How To Set Up Pinterest Buyable Pins To Drive Sales & ROI

Pinterest Buyable Pins
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Pinterest buyable pins are becoming more and more important for brands as the influence of social commerce is rising among global consumers. With over 450 million monthly active users, Pinterest is everyone’s go-to place to get inspired with new ideas and aesthetic images.

While scrolling, whenever we see a cute dress or a top, we all have wished we could buy it, but the hard-to-accept fact is that Pinterest is just an image-sharing app. 

Although some brands provide product links in the description, do you think they are convenient?

Pinterest Buyable pins make the impossible possible for you. They enable the buyers to buy a product from a pin without having to leave Pinterest at all.

Keep reading to know more.

What Are Pinterest Buyable Pins?

Pinterest buyable pins are the shoppable Pinterest posts that allow users to directly buy the products from the pins. Brands can tag products to the pins and add a CTA for shopping so users can buy products directly. 

Pinterest buyable pins are also known as Pinterest shoppable pins. These are mobile-friendly, secure, and easy ways to buy your favorite products with just a few clicks. 

Buyable pins on Pinterest are a one-stop solution for the buyers: they don’t have to leave the app; the business owners: easy buying methods bring more sales; Pinterest: Visitors don’t leave Pinterest, so it doesn’t affect the website’s engagement rate.

Pinterest shoppable pins

You can identify the shoppable pins on Pinterest with the blue price and “Add to bag” button. Click on the “Add to Bag” button, and once you have explored, you can go to your Pinterest shopping bag and click on “Check Out.”  

You will reach the payment page, choose your preferred payment method and make the payment. Viola! You have made the purchase. 

Easy right? If you are a business owner, it is equally easy for you to set up Pinterest shoppable pins. 

Read the blog further to know how you can create Pinterest buyable pins.

How To Create Pinterest Buyable Pins

Here are some quick and easy steps for anyone who wants to set up shoppable pins on Pinterest.

1: Create A Pinterest Business Account

  • You need to have a business account to access the Pinterest buyable pins feature
  • You can switch from a personal account to a business one

2: Read Guidelines To Know Whether Your Business Qualifies

  • You must be selling appropriate product as per Pinterest guidelines
  • The profile must be set up properly with all the necessary information
  • It is essential to ensure that you deliver good customer service

3: Apply For Buyable Pins

  • Once you adhere to the guidelines, then submit your application for Pinterest shoppable pins
  • You will receive an email from your eCommerce platform about your application status
  • Once you get the approval from Pinterest for shoppable pins on Pinterest the follow the next steps

4: Start Adding Products To Pinterest 

  • After your store approval for shoppable pins on Pinterest, you can start adding products to your pins
  • To add products, you need to visit the protected buyable pins URL (
  • It may take 2-3 days for your products to appear as the approval of each product takes time

NOTE: Selling customizable products, non-physical goods, such as digital downloads and live animals, are prohibited from Pinterest

Your products are now available for Pinterest users to buy. 

All the procedures will happen on Pinterest; all you need to do is get the product delivered once you receive a purchase notification. 

You take every customer service step; Pinterest just acts as a medium.

Benefits of Pinterest Buyable Pins

Easy Product Discovery And Reaching New Customers

Pinterest is everyone’s go-to place to get ideas about different things, and they scroll through the pins. If you upload your product images using specific keywords in the description, it will get easy for potential customers to discover your products.

Pinterest Buyable Pins

When they realize that along with getting inspired, they can also buy the product without having to leave the app, they will get encouraged to make the purchase and come back in the future after experiencing the smooth procedure.

Opportunity For Influencer Marketing

Investing in influencer marketing can also be beneficial for you. One thing to keep in mind is that the influencer you choose has an audience similar to your target audience. 

When you upload pictures of influencers wearing your product as buyable pins, potential customers are more likely to stop by and check out the product, which will eventually result in more sales.

Drive Traffic to Your eCommerce Store

Every time a Pinterest user comes across your product, they are more likely to have curiosity about your product. Along with spending time scrolling through your pins on Pinterest, the chances are high that they will visit your website to know more about you.

So, make sure to keep in mind the picture quality of your product because it will become a contributing factor to influence people to visit your store website, which will drive traffic.

Mobile-Friendly Feature

Giving a good shopping experience to potential buyers is crucial to increase your sales and turn them into your loyal customers.

Buyable pins are mobile-friendly, and they work seamlessly on all the devices and versions of smartphones. As long as your customers have access to Pinterest, they can easily explore your products and make safe purchases.

Your Buyers Are Still Yours

The good thing about Pinterest is that you still get to keep your brand’s individuality and original voice. There are no hidden charges or commissions involved with Pinterest, so all the profit is yours.

Pinterest lets you handle the customer services and ensures that you have smooth communication with your customers by sending them follow-up emails and promote your other products, which encourage buyers to buy again.

Shop The Look Feature

When you add the “Shop the Look” feature with your buyable pin, you must put an aesthetic picture that speaks to the theme of Pinterest. When buyers see those pictures, they are more likely to stop and click on the pin.

Buyable pins on Pinterest

Another benefit is that this feature allows potential buyers to find multiple items in one image. It is an easy way to post more than one product in an image, which results in more sales. Tiktok Shoppable feeds show us how the content can inspire consumers to purchase the products.

Adding Pinterest Buyable Pins On Website

Pinterest only allows you to make shoppable pins on Pinterest. Still, we have a solution to help you create and display Pinterest shoppable pins on the website as a Shoppable gallery. 

Tagshop is a social commerce platform that allows brands to collect social media content into feeds, tag products to these collected feeds and make them shoppable and finally publish these shoppable social feeds and galleries on the website. 

Shoppable Instagram & UGC, shoppable UGC, Shoppable Instagram feed, galleries, etc., are among the most popular solutions used by thousands of brands globally.

To create shoppable pins for Pinterest with Tagshop, you can follow the simple steps below:

  1. Create your free Tagshop account and get started
  2. Start by adding feeds (pins) from your Pinterest business account
  3. Complete the feed collection process and authorization
  4. Then move on to tagging products to the posts in your Pinterest feed
  5. Once you complete the product tagging process, then you can explore customizations
  6. Finally, click on PUBLISH button, choose your eCommerce platform, and complete the process

Tadaa! You will have successfully added the Pinterest buyable pins or Pinterest shoppable pins on your website/ecommerce/online store. 

Why Add Pinterest Shoppable Pins On Website?

Pinterest has around 500 million global users, and 50% of the Pinterest users find shopping inspiration and buy the products through shoppable pins on Pinterest. 

The average user spends more per order as compared to other social media platforms. This shows the opportunity that Pinterest presents for brands to drive sales, traffic, revenue, and growth. 

Therefore, why to restrict this opportunity to just Pinterest; instead, with shoppable Pinterest pins on your website, you can inspire your website visitors, build social proof through visual user-generated content, amplify visual marketing efforts, boost user engagement with visually appealing content, and drive sales through buyable pins. 

Online shoppers always look for inspiration and social proof to make an affirmative purchase decision. Pinterest shoppable pins can help you successfully reap the inspiration, engagement, and conversions through the pins. 

Multiply Sales By Integrating Shoppable Pinterest Pins With Tagshop


We come to the end of this blog. Large and small businesses have started to incorporate the buyable pins feature on Pinterest as a part of their eCommerce marketing to improve conversions

Pinterest posts is all about showcasing lifestyles. If someone is interested in your brand’s culture and you feature your product in such a way as to exhibit how it can be used, it makes people want to have it for themselves. 

What makes the experience better is when you make their buying procedure as easy as just a click away. 

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