15 Link in Bio Examples to Ignite Your Online Growth in 2024

link in bio examples
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Capturing customer attention and driving results requires a strategic online presence. Social media platforms are a goldmine for audience engagement, but their limitations often leave you wanting more space to showcase your offerings. This is why we are here with Link in Bio Examples. Link in Bio is a powerful ally that transforms a single link into a dynamic hub for all your essential resources.

By leveraging a Link in Bio tool, you can curate a landing page that houses multiple links, directing users to the most relevant and valuable content for your business or brand. But how do successful figures leverage this valuable space?

Here are 15 inspiring Link-in bio examples to fuel your creativity and supercharge your online presence in 2024!

What is a Link in the Bio?

A link in bio is also known as a bio link or landing page link, a clickable link placed in the section of the Instagram bio. As Instagram only permits one clickable link in the common bio section, the link in the bio serves as a gateway, which leads to a specific page where people can get to know your brand more.

How Can Including a Link in Bio Help Grow Your Business?

Benefits of Using a Link in Bio

Don’t underestimate the impact of a single link! Your social media bio’s link in bio can be a strategic powerhouse for growing your business. Here’s a breakdown of its key benefits:

Own Your Audience:

Capture Email Addresses: Go beyond likes and comments. Link-in-bio tools allow you to embed opt-in forms directly within your bio, turning casual followers into valuable email subscribers. This lets you build a direct communication channel and nurture relationships.

Targeted Communication: Segment your email list based on interests or actions taken on your link-in-bio page. This allows you to send personalized emails with more relevant content and offers, boosting engagement and conversions.

Centralize Information:

One-Stop Shop: Consolidate all your important links in one place. This includes your website, specific product pages, current promotions, and even links to your profiles on other social media platforms. It provides a seamless user experience for your followers, making it easy for them to find what they’re looking for.

Reduce Friction: Eliminate the frustration of directing followers to “the link in my bio.” With everything readily accessible, they can navigate to the desired information or action with a single click, increasing engagement and sales potential.

Boost Traffic and Conversions:

Targeted Traffic: Drive traffic to the most relevant pages on your website. Promote specific blog posts, product launches, or lead capture forms directly within your link-in-bio page. This ensures your audience lands exactly where you want them to, maximizing the chance of conversions.

Multiple Links: Some platforms restrict you to a single link in your bio. Link-in-bio tools offer a workaround. They create a customizable landing page with multiple clickable options, allowing you to showcase various offerings and promotions.

Storytelling and Brand Building:

Go Beyond Functionality: A link in bio isn’t just about links. Use it to showcase your brand’s personality and purpose. Share inspiring videos, behind-the-scenes glimpses, or snippets of your brand story. This fosters deeper connections with your audience and builds brand loyalty.

Go Beyond Functionality: A link in bio isn’t just about links. Use it to showcase your brand’s personality and purpose. Share inspiring videos, behind-the-scenes glimpses, or snippets of your brand story. This fosters deeper connections with your audience and builds brand loyalty.

Track and Analyze:

Measure Success: Many link-in-bio tools offer built-in analytics. Track key metrics like the number of visitors to your landing page, email signups, and click-through rates on specific links. This valuable data allows you to see what’s working and refine your strategy for even better results.

Overcome Platform Limitations:

Beyond a Single Link: As mentioned earlier, some platforms limit you to a single link. Link-in-bio tools solve this by providing a customizable landing page with multiple options. This empowers you to showcase more of your business and guide your audience towards the actions you desire.

By implementing these strategies, your link in bio can transform from a simple URL into a powerful growth engine for your business.

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15 Best Link in Bio Examples That Will Inspire You

Now that you understand the importance of a Link in Bio, let’s delve into some inspiring Instagram link in bio examples across various industries.

1. Kylie Jenner (399M followers): The Multi-Venture Powerhouse

Kylie Jenner link in bio

Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner family and also a successful entrepreneur, uses her Instagram account to advertise her products. Her Link in Bio is a constantly updating page, and she might use a Link in Bio tool that is flexible depending on her current projects.

