Top 10 Inspiring Shoppable Video Examples

shoppable video examples
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For consumers, visual shopping has become the primary way of buying goods in 2024. 

E-commerce brands understand the importance of providing customers with a visually appealing shopping experience; in comes shoppable videos, that offer brands the opportunity to curate engaging shopping experiences for their customers. 

In this blog, we have listed some of the best shoppable video examples of leading brands and how they are using this brilliant strategy to grow their revenue and more! 

What’s exciting about this strategy is that it embedding shoppable videos for eCommerce adds a new dimension to the online shopping experience, merging entertainment with convenience and interactivity. 

Now, before we proceed, let’s understand what shoppable video means and why brands need it. 

What Does Shoppable Video Mean?

Shoppable videos are interactive video content showcasing products and services that integrates clickable links, buttons, or hotspots directly within the video, allowing viewers to browse and purchase products within the same viewing interface. 

Shoppable videos are highly immersive and have proved to be highly beneficial for e-commerce brands across industries. Many brands are utilizing UGC videos as well as videos from influencer collaborations, turning them shoppable by adding product tags and embedding them into important landing pages on their website. 

It is a highly engaging strategy that is helping brands multiply their revenue. 

But, we understand that having real brand inspiration is important actually to pursue a new strategy especially if you are a budding business or small-scale brand. 

See how your shoppable video galleries look like:

Importance Of Shoppable Video Examples & Benefits for eCommerce

Shoppable videos are powerful tools for e-commerce businesses despite their niche and size. If you are still trying to learn more about it, here are a few benefits of utilizing shoppable videos. 

1. Establishes Customer Trust 

The e-commerce industry is booming – it’s great yet has its drawbacks. Why? Well the overcrowded landscape also creates mistrust among customers. Nowadays, customers don’t know which brands to trust and invest in confidently. 

With the help of shoppable UGC videos and testimonials on the website, brands can showcase their offerings in a more valuable and transparent manner. Studies show that 88% of consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. By embedding shoppable videos, brands can also embed trust. 

2. Makes Product Discovery Simpler 

Many multi-product e-commerce brands report that they struggle with showcasing all their products in an appealing manner. Many times, they either don’t have enough space on the homepage, which is the highest-converting landing page for any e-commerce brand. Or, the brand photography doesn’t do justice to showcase all products in an equally attractive manner. 

By integrating shoppable videos, brands can improve product discovery for customers and easily present all their products, and facilitate purchases from the same space without having to navigate through different pages. 

3. Improves Product Visualization 

For many industries, product visualization holds an important place in boosting confident buying decisions. Consumer goods brands or fashion and apparel brands understand the importance of presenting their products in a way that can instantly help customers visualize those products and how having them can provide value to them.

Shoppable videos are brilliant tools to achieve just that. With the help of engaging video content such as product tutorials, demonstrations and try-on hauls, brands can offer customers a must more meaningful product visualization. 

4. Boost Website Engagement 

Despite having good website traffic, many brands find improving customers’ dwell time on their websites challenging. This is especially true for one-product Shopify stores that have limited products and content to offer. 

In this case, brands can curate highly interactive and engaging shoppable video galleries and embed them into their website to boost engagement. There are various brands that have experienced over 200% boost in engagement by integrating shoppable video content into their important pages. 

5. Streamlines the Buying Journey

Studies show that an overly lengthy buying journey, with too many mandatory fields, is the biggest reason behind cart abandonment. Customers of today have a very short attention span and get distracted by other ventures very easily. 

Shoppable videos streamline the buying journey by integrating the shopping experience directly into the video content, reducing friction and simplifying the path to purchase for consumers. By integrating shoppable videos into the website, businesses can reduce cart abandonment rates substantially and make smoothen the buying journey for users. 

If you are a budding business, we understand that having exemplary shoppable video examples is a necessity and can help ou big time to successfully leverage this strategy. For the same reason, we have listed down various successful shoppable video examples. 

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10 Successful Shoppable Video Examples 

Enough about the advantages of shoppable videos. Here are some authentic shoppable videos examples of leading brands and how they are leveraging this brilliant strategy to boost sales, build trust and become a more established brand. 

1. Malandra Jewellery 

Malandra is a leading jewelry and accessories brand that specializes in selling dainty and chic jewelry pieces for women. The brand has utilized shoppable videos to showcase and present its products through real social content on its website. 

malandra example of shoppable videos

This integration has helped the brand showcase its best-selling jewelry in a realistic way and allowed customers to make their purchasing decisions based on real customers’ experiences with the brand. Overall, the brand has created a visual-first experience for its customers by embedding a social UGC gallery that offers an engaging shopping experience to customers. 

shoppable video examples

2. Novanude 

Novanude is a women’s swimwear brand and a perfect shoppable video example. The brand is known globally for its quirky beachwear and colorful patterns and prints that stand out from other competing brands.

examples of shoppable video

Novanude invests a fair share in influencer and creator collaborations and wanted to showcase the generated content on its website to set an example for new customers and showcase how its products look in real life. Novanude integrated a shoppable video gallery on its homepage and created a visually appealing look. This allowed the brand to improve its conversions drastically. 

3. Dr. Squatch 

Another one of the brilliant shoppable video examples is Dr. Squatch – a skincare and beauty brand, formulated especially for men. The brand has gained a loyal following by emphasizing the use of natural ingredients, such as plant-based oils, essential oils, and natural exfoliants, in its products. 

Dr.squatch video examples

The brand has curated a shoppable UGC gallery featuring shoppable videos that are showcasing its products and demonstrating how to use them. Some of the videos are testimonials and provide social proof to website visitors. This integration of shoppable videos has benefited the brand in multiple ways, but specifically to boost conversions. 

