Shoppable Instagram Reels For eCommerce: How To Integrate, Convert & Grow!

Shoppable Instagram Reels
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Now online store owners are even more empowered to get discovered and sell right where their users are, with Instagram reels. 

Given the audiences’ great interest in reels, wanting to educate, get inspired from and grow, surefire signals eCommerce marketers the need to incorporate Instagram reels into their selling places. 
Statistically speaking, 86% of the consumers claim that they would purchase, try, or recommend a product provided the content on Instagram is marked ‘worthy of sharing.’ The number is huge, and so is the opportunity offered to online store owners – an integration of shoppable Instagram reels on their storefront.

Shopping Through Instagram Reels – An Overview

92% of people act right when they see something on Instagram. This indicates the power and influence that the content generated on Instagram has. But, to capitalize on this, limiting to just shopping through reels on the platform isn’t enough. 

eCommerce brands need to act upon strategies that help them in growing sales and making reels – the platform’s hottest selling content, shoppable, is one potential way to do so. 

Shopping through Instagram reels, simply put, is turning the content shoppable and integrating it across the eCommerce store, vis-a-vis, product, category, checkout, review, and other pages.

See how your shoppable instagram reels look like.

How To Make Instagram Reels Shoppable?

Making Instagram reels shoppable and embedding them on the platforms is easy. All you need to do is leverage a suitable social commerce platform that helps you in making the process seamless. 

Shoppers and fans create reels featuring your brand’s products and share them via hashtags, brand handles, etc. For eCommerce brands to leverage this content on their selling pages, collection and curation is a no-brainer. 

To state, collecting and curating is when you bring all the reels created by your users to one place, filter them out based on relevancy, appeal, and impact, and add customizations to them to align them with the brand.

You can achieve all this and more with Tagshop. 

Tagshop is a leading social commerce platform that allows eCommerce brands to pool all their visual social content in one place, make it shoppable, and seamlessly integrate it into the online storefront.

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Using the platform, brands can:

  • Collect Instagram Reels generated by hashtag and handle
  • Moderate them to filter out only the best content
  • Customize the feed to make it attractive for the shoppers
  • Turn it shoppable by uploading the product catalogue and adding product tags
  • Publish the shoppable Instagram Reels feed on any location across the online store following a simple copy and paste process.

eCommerce brands realize the potential of the viral content of Instagram reels; considering this, it is only essential to figure out and execute strategies that can help capitalize on the soaring trend.

How Can You Use Shoppable Instagram Reels For Your Online Store?

benefits of shoppable instagram reels

Integrating a shoppable Instagram reel into your online store can alter how shoppers perceive your brand and make forming deeper relationships with users easy while still entertaining them. 

Here’s why you must consider integrating shoppable Instagram reels for your online store:

1. Build Social Trust

Trust is the new currency of selling. Consumers want to know the real experiences of people before deciding whether or not to go ahead with the brand. 

Instagram reels feature how existing brand shoppers are using products, integrating which on the eCommerce can win the faith of the potential customers and mend the perception that they might build the brand. 

Further, social proof creates a bandwagon effect. This invites users to mimic the actions of people like them, which helps in simplifying targeting efforts.

2. Enhance Shopping Experience 

With so many people shopping digitally, it’s time to work out the kinks finally. The process of buying things should be easy. Smooth. Seamless. Any friction takes away from experience and makes it more likely your shopper will jump ship.

Shopping is an experience. It spans discovery, search, purchasing, and beyond. 78% of shoppers value convenience more now than ever. By including shoppable Instagram reels into the buying journey of the shoppers, brands are not only approaching sales differently but also keeping their shoppers entertained to the T.

3. Shoppers Want More Of UGC

Speaking of simplifying the shopping process. It’s up to your brand to bridge the gap between the virtual and physical – and one key way to do that is to bring the coveted UGC into the online buying experience. 

User-generated reels made shoppable boost potential users’ trust in a brand, gives them a brief insight into what to expect and helps them make better decisions. 

Today, when consumer-centricity is the most important, bringing aesthetic and authentic short-format video into product or category pages can provide information and grow sales at once.

4. Boost and Boast Brand Loyalty

Building, maintaining and showcasing brand loyalty is all it takes for eCommerce brands to sustain in this rather competitive world. 

Adding Instagram reels created by your users into the buying journey increases your chances of winning visitors’ trials, keeping them engaged with your web pages while successfully tapping into their impulses. 

Moreover, when potential customers come across this shoppable reel content, they will be inspired to create and share content around your brand, making them feel valued. Thus, working up your brand loyalty.

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The Future Of Shoppable Instagram Reels

Shoppable instagram reels

There is no denying that change is everywhere for eCommerce brands. Millennials and Gen Zs are becoming the most dominating segment. Consumers seek authentic buying experiences. Video marketing is emerging as a potential way of keeping consumers engaged, and enhancing shoppers buying experiences is non-negotiable. 

In a report, brands and retailers ranked reviews (64%) and customer-created photos and videos (43%) as the most significant elements of their sales and advertising campaigns. 

Instagram reels are interactive. They make a dependable way of reaching out to the target audience, increasing discoverability, and showcasing brand personality. 

Further, with competition only reaching new heights, incorporating unique and dependable ways of selling is no wonder. 

Shoppable Instagram reels can:

  • Attract the attention of the potential customers 
  • Keep them engaged 
  • Showcase product in action 
  • Help buyers make informed decisions
  • Inspire them to create reels featuring your products
  • Expand reach to a wider audience
  • Grow sales and revenue seamlessly

Instagram reels grew like wildfire, and no way is stopping. 

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Final Note

Shoppable Instagram reels are the today and tomorrow of eCommerce. More so because digital content is continuously evolving, and how people connect with them is changing too. 

By bringing shoppable Instagram reels across any location within the online store, consumers are given access to easy information, user advocacy is put to the best use, and influencing the users’ minds becomes easy.

Using Tagshop, online brands can seamlessly bring the most entertaining and influential reels from Instagram to the places they sell and connect with users. For any further queries, reach out to us!

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