How to Embed Instagram Feed On WordPress (WooCommerce)

add instagram feed to woocommerce
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E-commerce brands across various sectors share common key objectives: building trust, enhancing user engagement, and delivering a seamless, interactive shopping experience to their customers. Wondering how to do it? We shall provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to embed Instagram feed on WordPress.

Statistically, over 50% of customers become more interested in a product after seeing it on Instagram.

This number shows the effect of high-quality Instagram content primarily, as well as the effect embedding Instagram feed on WordPress website can have for e-commerce.

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Why Embed A Shoppable Instagram Feed?

Embedding a shoppable Instagram feed on WooCommerce Store is an easy way of growing sales. Brands are able to bring user engagement and interaction on their eCommerce store, which enables better product discovery for shoppers. 

Additionally, Instagram has become a platform where shoppers spend most of their time, consuming a variety of content. Integrating this content into top selling pages of the website can make a huge difference with respect to the conversions they can derive. 

  • Employ Brand Advocacy: Leverage authentic voices of your users to sell. By creating a shoppable Instagram feed for your eCommerce store, you can take advantage of authentic word-of-mouth marketing that appeals more than branded content. 
  • Establish Credibility: When people come across real content and real experiences they have better trust in the brand and its products. 
  • Multiply Engagement: Integrating a shoppable Instagram on WooCommerce provides an immersive shopping experience to shoppers. They get to explore content from different creators in one place, get inspired from their experiences and make informed buying decisions. 
  • Get More Sales: 

When users trust your brand and are better engaged, the chances of conversions increase. You can bundle products, add hotspots, create Shop The Look galleries that inculcate inspiration in shoppers and 

Embedding an Instagram feed on your WordPress e-commerce store can revolutionize your online business. Instagram offers the functionality to embed individual posts into key marketing areas like your website’s homepage and product pages.

However, Tagshop takes this capability to the next level. With Tagshop, users can not only aggregate content from Instagram but also curate a personalized gallery and transform it into a shoppable experience, seamlessly integrating it into various e-commerce touchpoints.

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The powerful creation and integration of a shoppable feed by Tagshop have proven to be a remarkably effective strategy for e-commerce businesses across diverse industries. 

This innovative approach significantly enhances user engagement rates, drives conversions, and maximizes return on investment (ROI) for online retailers, making Tagshop a high-key platform for embedding Shoppable Instagram feed on WordPress.

How to Add Instagram Feed to WooCommerce: Easy Steps

With Tagshop, users can add Instagram feed to WordPress in a no-fuss and easy way. So let’s begin!

1. Login To Tagshop

embed instagram feed on wordpress
  • For the first step, create a free account on Tagshop, or log in to your existing Tagshop account.
  • If you are a new user, sign up and select your preferred Free Plan to begin. 

2. Create a Gallery

embed instagram feed on wordpress website
  • The next step is to create a gallery. To do so,  connect your preferred social media platform to collect content. Tagshop provides all major social media networks.
  • Select your preferred source from the given options and click ‘Create Feed.’
Shoppable Instagram feed on WooCommerce
  • From the feed of collected content, select the posts you want to showcase on your eCommerce marketing touchpoints.
Embed Instagram Feed In WordPress

3. Upload Products

  • Now, to sync your product catalog, click on ‘Product Catalog’ from the sidebar. 
  • You will see various options of platforms. Select ‘WooCommerce,’ enter your store’s URL and click on ‘Connect Shop.’
  • Now your product list is uploaded, and you can add product tags to your content.

4. Personalize Your Feed

  • For the next step, go to ‘Apps & More’ and improve your feed by enabling more features like ‘Custom Post,’ ‘Profanity Filter’ and ‘Auto-Moderation.’
  • Integrate these features and make your shoppable feed more intuitive. 
Add Instagram Feed to WordPress

5. Website Integration

  • Now comes the integration. Begin by clicking on  ‘Website’ from the sidebar.
  • From the layout options, choose how you want your shoppable feed to look on your website’s homepage or product page.
  • From ‘Customization’ choose a background, card style, and CTA Buttons.
  • Once you have your feed, click on ‘Save Changes’ and then click on ‘Generate Code.’
Add Instagram Feed on Woocommerce
  • A window will appear with various platforms. From the given options, select ‘WordPress.’
  • Now, the WordPress’ script window will appear. Follow the given steps and paste the embed code into the backend of your website. 