4. Swarovski

Swarovski is a luxury jewelry company known for its high-quality AD and crystal jewelry and accessories. When it comes to shoppable videos, Swarovski has embraced this innovative marketing approach to enhance its customers’ online shopping experience. 

Swarovski shoppable video examples

The brand has integrated engaging and visually appealing videos that showcase the latest jewelry collections, highlighting the intricate designs of their jewelry. This practice has helped the brand showcase its glamorous products with more definition and allowed its customers to visualize the pieces in use. 

5. Tiffany & Co 

Tiffany & Co. is a globally renowned luxury jewelry brand known for its high-quality and timeless designs. The brand is a premium shoppable video example as they have displayed compelling branded videos of their collections on the homepage. 

Examples of shoppable video

Being a luxury brand, customers are more inclined towards retail shopping with Tiffany & Co. With the help of videos integrated into their website, Tiffany & Co. is boosting engagement, offering product inspiration, and offering a more polished online shopping experience.

6. Meshki 

Meshki is an online fashion boutique that sells women’s clothing and accessories. The brand has integrated the power of shoppable videos into its landing pages, compellingly showcasing its products through videos. 

meshki shoppable video examples

Meshki is leveraging branded video content to offer a compelling glimpse of its clothing collections. The brand has a wide audience on its website; however, it wants to boost its engagement rate. By showcasing the products in videos, Meshki was able to offer better visuals to its audience. 

7. The World of RH 

Consumer goods e-commerce brand industries, such as furniture and interior decor, significantly rely on high-quality visuals to offer buying inspiration to customers. Furniture brand RH utilized branded video content to display how its products look in real-life use cases. 

Video examples

Rather than elongating the users’ journey, RH integrated their brand video on the homepage itself to boost customer engagement. What’s more is the brand created a storyline and used videos to narrate the inception and ideation of its products. Additionally, RH allowed website visitors to tap on the videos and check out the complete collection of those specific designs. 

8. Dr. Dennis Gross 

Dr. Dennis Gross is a leading skincare brand that sells a wide range of products and one of the best shoppable video examples. The brand offers a complete range of skincare for men and women, from hair care products to facial serums. 

dr.dennis example of shoppable video

The brand wanted to showcase actual results experienced by customers using the brand’s products, and in this endeavor, Dr. Dennis Gross leveraged UGC videos showcasing customers’ testimonials. Additionally, the brand turned these videos shoppable and integrated them into the website’s homepage for maximum traction. 

9. Glossier 

Glossier is a beauty and skincare brand that gained popularity quickly through its powerful social presence and engaging collaborations with influencers and creators. The brand leveraged its authentic UGC and integrated it into its value-driving landing pages. 

glossier- shoppable video example

Glossier became one of the first brands to run UGC campaigns so successfully and boost 3X the revenue from them. Glossier has curated a shoppable video gallery of their top-performing posts and embedded it into their webpages. The brand harnesses it to help customers visualise their product’s efficacy and feel a sense of trust while making their purchases online. 

10. IKEA 

best shoppable video example

IKEA, as we know, is a popular ‘ready-to-assemble’ furniture and interior decor brand. No surprise, IKEA has grown into one of the world’s largest furniture retailers, with stores in over 50 countries and a significant online presence. What’s brilliant is that along with a prominent online presence, IKEA also has aesthetic retail stores, which has led to a huge chunk of user-generated content from customers who visit their stores. 

Additionally, many customers upload their findings at IKEA and show how they have placed their products to improve their home decor. IKEA understood the importance of this content and curated a gallery of shoppable videos to help customers get inspired and make purchases within the same interface. 

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How can Brands Create & Embed Shoppable Videos? 

Shoppable videos are powerful tools to help brands effectively achieve their business growth goals. By now, we already know how some leading brands are leveraging shoppable videos. But we know the big question – how to create shoppable videos and embed them in the best, most value-driving manner? 

While it may sound like a tough strategy to implement, there are various third-party apps available that make social selling a breeze. For instance, Tagshop is a top-rated shoppable UGC and Instagram platform that allows users to aggregate and turn video content into shoppable experiences. 

Let’s learn about Tagshop in depth. 

Why Is Tagshop The Best Shoppable Video Platform For Your Brand?

shoppable video example

There are no second thoughts about the fact that shoppable videos offer real results that your brand can experience. Tagshop offers a range of features that can truly transform your brand in countless ways. 

With Tagshop, brands can aggregate social content from multiple channels, such as social media platforms or upload manually from a device, curate a shoppable gallery of the collected content, and embed it into the website’s landing pages. 

The tool offers complete customization control and supports users to build a gallery that matches their branding style. That’s not all, Tagshop offers various other features: 

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  • Embed shoppable galleries into homepage or product pages. 
  • Moderate content and keep the posts you find relevant.
  • Tag multiple products on a single post and showcase more products at once. 
  • Aggregate content from hashtags, user-handle, tagged posts or stories.
  • Build a link in bio store with and leverage your social audience. 
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Ending Note

In this blog, we have curated a list of shoppable video examples of brands and have helped you understand why this strategy stands out as a non-negotiable for e-commerce businesses of 2024. 

This is the time when consumers no longer indulge in traditional advertising methods; customers want to be engaged and feel like they matter to brands. In this attempt, brands ought to offer something more than just perfectly captured branded content. 

By integrating authentic shoppable experiences, businesses can stand out and make shopping a unique and interactive experience for customers, ultimately improving their brand reputation and revenue.

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