  • Highlighting Kylie Cosmetics: In cases where the user is browsing through product launches or promotion campaigns, the Link in Bio might be dominated by Kylie Cosmetics’ website, where users can shop her makeup line.
  • Promoting Kylie Baby: When Kylie’s baby products brand Kylie Baby is in focus, the Link in Bio can lead viewers to the website featuring gentle skincare and baby products for babies.
  • Social Media Synergy: The Link in Bio might also contain clickable icons that lead to different Instagram accounts for each brand, which would enhance the brands’ presence and engage fans more actively.

2. The Rock (397M followers): The Simple and Effective Strategy

The Rock Link in bio

Hollywood action hero and global superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, keeps the his Link in Bio simple and uncluttered. He usually employs a tool such as Later, which synchronizes with his social media posting, to advertise his upcoming works which makes it to the list of best Link in Bio examples.

  • Movie Magic: When advertising a new film, The Rock’s Link in Bio can lead the audience to the movie’s website or the trailer. This creates a buzz and people look forward to the release of the product.
  • Event Spotlight: If The Rock has an upcoming event such as a live show or product launch, the Link in Bio can be a one-stop source of ticket or registration details.

This straightforward strategy capitalizes on The Rock’s immense popularity and allows him to directly connect with fans about his work, keeping them informed and engaged.

3. Nike (305M followers): The Master of Storytelling

Nike link in bio Examples

Nike does not limit itself to posting products on their Link in Bio. They use the art of storytelling to give the audience an experience of the brand. Something like Later, a great Link in Bio alternative,  can be a useful tool for them because it lets them easily incorporate the Link in Bio into their overall social media plan.

  • Compelling Campaigns: In the case of a new campaign, Nike might use a video or an image in the Link in Bio that reflects the campaign’s theme to make the audience click on it.
  • Athlete Spotlights: One of the other sections could be the Nike-sponsored athletes’ success stories, their commitment and accomplishments, and maybe some clips or links to interviews or vlogs.
  • Shoppable Products: Nike’s Link in Bio is synchronized with their online shop, so users can explore and buy new shoes, clothes, and sportswear presented in the advertisement or the section dedicated to athletes.

4. National Geographic (282M followers): A Window to the World

National Geographic link in bio Examples

National Geographic’s purpose of their Link in Bio is to take people to far-off lands and spark their wanderlust. Linktree for example is a tool that enables one to have a clean landing page with different categories.

  • Stunning Photography: National Geographic’s Link in Bio is a collection of beautiful images from their photographers who capture the world in its natural form. These images could take the viewers to more comprehensive articles or documentaries about the depicted places.
  • Shop the Look: The Link in Bio could also have a section dedicated to outdoor clothing and equipment so that the users could dress for the next adventure based on the content from National Geographic.

5. Selena Gomez (427M followers): The Socially Conscious Voice

Selena Gomez link in bio

Selena Gomez, a singer, and actress often uses her Link in Bio not only for self-advertising but for something more. The reason why she has made it to the list of Link In Bio examples is that she often uses the space to promote social causes that are close to her heart, which could mean she has built a landing page with Milkshake.

  • Advocacy Spotlight: Thus, in Mental Health Awareness Month, Selena’s Link in Bio can lead the audience to the sources and organizations that focus on mental health issues.
  • Social Justice Initiatives: If she is interested in a particular issue such as race, then the Link in Bio can be used to post petitions or promote social justice issues.

6. MrBeast (58M followers): The Stunt & Giveaway Master

MrBeast  link in bio

Jimmy Donaldson, who is more popularly known as MrBeast, is a YouTuber who has gained popularity through performing crazy challenges and offering huge amounts of money to people. His Link in Bio approach, perhaps with Linkpop, is also bold.

  • Latest YouTube Exploits: After a specific insane video, MrBeast’s Link in Bio may lead the audience right back to his YouTube channel to check the new stunts.
  • Exclusive Merchandise: If MrBeast decides to create a limited edition clothing line based on his videos, then the Link in Bio can become a one-stop-shop for fans to buy the merchandise and support him.

