How To Add Shoppable Instagram Feed On Magento Website?

Shoppable Instagram Feed Magento
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Bringing content generated on Instagram is a whole new way to sell.

Shoppers today look out for the content generated on the platform to find their inspiration to purchase. Integration of a shoppable Instagram feed into your Magento storefront can multiply conversions!

According to statistics, 81% of people use Instagram to research products and services, while 50% visit the website to buy the product or service after coming across it on the platform. 

Moreover, with authenticity becoming the new sales and spokesperson, brands can ensure a seamless flow of real, aesthetic, and inspirational content. Wondering how you can achieve all this and more? 

Now turn social content into shoppable experiences easily with Tagshop. Learn more with the course of this blog.

Why Add Shoppable Instagram Feed on Magento?

Instagram has become a catalyst for brands to gain user engagement and digital commerce success. 

Users of the platform find their inspiration, discover products, and make purchases, thanks to the platform’s powerful social proof. 

Further, the visuals uploaded on the platform are aesthetically pleasing and can easily captivate the attention of the spectators. When this content is made shoppable, it can enhance the brand-user relationship and boost sales of a brand.

This is why you just consider bringing the influence of Instagram to your Magento eCommerce.

How Can You Add Shoppable Instagram Feed On Magento?

To be able to bring a Shoppable Instagram Feed to Magento eCommerce website with Tagshop, follow these steps:

1. Start by signing in to your Tagshop account

Add Shoppable Instagram Feed To Your Magento Store

2. From the home screen, choose Shoppable Galleries

3. Any previously created shoppable gallery will appear, but if you haven’t, add a new shoppable galley and give it a name

4. Next, a pop-up to choose your preferred source network will occur. Here, choose Instagram

5. Now, choose your feed type – hashtag, handle, mention, etc., and tap on the ‘create feed’ or ‘connect to Instagram’ button. Here, let’s take (#) as an example!

6. Once done with entering Hashtag, click on Create Feed or Connect To Instagram to aggregate content from the platform

7. Once you create a feed you need to authenticate with Facebook to give access of your Instagram account

After successfully collecting posts from Instagram to your Tagshop account, it is now time to make them shoppable!

8. From the sidebar, click on ‘product catalog’  and choose: ‘add products’

9. Choose the course of action to upload products:

  • Import Product List: To upload products using CSV 
  • Add product: To add products individually, one-by-one
  • Sync Product Catalog: To sync products automatically from your online store

After this, you will be able to successfully add the product catalog to your Tagshop account

10. Next, choose the ‘tag products’ option from the sidebar, and all your posts from Instagram to be made shoppable will crop up

11. Now, click on the ‘tag products’ button under any post, a pop-up will appear

12. Search the product you want to add the tag to and click on the product to tag it to the post.

Once done, head over to customize your shoppable Instagram gallery using attractive options made available. 

13. Now, to publish your Shoppable Instagram feed on the Magento website, tap on the ‘publish’ button at the left bottom

14. Next, choose Magento from the given options of CMS platforms, and you will come across the steps to do in your store.

15. Copy the given ‘publish code’ and log in to your Magento account

16. Navigate to the webpage where you wish to display the Shoppable Instagram Feed. Paste the copied code on the backend of the website.

And that’s about it. You have finally added a shoppable Instagram feed on your Magento website.

What Can You Expect From Tagshop?

Capitalizing on shoppers’ attraction and inspiration can drive massive sales for the eCommerce brands, which is exactly what Tagshop provides for!

It is a social commerce platform that turns brand and user-generated content on social media platforms into shoppable galleries which can then be embedded into the eCommerce website or online store of the brands. 

By leveraging Tagshop, piloting on-site conversions, social proof, and user engagement becomes incredibly effective. Brands can create shoppable UGC galleries, social shops, shoppable Instagram feed, visual shops, product page galleries, lookbooks, etc., to inspire, inform, and instantly gratify users on their purchases. 

Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg! There is a lot more the platform brings forth, but if you found this promising, you know Tagshop makes an ideal choice of platform to embed Instagram shop feed on your Magento website in a matter of minutes.

What Are The Benefits Of Adding A Shoppable Instagram Feed On Magento Using Tagshop?

Compromising your commerce experience by having a restrictive approach might not be the practice you want to cater to. However, by integrating a shoppable Instagram feed on Magento, you can derive a lot more benefits than you fathom. Read to find out, what all?

Showcase Real Content Created By Real Users

90% of the consumers trust UGC when making their buying decision. Through shoppable galleries integrated on your Magento website, you can showcase users’ content generated on Instagram. This builds trust, ignites the imagination of the visitors, and influences their buying decision.

Further, featuring UGC with product tags can boost your conversion rates, as the consumers can better relate to it. In figures, eCommerce brands saw a 30% increase in conversions by including content generated by the users in shoppers’ buying journeys.

Tap Into Impulsive Buying Behavior

The content generated on Instagram makes the viewers feel that they need the featured product, which is one of the top reasons why social sales have picked up big-time in the last couple of years. 

Embedding Instagram Shop on Magento eCommerce, brands can appropriately place products with users’ visuals, build social proof, and allow users to buy them effortlessly. Thus, tapping into impulsive buying.

Moreover, providing for a seamless shopping experience can instigate close to 50% of the buyers to close an impulsive purchase, successfully turning inspiration into action.

Enhance Visitor’s Engagement & Experience

Customers are comparatively spending a lot less time shopping for products from an offline store. They majorly depend on the information provided by the brand or its already-existing users to decide whether or not to invest in the brand. 

By bringing Shoppable Instagram to your Magento website, you can better attract the visitors’ attention and create an impact that lasts for a long time. Studies suggest that visuals are processed 60,000x faster than texts, making it an interesting point for brands to enhance the shoppers’ experience while effectively maximizing the point of awareness.

Shoppable Instagram Feed

It’s A Wrap

Shoppable Instagram feed is a trending and futuristic way of generating more sales and revenue for eCommerce brands across different CMS platforms. As it directly connects with the shopping instinct of the buyers.

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