3X Better Product Discovery & Conversions: Gevi Household’s Experience With Shoppable UGC

Online shopping has much to do with visualization. Especially when it comes to the consumer goods industry, empowering your customers with clarity, inspiration, and originality is a must.

Now, having an engaged and active community can truly benefit a business. However, making the most of this opportunity is vital for enhancing a brand's growth. In this endeavor, Gevi chose to collaborate with Tagshop to discover effective solutions.

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shopify The Challenge

Building Brand Trust & Simplifying Product Discovery

Uniqueness often comes with apprehension. This is why, as a brand, building your business on the foundations of customer trust is crucial. Social proof provides clarity, and Gevi Household understood that.

The brand wanted to leave no scope where the customers feel in doubt. Especially, when the brand has ample user-generated content by its engaged community.

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“We have an active community of customers on social media. But we didn’t know how to use it to our benefit and improve our overall growth from it. With Tagshop, we were able to utilize the content as social proof, as well as increase our conversion rate.”

- Gevi Household

Gevi Household’s sole purpose is to provide customers with convenient ways to make, store and access ice. Be it your bar countertop or household enhancements, the company wanted to showcase its products in action.

shopify The Solution

Integrating Social Proof & Showcasing UGC Across Touchpoints

Getting your audience to trust your brand isn’t simple. But, Gevi Household’s popularity on social media work to its benefit and helped the brand towards its desired goals.

This ‘insta-popular’ brand made an impact through two ways. Gevi Household used its user-generated content on social platforms and integrated it as shoppable galleries on its homepage. Second, the brand leveraged its audience on social media by driving them to a shoppable landing page through ‘Shop On Bio’ feature.

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“Tagshop was of great help to our brand. Integrating a shoppable gallery into our website really boosted our business conversions. What’s more, is the Shop on bio feature - it helped us direct our audience on social media to a shoppable landing page. It’s a perfect feature for brands who want to actually use social media to improve sales.”

- Gevi Household

Maximize Product Discovery For Your eCommerce Through Tagshop's Shopon.Bio - The Best Shoppable Link In Bio Solution

shopify The Results

+23% AOV, +56% Engagement, 2X Conversions

Gevi Household unlocked a whole new avenue of engagement with Tagshop’s remarkable features - Shoppable Galleries & Shop On Bio.

Gevi Household experienced 300% increase in engagement and 39% improvement in AOV. That’s not all, the brand also saw a surge in thor conversions by 2X. This improved growth led the brand to attract new customers and induced more confident purchases.

shopify The Conclusion

The brand flawlessly integrated Tagshop's impactful features into their marketing initiatives, effectively harnessing user-generated content to offer social validation and enhance product discovery.

This partnership with Tagshop yielded remarkable results for Gevi Household, driving considerable overall growth. It stood as a proof to the transformative power of user-generated content in reshaping the online shopping landscape and its potential to profoundly benefit the eCommerce sector.

Unlock The Full Potential Of Social Commerce: Experience Shoppable Instagram & Watch Your Audience Grow.

How Are Brands From The Automobile Industry Integrating Social Commerce & Unlocking New Potentials?

Showcasing shoppable UGC is helping brands build a trustworthy reputation among customers.

UGC is the most credible form of social proof. Displaying shoppable customer UGC is enabling customers to make immediate purchases.

Shoppable UGC is bringing forth the ability to help customers visualize how these automobile spare parts would be useful for them, which is resulting in more confident purchases.

Shoppable UGC is a great way for brands to create upselling and cross-selling opportunities with real use cases of your products in product and category pages.

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