Top 10 Shopify Influencers in 2024 – Why They Matter For E-commerce Growth

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Shopify influencers are becoming key strategists in shaping e-commerce businesses. Statistically, there are about 4.80 million websites powered by Shopify across 175 countries. This tells that Shopify has become the leading e-commerce platform, catering to businesses of all sizes and niches – including small and new businesses. 

Whenever a new industry or demand in the market emerges, authentic marketing reigns supreme. Which is precisely the case for Shopify. Shopify influencers are creating authentic content that is helping Shopify businesses level up their strategies.

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Why Are Shopify Influencers Important for the Shopify Ecosystem?

Shopify is one of the most popular and highly used e-commerce platforms, with thousands of businesses using it to run their stores. The platform offers a whole suite of features and functionalities that can be daunting for new or growing businesses. 

Understanding these features takes time, especially if it is a new or budding business. In such cases, Shopify influencers are vital and step in to provide valuable guidance and support through their content.  By sharing their expertise and experiences, they help users navigate the platform’s intricacies, troubleshoot issues, and enhance their business operations.

Shopify influencers cover various topics, and these videos significantly help users achieve the most they can through Shopify. For large-scale businesses, Shopify influencers can help them scale their audience by constantly telling them about the latest apps and integrations that they can use to simplify their work.

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List of 8 Best Shopify Influencers

1. John Santos

John Santos is a creator and entrepreneur who started his apparel company called Street Crafter. What made him famous was the success he attained through his fashion brand which he started right after finishing high school. 

He is well-known for creating content, especially YouTube videos, based on e-commerce marketing tips, ways to use Shopify effectively, and how businesses can boost sales. He owns a well-performing YouTube channel with over 420K subscribers.

2. Elliott Prendy

shopify influencers

Elliott Prendy is another popular YouTuber who creates videos on a variety of e-commerce pain points. He has a loyal following of over 78K subscribers on YouTube who regularly engage with his videos.

His videos cover topics such as tips on boosting sales on Shopify stores, the best Shopify marketing apps for e-commerce, and how to build a better e-commerce store. Elliott also has an ongoing streak of dropshipping challenges on his YouTube channel, where he tries out different tools and platforms for dropshipping.

3. Shanell Benjamin

shopify influencers 2024

Shanell is an entrepreneur and Shopify influencer who helps product-based businesses expand through marketing tips and hacks. On YouTube, she goes by the name The Brand Hustler and has over 112K subscribers who engage with her content Shopify-related content regularly. 

She covers topics like ‘How to set up Shipping on Shopify?’ and ‘Best Tools for E-commerce.’ Additionally, Shanell also has an Instagram page where she posts similar tips and maintains an audience of over 20K followers.

4. Arie Scherson

best shopify influencers

Arie Scherson is a famous Shopify influencer and YouTuber with over 120K subscribers on his channel. Arie is well-known for creating content curated explicitly for e-commerce and Shopify businesses. 

He covers a wide range of topics that help Shopify businesses boost their sales and grow their brands. He also collaborates with other content creators and talks about successful e-commerce case studies and marketing strategies.

5. Jon Yeazel

Known widely as ‘The Shopify Guy,’ Jon Yeazel is a Shopify micro-influencer creating engaging content such as marketing tips, Shopify hacks, and other e-commerce strategies. 

His content is particularly famous among businesses and marketers of the same niche. His account on Instagram has a following of 12K followers.

6. Learn With Shopify

top shopify influencers

Learn WIth Shopify is a popular YouTube channel by Shopify itself. The brand is leveraging YouTube to reach out to its users and teach them how to use Shopify most effectively. 

The page features collaborations with various Shopify influencers and e-commerce marketers who help create videos on frequently asked topics, resolving customer queries quickly through its channel. The channel has over 420K subscribers and covers all kinds of subjects, such as the best Shopify apps for specific use cases and more!

7. Chris Winter

top shopify influencers

Chris Winter is a Shopify influencer and YouTuber with over 91K subscribers on his channel. He has created videos on topics such as how to make money online, affiliate marketing, and how businesses can start using Shopify to its full potential. 

Chris started his YouTube channel in 2017 and has created numerous videos covering all major topics and queries on e-commerce business. As of now, Chris Winter is on a break from creating content but will supposedly return soon.

8. Alex Fedotoff

shopify influencers in 2024

Alex Fedotoff is another top Shopify influencer and e-commerce marketing enthusiast. He runs his account on Instagram, where he posts content related specifically to e-commerce marketing, Shopify tips, and how to build a profitable online business easily. Alex has over 120K followers on Instagram and posts content regularly on his page. Other than Shopify, Alex also talks about other e-commerce platforms and creates content related to them.

Benefits of Implementing Strategies by Shopify Influencers

Like any other niche of influencers, Shopify influencers are growing and taking over the e-commerce marketing industry. Now, when businesses need guidance, tips, or strategies, they turn to Shopify influencers for expert suggestions. Their strategies are unique and can help businesses expand their growth effectively. 

Here are some benefits of implementing strategies by Shopify influencers:

1. Saves Efforts to Create your Own Strategies

Following the strategies proposed by Shopify influencers saves you an immense amount of time. Especially if you are just starting your e-commerce business, there are various factors that you need to consider in order to build a successful brand. Relying on the expertise and experience of these influencers to guide your decision-making process.

2. Better Efficiency and Easy Execution

Shopify influencers often share tried-and-tested methods that have yielded positive results for themselves or others in the Shopify community. By adopting these strategies, you can benefit from approaches that have already proved their effectiveness, reducing the risk associated with experimenting with unproven strategies.

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3. Flexibility for Customization

Having some pre-defined strategies provided by Shopify influencers can be a great way to build customized strategies meant solely for your business needs. Incorporating your unique business ideas and adapting the recommendations to suit your specific brand and target audience creates a compelling blend of established methods. By implementing these methods and personalized innovation, businesses can enhance the relevance and effectiveness of their overall approach.

4. Makes brand building less time-consuming

Building a brand presence and driving sales on Shopify can be time-consuming tasks, especially for newcomers to the platform. Following Shopify influencer strategies, businesses can find out about new features, learn how to use Shopify, and which apps can help them streamline their journey of building a brand.

5. Community Support

By following the strategies proposed by Shopify influencers, you become part of a larger community of like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners. This community can offer support, advice, and networking opportunities, enabling you to learn from others’ experiences, collaborate on projects, and stay updated on industry trends. Engaging with this community can provide valuable insights and resources to enhance your business growth and success further on the Shopify platform.

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Due to Shopify’s growing popularity, content creation for Shopify will substantially grow in 2024. As more businesses flock to Shopify to establish their online presence, the demand for guidance, insights, and strategies from influencers will only increase. 

Being proactive in monitoring what Shopify influencers are discussing allows businesses to remain ahead of the curve in terms of emerging trends, best practices, and new features offered by the platform. 

This knowledge empowers entrepreneurs to adapt their strategies, leverage the latest tools, and capitalize on evolving consumer preferences, ultimately positioning their businesses for success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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