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Deliver authentic user experience in emails to drive engagement that improves CTR, basket value, and cart abandonment.
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Empowering Brands Globally with Social Commerce Advantages

Target Customers With Tailored Solutions

Address your customers' specific pain points and desires, and offer them tailored solutions, resulting in higher satisfaction levels.

Target Customers With Tailored Solutions
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    Offer Product Comparisons

    Empower your customers to make confident purchasing decisions through integrated emails. Offer visual product comparisons showcasing the benefits of potential items, accentuating their unique selling points and exclusive offers.

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    Establish Brand Trust

    Win customers' trust by integrating authentic users' content in emails. Showcase your products in action and positive reviews that speak for themselves. Induce purchases by turning this content shoppable.

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    Put Products In Spotlight

    Minimize any friction by presenting your products front and center. Curate a captivating gallery with diverse perspectives, featuring shoppable authentic content and product images, and boost direct revenue.

Increase Conversions and ROI

Utilize the power of AI-driven analytics to optimize your email marketing, enhance customer targeting, and boost overall conversion rates.

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    Cross-selling & Upselling

    Explore your customers' data and insights and capitalize their preferences by sending personalized, integrated emails showcasing products with high cross-selling and upselling potential.

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    Seamless Shopping Experience

    Enable customers to make purchases directly from their inbox. Streamline experience and reduce friction, making it more convenient for customers to complete their purchases, leading to higher conversion rates.

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    Impulse Purchases

    Understand your customers' purchase patterns through AI-driven analytics. Utilize this knowledge to craft personalized emails showcasing content tailored to specific needs, driving higher click-through rates and increasing overall engagement.

Reactivate Abandoned Cart

Reactivating abandoned carts can offer several benefits to a brand, and it's an essential strategy in e-commerce to maintain a loyal customer base.

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    Bring Back Lost Customers

    Re-engage with lost customers through captivating shoppable email galleries and retain them through personalized reminders. Encourage repeat purchases by showing your interest in their journey.

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    Offer Exclusivity & Boost Sales

    Remind customers of the items they left behind and offer exclusivity. Motivate customers to complete their purchases through integrated shoppable content, leading to increased sales and revenue.

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    Showcase Actionable Products

    Integrate related or complimenting products along with the existing offerings in your customers’ abandoned carts and drive them to perform an action quicker.

Scrape Off The Friction. Let Your Users Shop Effortlessly.

Personalizing Emails is a Winning Strategy


of marketers witnessed an increase in CTR in emails with shoppable UGC


increase in engagement for brands showcasing user-generated content


Increase in revenue for brands that utilized UGC in segmented campaigns

Enrich eCommerce Emails With Authenticity

Amid inbox clutter, blend authentic content for measurable email impact.

Social UGC

Top-of-funnel (ToFu)

Invest in brand awareness & build trust by showcasing the value that your brand has to the email marketing audience with integrated user and creator-generated content.


Middle-of-funnel (MoFu)

Motivate shoppers in product consideration stage with real product experiences and authentic opinions incorporated in your ecommerce email marketing campaigns.

Social UGC

Bottom-of-funnel (BoFu)

Encourage your users to take action on value laden content delivered right into their email inboxes. Redirect shoppers directly to product pages enabling higher revenue.


Email marketing in eCommerce refers to the practice of promoting and marketing your products and offerings through emails. You can engage customers and drive sales on your online store by sending targeted emails to a list of subscribers or customers, building brand loyalty, and improving customer relationships.

To execute eCommerce email marketing, you can start by creating a quality emailing list and segment your audience on the basis of demographics, behaviors, etc. You can target your audience by sending personalized emails with catchy subject lines, appealing visuals, and CTAs to direct your audience to your preferred destination.

Yes, email marketing is highly beneficial for eCommerce. It can help build customer relationships and maintain loyalty. Email marketing can also help increase repeat purchases and customer retention and showcase new products, promotions, and offers impactfully. And if done efficiently, this strategy can help brands win spiked conversions.

Using Tagshop you can:

  • - Collect content from multiple social media channels
  • - Moderate the content using AI
  • - Add product tags
  • - Choose Email layout
  • - Send Shoppable emails using ESPs
  • - Measure results