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Stay ahead of the competition and create a purchase journey equipped with social proof, inspiration, and trust.

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UGC-Powered Commerce

From leveraging existing content to driving more authentic content - conveniently integrate content into your homepage, product pages, and turn it shoppable through AI backed technology.

Showcase Social Proof to Build Trust

Combine the power and potential of authentic content and seamless integration to build users' trust. Use AI- driven sentiment tracking analysis to boost customer advocacy and growth.

Social UGC

Supercharge Your Commerce Engine with User-Generated Content

Showcase relevant content at every touchpoint of your user journey to win trust, imbibe inspiration and boost conversions.

What is Social UGC
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UGC in social Media

Shoppable galleries have enhances our customer experience. They provide a visually appealing and interactive way for customers to explore our products. The ability to tag and link products within the images has significantly increased our conversion rates. I love shoppable galleries. They allow me to see how products look in real-life and allow me to make direct purchases.

Implementing shoppable galleries on our website was a game-changer. It increased our customer engagement.

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Salik S

Marketing Manager

UGC on Social Media

Accelerate Conversions & Revenue

Prioritize brand-user transparency by showcasing authentic social content, instilling a sense of confidence in your customers and improving conversion rates.

Increase User Involvement & Loyalty

Feature customer-generated content to foster a sense of community and involvement among your audience, inspiring them to become loyal advocates for your brand.

Enhance Engagement

Stack up eCommerce marketing with smart UGC-powered solutions.


Redefine Your eCommerce Narrative With The Leading Social UGC Solution

Secure Content Rights

Utilizing creator's content to improve your brand's visibility is always effective. However, getting content rights from creators is an essential step in the process. Tagshop offers you a reliable way to reach out to creators and get content rights effortlessly so you can take control of how to utilize this content.

AI-backed Social Commerce

Allow Tagshop's AI-powered recommendations to take over and enhance the impact of your galleries. Save valuable time through automated product tagging and seamlessly integrating the most fitting images into your collection through smart image and product recommendations, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates.

Expert Analytics

Gain comprehensive insights into your brand with expert analytics. Uncover vital information ranging from conversion rates, click-through rates, and return on investment (ROI) to the overall revenue generated from shoppable galleries, find out where your brand stands.

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