How To Add Instagram Feed On Shopify Website?

embed instagram feed on shopify
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Want to attract audiences to your online store, drive inspiration and grow sales? While still entertaining and standing out from the competition? Add Instagram feed on Shopify website to increase social proof and drive sale.

Instagram has become one of the most attended social media platforms. Users leverage the platform to learn about products they can incorporate into their lives, connect with brands, and stay updated with what their peers are up to. 

For online stores bringing this content to their Shopify storefront can help overcome the absence of personalization in consumer buying experiences. While all this might sound a bit overwhelming, Tagshop can help you seamlessly add a shoppable Instagram feed to Shopify storefront to create a Shopify Instagram.

Benefits Of Adding A Shoppable Instagram Feed To Shopify Website

Capitalizing on shoppers’ attraction and inspiration can drive massive sales for eCommerce brands, which is precisely why it is becoming the strategy marketers look to incorporate. 

Install Tagshop For Free To Add Instagram Feed To Your Shopify Store

It is a social commerce platform that turns brand and user-generated content on social media platforms into shoppable UGC galleries, which can then be embedded into the eCommerce website or Shopify to make Instagram Shopify.

Read further to know about it in detail.

1. Makes Your Shopify Storefront Look Attractive 

An Instagram feed on the Shopify website also makes the webpage look compelling. Be it UGC or content posted by the brand itself, Shopify Instagram holds great value because the content is curated carefully, respecting the brand’s tone, colors and other details. It makes the Shopify website look more attractive and has more chances of leaving an impression on the visitors’ minds.

2. Helps In Cross-Selling & Upselling 

Selling on Instagram with shopify, attracting more customers and holding them on the page is one thing but having them to buy more than their initial intention makes a tremendous difference in your revenue growth. Adding an Instagram feed on your Shopify website and making Instagram Shopify a powerful technique to cross-sell and upsell. You can achieve great results by featuring relevant content on specific pages or under specific products.

Instagram feed on shopify
Feature more products in product page galleries to sell more.

3. Growth On Instagram

By adding an Instagram to your Shopify website, you can achieve an excellent revenue boost for your brand, that’s certain. But there is more to it than meets the eye! This is the power of social media, and cross-promotion is real. So when you add your brand’s Instagram feed to the webpage, you are also turning some traffic of unique visitors to your Instagram page and gaining followers for your social media.

4. Draws Attention

Adding a shoppable Instagram feed to Shopify website is a great way to draw visitors’ attention and make them stay on the webpage for longer. Adding an Shopify Instagram feed with UGC allows the customers to resonate with the brand and make them feel familiar with.

5. Increases Conversion Rate

It’s no secret anymore that displaying UGC works amazingly for brands. It is the most credible way to promote a brand, gain the trust of customers, and increase brand engagement. Adding an shoppable Instagram Shopify of original content is the most effective way to increase the conversion rate because the visitors have sufficient content vouched for the product to help the customers make a decision. 

How To Add Shopify Instagram Feed To Shopify Website?

We know all the good adding an Instagram feed to your Shopify website can do. We are ready to take this discussion further and help you understand you can do it. 

To add an Instagram feed to Shopify website, you need a tool that can aggregate or collect social media content, turn it into a feed, and allow you to embed it on the Shopify website. How to add instagram feed to shopify for free is a question for almost every business owner and this is precisely what Tagshop provides for its users.

Tagshop is a social commerce platform that collects social content, like branded content posted by the brand itself or user-generated content from social media platforms, and converts them into shoppable galleries. Tagshop can then embed this gallery into the brands’ eCommerce website or online store.

It is an extremely effective tool for leveraging user-generated and brand content on social media platforms. You can showcase the posts with the best engagement, activate your brand Instagram feed as a shoppable gallery, and convert your social media content into sales. Instagram feed shopify is very engaging and just what business owners require and Tagshop helps you achieve that.

You can integrate shoppable Instagram on your Shopify eCommerce without any technicalities with Tagshop. Here are the steps to make Instagram Shopify using Tagshop.

1. Install the Tagshop Shopify App

Here we are demonstrating to you to use Tagshop for embedding an Instagram feed to your Shopify website.

