set up your galleries. 

Benefits of Product Page Galleries For Brands

Here are a few of the key benefits that brands can leverage by integrating product page galleries into their online store or ecommerce site. 

1. Get Those Key Conversions & Sales

The first and most important benefit is that these product page galleries directly help in increasing the brand conversion rate and maximize sales. 

Potential leads who have completed the ecommerce funnel and have reached the end of the funnel present a high potential to conversions. So, the galleries featuring inspiring and authentic shoppable UGC will help turn consumer interest into buying the product. 

2. The Influence of Social Proof & Trust

Brand trust is the most important factor that influences the purchase decision of any consumer in this age of social shopping platforms. As consumer distrust is at an all-time high due to various reasons.

Therefore, it is essential to provide information that users can trust easily. Having shoppable product page galleries featuring real UGC will help to build trust and social proof for your product and brand.


3. Inspiration Is Crucial For Shopping

Inspiration is closely related to shopping. That’s why influencers have a huge role in the online shopping industry. Similarly, now that role is played by visual UGC on social media and on-site with product page galleries. You can even curate the visual UGC directly through on-site UGC uploads to drive shopping inspiration.

User-generated content featuring images and videos showcasing how real customers use products in real life inspires potential customers. This inspiration helps users understand product aesthetics, its real-life usage, durability, customer satisfaction, and more. 

4. Upsell Products With Shop The Lookbook

Upselling is a massive opportunity for ecommerce and online stores as this increases the average order value and cart size of the customer. With product page galleries, it works as a lookbook where the consumers can shop the complete look or buy products complementing the actual product.

 These Shop the look galleries allow customers to explore a complete look and get inspiration from different products that align with the product on the page. 

5. Simple Way To Reduce Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment has been the key challenge for ecommerce and online stores that negatively affects their ecommerce conversion rate. As a result, many people come to the product page but do not complete the purchases. 

However, product page galleries featuring shoppable content can help encounter the cart abandonment challenges. These galleries provide trustworthy and inspiring information which is shoppable. This helps in instantly turning the interest into action for potential customers. 


The product page galleries are a perfect way to make your product pages stand out and impact consumers’ purchase decisions. In addition, you can leverage these galleries to inspire potential customers seamlessly. 

So, make the most of your social content and visual UGC through these galleries to drive brand trust, garner engagement, and boost revenue by maximizing your conversions. 

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