7. Cristiano Ronaldo (633M followers): The Global Sports Icon

Cristiano Ronaldo link in bio

Cristiano Ronaldo, a famous footballer with millions of fans all over the world, uses his Link in Bio for different things. He possibly employs a tool such as Linkin. bio, which provides a fairly complex and informative landing page for his various activities.

  • CR7 Clothing Line: One of the sections could lead to the CR7 website where people could buy clothes designed by Ronaldo himself or clothes with footballer’s image.
  • Keeping Up with Football: The Link in Bio could also contain links to official social media accounts of Ronaldo that are solely focused on football to keep the fans abreast with his career and club developments.

8. PewDiePie (21M subscribers): The YouTube King

PewDiePie link in bio

PewDiePie is one of the most famous YouTubers with a large number of subscribers. His Link in Bio strategy, which may include using a free plan from Linktree, usually focuses on his audience’s interaction with his YouTube videos.

  • Directing Viewers: After a new video, PewDiePie’s Link in Bio might just lead the users back to his YouTube channel with a call to check out the latest video and subscribe to the channel.
  • Merchandise Mania: If PewDiePie decides to release a new line of products connected to his YouTube channel, the Link in Bio could act as a place where the viewers can buy t-shirts, hoodies, or any other item that would show their support.

9. Glossier (Makeup Brand) (3M followers): The Master of Minimalism

Glossier link in bio

Glossier, which has a clean and simple design and the “skinny on beauty” concept, applies this concept to the Link in Bio strategy. With a tool like Carrd, they can make a simple and neat landing page that has a nice and professional look to it.

  • Shop by Category: The Link in Bio of Glossier has simple and straightforward sections that correspond to their product offerings like skincare, makeup, and body. Both sections enable users to dive deeper into various products with the help of bright and sharp images.
  • The Glossier Edit: One part can lead to their blog called “The Glossier Edit” where people can find makeup tips, tricks, and stories of interesting people.

This approach also enables Glossier to present their products in a convenient way, offer helpful information to the audience, and encourage people to share their experiences in social networks.

10. Kim Kardashian (362M followers): The Brand Powerhouse

Kim Kardashian link in bio page examples

Like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian uses her Link in Bio to promote her businesses. She uses a Linktree, which directs to a clean and professional landing page with specific sections for each brand.

  • SKIMS Shapewear Empire: A popular part could contain a hyperlink that leads to the SKIMS website where users can view Kim’s shapewear and the newest releases.
  • KKW Beauty Brilliance: Another section could lead the users to the KKW Beauty website, where she displays her makeup and fragrance line.
  • App Exclusivity: The Link in Bio might also lead to Kim’s app where one can get more content and sneak peek into Kim’s life and this will be appealing to her followers.

11. Zendaya (183M followers): The Rising Star & Fashion Icon

link in bio page examples

Zendaya is an up-and-coming actress and fashionista who uses her Link in Bio to promote her versatile work. Such a tool as Milkshake lets her build an attractive landing page with a young and modern-looking design.

  • Acting Career Spotlight: A section could lead to the Zendaya filmography page or her IMDb page where fans can learn more about her acting career and what she is working on next.
  • Fashion Forward Focus: Another part could be dedicated to Zendaya’s appearances at the red carpet or cooperation with designers, where visitors can see photos and possibly get to the articles and interviews with the star.
  • Social Responsibility Platform: The Link in Bio could also contain links to organizations that Zendaya supports; thus, fans can find out about the causes she is passionate about and possibly contribute.

12. Justin Bieber (293M followers): Pop Idol and the Entrepreneur

Justin Bieber link in bio examples

As a pop star who has gone through a complete image change, Justin Bieber also uses his Link in Bio for different things. Something like Later will easily mesh with his social media scheduling.

