If you’re an e-commerce business looking for the best Shopify shipping apps, we’ve got you. 

We understand that an e-commerce business is more than just selling. It requires components that contribute to a smooth customer experience, including shipping, as that is a shopping journey’s final step and destination. 

Without a suitable shipping solution in the crib, your e-commerce will never be able to retrieve its potential fully. 

To fill this gap for e-commerce businesses, we have listed the best Shopify shipping apps for you. But before we begin, let’s first understand exactly what these Shopify shipping apps can help e-commerce businesses.

Role of Shopify Shipping Apps in eCommerce

shopify shipping apps

Shipping tools are crucial for e-commerce businesses for several reasons, but majorly because they play an important role in improving the overall customer experience. 

Factors like shipping speed and any added shipping charges are defined by the shipping platform an e-commerce business is using. 

These details carry a heavy weightage in defining the customer satisfaction and influence the success of any e-commerce business. 

Here are some reasons why shipping tools are important for e-commerce:

1. Reduced Abandoned Carts

High shipping costs or uncertainty about delivery times can contribute to cart abandonment. By relying on a good shipping platform, brands can offer transparent and affordable shipping options and can reduce the likelihood of customers abandoning their carts during the checkout process.

2. Customer Expectations and Satisfaction

Customers nowadays have high expectations regarding shipping speed, reliability, and cost. They are more inclined towards brands that can offer better convenience. Effective shipping tools help businesses meet these expectations, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

3. Cost Efficiency

Shipping tools, through features like route optimization, can enhance the shipping process by helping businesses choose the most cost-effective shipping methods and carriers. This efficiency contributes to cost savings for the business and, in some cases, allows for the offering of competitive shipping rates to customers.

4. Transparency and Communication

Transparency is the foundation of building strong customer relationships and encouraging customer retention. By including shipping tools, you can enable businesses to provide real-time tracking information to customers. This transparency in the shipping process enhances customer trust by informing them about their orders’ status and location.

For e-commerce businesses, any tool that can provide them with a way to better their customer experience and additionally provide convenience, making tasks simpler, is a must-have. 

Now that you understand the role of shipping tools for e-commerce businesses, let’s talk about the best shipping apps for Shopify.

6 Best Shipping Apps For Shopify in 2024

Here are some of the best Shopify shipping apps available on Shopify in 2024.

1. Easyship

best shipping apps for shopify

Easyship is one of the best Shopify shipping apps and is known for its comprehensive features, and ability to handle e-commerce brands’ global shipping needs. These features include real-time shipping rates, tax and duty calculations, and multiple carrier options.

It integrates with a wide range of couriers, providing users with flexibility in choosing the best shipping solution for their needs.

2. Shipway

roles of shopify shipping apps for ecommerce

Another best shipping app for Shopify is Shipway, providing complete solutions for e-commerce businesses. Shipway focuses on providing features like courier aggregation for speedy deliveries, shipment tracking and notifications to enhance the post-purchase experience for customers. Shipway also allows merchants to send automated tracking updates and gather feedback from customers regarding their delivery experience.

3. Shippo

Shippo can be listed as another one of the best Shopify shipping apps providing all-in-one shipping solutions for e-commerce businesses. Shippo offers features like Shopify syncing, automated shipping procedures, and order tracking and notifications.

4. Boxify

Boxify is a must-have shipping add for e-commerce useful for optimizing shipping costs. Boxify works efficiently by calculating the most efficient way to pack items into boxes and reducing shipping expenses. It helps merchants manage their inventory more effectively and choose the right packaging for shipments while also minimizing shipping charges for users.

5. PH Multi-Carrier Shipping Label App

shipping apps

The PH Multi-Carrier Shipping Label App for Shopify is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline shipping management for e-commerce businesses. With features like accurate shipping rates displayed during checkout, one-click label printing, carrier pickup arrangements, and real-time order tracking, this app simplifies the entire shipping process, saving you time and reducing costs.

Certified by major carriers such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, Australia Post, Canada Post, Purolator, and others, this app offers global shipping capabilities. It also includes flexible parcel packing options, customized delivery costs, and automatic selection of the most cost-effective shipping services. With estimated delivery days displayed at checkout and 24/7 customer support via various channels, including chat, phone, email, and Zoom calls, the PH Multi-Carrier Shipping Label App ensures a seamless shipping experience for your Shopify store. Start with a 14-day free trial and choose from subscription plans at just $9/month, tailored to your specific needs. Simplify your shipping process and enhance customer satisfaction with this all-in-one shipping solution.

6. Zendrop

Features of Shopify Shipping Apps

Zendrop is an excellent shipping app especially known for its dropshipping capabilities, allowing users to source products and fulfill orders seamlessly.

It integrates with Shopify, making it easier for users to import products and manage their inventory.

