Top 7 Loox Alternatives & Competitors in 2024

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Research shows that 88% of customers trust user reviews as much as personal recommendations. 

Expectedly, we have consistently emphasized the significance of social proof in helping any e-commerce business thrive. It strengthens your brand and sets the right expectations for your customers. 

Loox is a popular reviews and ratings app providing a full suite of features for e-commerce businesses to use reviews and ratings in many ways. However, Loox can also be a bit pricey for businesses looking only for specific features or starting in the market. 

Here is a list of Loox alternative applications that can provide you with features that come close.

Best 7 Loox Alternatives

1. Tagshop

best loox alternatives

Tagshop is a popular social commerce platform that passes as a brilliant Loox alternative. The tool offers excellent visual reviews and rating features for e-commerce businesses, helping users fetch reviews, turn them shoppable, and incorporate the visual reviews in relevant places. 

Users can display the visual reviews on relevant places, such as important e-commerce landing pages, and guide your customers back to the purchasing stage.

As per the stats, 88% of users trust customer reviews & ratings as a personal recommendation.

Tagshop Outrank Loox with These Features:

Advanced AI-Filters

Get Ai recommandation for each post

Easily Get UGC Rights

Send personalized request for ugc rights

Enable SnapUp

Collect social content directly from customers

Find content creator

Save time and get in touch with real content creators

Product Catalogue Management

Manage all products from one platform

Google Analytics & UTM Tracking

Setup Google analytics and track all conversions

2. Trustpilot

top loox alternatives

Trustpilot is a Loox alternative and a popular reviews and ratings platform providing features and multiple plans for your business needs. The platform’s unique selling proposition is its availability in 25+ categories. 

Trustpilot supports businesses in easily listing themselves on the platform and collecting and showcasing customer feedback on their desired touchpoints. It also offers review request automation, moderation, analytics, and customizable review widgets.

3. Yotpo

loox alternatives

Yotpo is another efficient Loox Review App alternative offering a range of solutions. The tool provides data-driven results that make the tool’s functioning a lot easier. Additionally, the tool has features such as collecting customer visual user-generated content, reviews, and ratings and displaying them on-site. 

The tool uses sources like email and SMS requests and allows users to customize them based on their messaging. Yotpo is a high-rated Loox alternative that successfully helps over 9000 brands to leverage their reviews in a value-driving manner.

Discover Best Yotpo Alternatives

4. Feefo

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Feefo is a leading online review and ratings platform that focuses on collecting genuine, verified reviews from real customers. The tool’s smart AI recognition prevents businesses from fake, inaccurate, or offensive reviews, making your review collection highly authentic. 

Feefo also helps analyze reviews and provides businesses with detailed insights into customer sentiment, highlighting areas for improvement and revealing valuable trends. This data helps businesses make informed decisions and improve their customer experience.

5. Okendo

loox competitors

Okendo is another top-rated customer review platform and Loox alternative that allows businesses to gather and display customer reviews seamlessly across marketing touchpoints. 

With Okendo, businesses can create communities of loyal customers, maximize revenue, and improve conversions significantly.  The tool is explicitly known to retain customers, making it the perfect alternative to Loox, which can cater to Shopify businesses of all sizes.


loox alternative apps is a Loox alternative customer review management platform. The tool excels in managing your online reputation across multiple platforms like Google, Facebook, and more. The tool supports integration with various e-commerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento, additionally, the platform also boasts unmatchable customer support. Moreover, 

They also offer AI assistants to automate review requests and analysis to address negative feedback proactively. Features like this enable brands to collect, manage, and display authentic customer reviews efficiently.


loox alternative tools is a Loox-free alternative that makes it a strong contender in the online review space with a focus on transparency and trust building for e-commerce businesses. has all the essential features to leverage customer reviews and ratings. 

The tool is compatible with most e-commerce platforms and provides basic review features like in-email reviews, review snippets, visual reviews, etc. All in all, is a great tool based on features and functionality needs, making it an accessible option for businesses of all sizes.


Reviews have the power to change a brand’s identity completely. Regarding e-commerce brands, there is no better way to establish trust and build a strong customer base than with social proof. Incorporating authentic reviews can be challenging. Encouraging customers to share their experiences, managing feedback effectively, and showcasing reviews strategically can be a lot of work. 

This is where a good reviews and ratings platform comes in. but with the help of a good reviews and ratings platform, businesses can achieve this goal more effectively. In this blog, we have not only provided you with Loox alternative apps, but also given insight into what’s more to explore in the market.

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