  •  After this step you will be able to integrate shoppable Instagram feeds, visual UGC, and shoppable UGC feed on your Shopify storefront without any hassle.
Add Shoppable Instagram Feeds into Shopify Store!

Create Your Instagram Feed

After installing, you will be redirected to the Tagshop Shopify app, where you will be able to create a Shoppable Gallery and add it to your Shopify storefront. To create an Instagram feed, choose Instagram as your source platform.

instagram feed shopify

Next, choose the connection type from which you want the tool to collect content – hashtag, user handle, mentions, etc., and click on the ‘create feed’ or ‘connect to Instagram’ button.

instagram feed for shopify

After which, you will receive a prompt to authenticate with Facebook and allow access of your Instagram business account.

shopify for instagram

After collecting posts of your choice from Instagram to your Tagshop account, follow these steps to make the posts shoppable.

  • Moderate the Instagram feed, personalize it according to your brand’s tonality, and add customizations to improve users’ experience. 
  • In the moderation panel, add product tags, and all the posts you have chosen to be made shoppable from Instagram to Shopify will pop up.
  • Now, click on the ‘tag products’ option under any post, and a pop-up will appear where you can search for the product to which you want to add the shoppable tag and click on the product to tag it to the post.
shopify instagram feed

How to Embed Instagram Feed On Shopify

This is your final step how to embed an Instagram feed on Shopify using the Tagshop Shopify App. 

To get started, you need to publish your Shoppable Instagram feed on the Shopify website. Tap on the ‘publish’ button at the bottom left and choose Shopify as a platform. 

After that, you will find the steps to follow in your store.

  • You can choose to auto-publish the feed on your Shopify web page by selecting the placement options, OR you can COPY the given ‘Embed code’ and log in to your Shopify account.
shoppable instagram feed to shopify

You can also choose to embed the shoppable Instagram feed according to your liking simply by pasting the copied ‘Embed Code’ on the backend of the website where you want it to be incorporated. 

That’s all, folks! You now have an Instagram feed embedded in your Shopify website. 

This was one way to do the Shopify Instagram Integration. There is another way to add an Instagram feed on the Shopify website without Tagshop Shopify App.

Turn First-time Visitors Into Life-time Consumers With Shoppable Instagram Feed

Why Should You Consider Adding a Shoppable Instagram Feed on Shopify?

There are plenty of reasons why you should add a shoppable Instagram feed on Shopify website. Just like a unique ice sculpture at a party grabs all the attention and attracts the guests to stop and stare at it, an Instagram feed on your Shopify website keeps the audience intrigued and makes them stay longer before they move on with their browsing.

But before you make up your mind about considering an Instagram feed added to your Shopify website only as a prop to make the page look more attractive, let us tell you that you can also sell on Instagram with Shopify. 

You can transfer some of your Shopify visitors to your Instagram and generate amazing revenue.

Grow Your Shopify Store’s Trust & Sales

Join the leading eCommerce brands on Shopify

Shoppable Instagram Feed Apps On Shopify

There are many apps to create shoppable Instagram feeds Shopify. Some tools are free of cost, and some provide added benefits. However, Tagshop is one of the most efficient tools in the market. It is easy to use and lets the users create a compelling Shopify Instagram in a jiffy!

Over To You 

Adding a shoppable Instagram feed on your Shopify website is an excellent way to boost revenue, increase conversion rate and make your webpage look amazing!


Q1. How to get a shoppable Instagram feed to Shopify?

You can get an Instagram feed of branded content or UGC on Shopify with Tagshop. With Tagshop, you can easily create a feed by collecting content through a single source from social media platforms like hashtags, user handles, story mentions or testimonials. 

Q2. Which is the best shoppable Instagram Feed Apps On Shopify?

 Here is a list of some impressive Instagram Feed Apps for Shopify

  1. Tagshop
  2. Taggbox
  3. Tagembed

Q3. How to get Instagram pictures to show on Shopify?

You can get Instagram pictures to show on Shopify by embedding the Instagram feed on Shopify with Tagshop. 

Q4. How to Embed Instagram Feed to Shopify Store?

You can choose to auto-publish the feed on your Shopify store by selecting the placement options, OR you can COPY the ‘Embed Code’  and log in to your Shopify account.

You can also choose to embed the Instagram feed according to your liking by pasting the copied embed code on the backend of the website. 

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