  • Music in the Spotlight: When announcing a new single or album, Justin’s Link in Bio may contain the music itself, so that fans can listen to the new songs and/or download them.
  • Clothing Line Focus: Another section could be his clothing line, Drew House, where he could promote his streetwear brand and where fans could buy clothing inspired by his fashion.

13. Dig Inn (Healthy Food Chain) (62K followers): Convenience Meets Cravings

Dig Inn link in bio examples

Dig Inn also ensures that healthy eating is easy by using their Link in Bio. A tool like Linkpop can help them to build a simple, yet attractive landing page that would focus on their food, which is fresh and tasty.

  • Order Now Button: The first and most noticeable button is the large ‘Order Now’ button that leads the users to Dig Inn’s online ordering page where they can order delivery or pickup.
  • Find a Location: Another part is a tool that helps to find the nearest Dig Inn restaurant for eating in or for pick-up.

14. Masterclass (Online Learning Platform) (3.7M followers): A World of Knowledge

 Masterclass link in bio

Masterclass also employs their Link in Bio to advertise the various types of online classes in different fields taught by masters of the craft. Something like Shorby can help them design a clean and minimalist landing page.

  • Compelling Categories: The ‘Masterclass’ Link in Bio has large buttons that lead to the most popular courses such as business, filmmaking, or writing. When one selects these categories, there is a variety of specific courses available with experienced trainers.
  • Featured Instructors: Another part could be devoted to a few of Masterclass’ most famous teachers like Gordon Ramsay, Shonda Rhimes or Neil Gaiman. Their profiles could have links that, when clicked, would display sample lessons or give more details about their experience.

15. LeBron James (159M followers): The Basketball Icon & Social Advocate

 LeBron James link in bio

Another global sports personality with millions of followers is LeBron James, who uses his Link in Bio for various purposes, possibly using Linkin.bio or Shopon.Bio for a landing page with many features.

  • The SpringHill Company: One section could lead to the official website of The SpringHill Company, the company owned by LeBron that is involved in creating film and television content.
  • Social Justice Champion: One of the sections could lead the users to relevant sources and non-profit organizations related to the causes close to LeBron’s heart, like voting or race equality.

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Pro Tips for Link in Bio: Control Over Your Mini-Website

Nowthat you’ve seen some of the best Link in Bio examples, lets understand When done right, the Link in Bio is a true game-changer for your online presence. Here’s how to turn that single link into a powerful marketing tool:

1. Keep it Clean & Clear 

Ensure that the design of the website is friendly to the users so that they can be able to locate the information they are looking for easily. This is the reason why one should stick to simple menus, avoid using complex CTAs, and use fonts that are easy on the eyes.

2. Craft Compelling CTAs

Do not let the visitors leave your site with more questions than answers! Create concise and imperative CTAs that inform the user what to do, whether it is to visit your website, sign up for your newsletter, or buy something. It is CTAs that are strong that can help in the conversion process.

3. Track Your Results

Most of the Link in Bio tools come with analytics capabilities. Use them to analyze the users’ activity and determine which links and CTAs are popular among the visitors. This valuable data enables you to get the most out of the landing page and make constant improvements to the approach.

Create a Stunning Link in Bio.

Finally, a Link in Bio Made for Ecommerce.

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Wrapping Up!

The Link in Bio can be a real game-changer for your Instagram if you create it properly. It allows you to tell your brand story, advertise your main products, and guide the users to make a specific action, which in turn helps to transform passive audiences into devoted customers or brand evangelists.

An example of such a tool is Tagshop, which is characterized by a simple and intuitive interface and options for working with visual content and UGC. Tagshop enables you to design a landing page that is rich in your brand narrative, products, and call to actions.

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Where is the link in bio on Instagram?

You can Link in Bio feature on your profile page below your profile photo on Instagram. If you want to change the Link in your bio, you can tap on the edit profile option and make the changes.

What link should I put in my bio?

There are various types of links you can add to your bio, depending on the work you do. If you are an e-commerce store owner, you can provide a link to a web page that features the best products you have.

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