These are some of the best shipping apps out there in the market. However, every app has its own distinct features and functionalities that might suit one business better than the other. So, choose your shipping app based on your requirements. Even though each app has its own features, shipping apps, in general, have various benefits for e-commerce businesses. 

Let’s find out more.

Features of Shopify Shipping Apps for E-commerce

Shopify offers a variety of shipping apps that can help enhance the shipping and fulfillment process for e-commerce businesses. These apps are meant to smoothen the shipping process, provide flexibility, and improve overall customer satisfaction. 

Here are some features of Shopify shipping apps explained in better detail:

1. Real-Time Shipping Rates

Many shipping apps integrate with major carriers to provide real-time shipping rates based on factors like package weight, dimensions, and destination. This ensures that customers are charged accurately for shipping, and it helps merchants avoid potential losses due to undercharging.

2. Label Printing

Shipping apps often include features for printing shipping labels directly from the Shopify dashboard. This can save time and reduce errors associated with manual label creation. It also facilitates easy tracking for both the merchant and the customer.

3. Automated Shipping Rules

Shopify shipping apps allow merchants to set up automated shipping rules. These rules can determine shipping rates, methods, and carrier selection based on various factors such as order value, destination, or product weight. Automation helps streamline the fulfillment process and reduces the likelihood of errors.

4. Order Tracking

Improved order tracking features allow customers to monitor the status and location of their orders in real-time. This transparency enhances the customer experience and reduces the number of inquiries related to order status.

5. Rate Shopping

Rate shopping features allow merchants to compare shipping rates from different carriers to find the most cost-effective and efficient options for each shipment. This can help businesses optimize their shipping costs and pass on savings to customers.

By leveraging these benefits, Shopify shipping apps help e-commerce businesses to provide a seamless and efficient shipping experience for their customers while managing and optimizing their shipping operations.

Now that we have talked about the benefits, let’s focus on the challenges that e-commerce businesses usually face. If you’re an e-commerce business and find these challenges relatable, this might be your que to integrate a shipping app in your strategy.

Common Challenges & Solutions in eCommerce Shipping

E-commerce shipping involves a complex set of processes, and various challenges can arise during the fulfillment and delivery stages. Here are common challenges in e-commerce shipping along with detailed explanations of potential solutions:

1. High Shipping Costs:

Shipping expenses can significantly impact profit margins. It is important for e-commerce businesses to rely on a shipping app that can help explore bulk shipping discounts from carriers, offer free shipping thresholds, or integrate with shipping apps that provide rate shopping to find the most cost-effective options.

2. Shipping Time and Delays:

Customers expect fast and reliable shipping, and delays can lead to customer dissatisfaction. With the help of an efficient shipping app, businesses can define clear delivery time expectations, provide real-time tracking information, and consider timely partnerships with multiple carriers to avoid any delays.

3. Inventory Management

Accurate inventory management is crucial to prevent overselling or stockouts. By implementing an integrated inventory management system that syncs with your e-commerce platform you can establish a better shipping system. You can utilize features like real-time tracking and automated alerts to monitor stock levels and reorder products when necessary.

4. Lack of Shipping Options

Customers have diverse preferences for shipping methods. By providing multiple shipping options, including standard delivery, and same-day delivery you can allow customers to choose the most suitable option based on their needs and budget. This option can greatly reduce cart abandonment and help customers make their purchase decisions quicker.

5. Customer Communication

Lack of communication about shipping updates can lead to distrust. By implementing automated email or SMS notifications for order confirmation, shipment tracking, and delivery updates. Keep customers informed about any delays or issues and provide proactive customer service.

Final Words

As customers’ expectations are growing, e-commerce businesses are moving vigorously to keep up. With shipping apps on Shopify, businesses can enhance the shipping and fulfillment process for their e-commerce businesses. 

These apps are designed to streamline the shipping process, provide flexibility, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Shopify shipping apps essential for my e-commerce business?

Shopify shipping apps streamline order fulfillment, offer real-time shipping rates, and provide tracking information, ensuring a smooth and efficient shipping process for both you and your customers.

How do I choose the right Shopify shipping app for my specific business needs?

Consider factors like your shipping volume, destination locations, preferred carriers, and desired features. Read reviews, compare pricing, and trial periods to find the app that aligns best with your business requirements.

Can Shopify shipping apps integrate with my existing e-commerce platform?

Yes, most Shopify shipping apps are designed to seamlessly integrate with the Shopify platform, ensuring compatibility and easy implementation.

What features should I look for in a Shopify shipping app to enhance the customer experience?

Look for features such as real-time shipping rates, order tracking, label printing, address validation, and support for multiple carriers. Additionally, consider user-friendly interfaces and automation options to improve the overall customer experience.

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