Voila! Your shoppable feed is now integrated. That was all the process to add Instagram Feed to WooCommerce and turning it shoppable for a seamless WordPress integration.

Benefits of Adding Instagram Feed to Website

There are numerous benefits of adding Instagram feed to website. This integration can  be advantageous to enhance user experience, drive conversions, and boost your overall online presence. Here are five key advantages:

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1. Enhanced User Engagement:

By adding an Instagram feed, you provide a visually appealing and interactive experience for visitors. Users can view and shop products directly from the feed, engaging them in a seamless and enjoyable browsing process. Visual content is compelling and often leads to higher engagement rates than traditional product listings. So you can integrate a WordPress chart plugin or other tools into your website to display important information visually and more engagingly.

2. Improved Conversion Rates:

The direct integration of a shoppable feed allows users to make quick purchase decisions based on products’ visual appeal. When users can easily access product details and complete purchases within the same platform, it streamlines the buying process and ultimately boosts conversion rates.

3. Increased Brand Credibility and Trust:

Displaying user-generated content from Instagram in a shoppable feed on your website adds authenticity to your brand. Potential customers can see real people using your products, which builds trust and credibility. Authenticity is a critical factor in gaining the trust of online consumers and encouraging them to make purchases.

4.Seamless Shopping Experience:

Shoppable Instagram feeds create a seamless transition from browsing inspirational content to making a purchase. Users can click on items they like in the feed, view product details, and proceed to purchase without leaving the website. This streamlined process enhances the user experience and encourages impulse purchases.

5. Expanded Reach and Social Proof:

Integrating Instagram content on your website allows you to leverage the reach and influence of the platform. User-generated content showcases real-life usage and testimonials, serving as social proof to potential customers. This social validation can convince hesitant buyers and contribute to higher conversion rates.

Incorporating a shoppable Instagram feed not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your website but also leverages the power of social media to drive sales, engage users, and foster trust in your brand.


In today’s digital-first era, it is essential to integrate elements that make your eCommerce more than just an online shop. Integrating a shoppable Instagram feed is an absolute game-changer strategy, especially for E-Commerce brands. If you haven’t embraced it yet, you might inadvertently give your competitors an advantage.

Take action today, integrate this strategy seamlessly into your marketing initiatives with Tagshop, and prepare to be astonished by the incredible results it will bring!

add instagram feed to woocommerce

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I embed an Instagram feed in my WordPress site?

To embed an Instagram feed in your WordPress site, you can use a social commerce platform like “Tagshop.” With Tagshop, users can easily fetch content from social media platforms, curate them in a shoppable feed by adding product tags and integrating them into various eCommerce touchpoints.

Why Embed Instagram Feeds in WordPress?

Embedding Instagram feeds in WordPress is beneficial for several reasons. It allows you to showcase your dynamic and visually appealing Instagram content directly on your website, enhancing user engagement and providing a more interactive experience for your audience. By integrating your social media presence, you create a cohesive brand image and keep your website updated with fresh, relevant content.

What are the benefits of embedding an Instagram feed on my WordPress website?

Firstly, it boosts user engagement by offering a visually attractive display of your Instagram content, encouraging visitors to explore and interact with your posts. Secondly, it helps maintain an active online presence by automatically updating your website with the latest posts from your Instagram account. This feature enhances your website’s visual appeal and ensures a dynamic and current browsing experience for your audience.

Can I embed my entire Instagram feed or just individual posts?

You have the flexibility to embed either your entire Instagram feed or individual posts on your WordPress site. Plugins like “Instagram Feed” allow you to choose the specific display option based on your preference and website design. Whether you want a complete feed to showcase your Instagram profile or highlight specific posts, the choice is yours, providing versatility in how you present your Instagram content.

Are there any WordPress plugins for embedding Instagram feeds, and how do I choose the right one?

Yes, there are several WordPress plugins designed to help you embed Instagram feeds on your website. Popular options include “Instagram Feed,” “Smash Balloon Social Post Feed,” and “Feed Them Social.” When choosing the right plugin, consider factors such as ease of use, customization options, responsiveness, loading speed, and compatibility with your website’s theme. Read reviews, check the plugin’s features, and ensure it meets your specific requirements for integrating and displaying your Instagram feed effectively.

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