Explore How Reina Olga Overcame Lost Sales And Improved AOV by 12%

The fashion industry today is two things - overcrowded and competitive. To move beyond this saturation, fashion brands need to stand out and make a mark.

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Reina Olga is a luxury swimwear brand based in Milan, the fashion capital of the world. The brand was launched in 2017 and quickly gained recognition for its attractive and stylish range of swimwear designs.

For an industry like this, Reina Olga recognized the need to incorporate a seamless and engaging customer purchase journey and showcase its products in the most appealing manner.

shopify The Challenge

Boosting Website Engagement and Empower Confident Shopping Decisions

Customers' questionable attention spans have aroused various challenges for e-commerce businesses. Boosting website engagement and dwell time remains one of them.

Reina Olga wanted a strategy that could help them design their e-commerce store to attract customers and persuade them to spend more time exploring the brand's offerings. Additionally, Reina Olga hoped to reduce their cart abandonment rate considerably and improve their average order value.

In this endeavor, Reina Olga relied on Tagshop's Shoppable Galleries to showcase their new launches, top-rated products, and customer-generated content.

shopify The Solution

Embedding a Shoppable Gallery To Improve Product Discovery & Generate New Revenue

“Thanks to Tagshop, we are able to provide our customers with a seamless shopping experience, and it’s honestly working out great for us, especially in terms of improving revenue. With the help of shoppable gallery integrated into our website, customers are making purchases directly from the content.”

- E-Commerce Manager, Reina Olga

With the help of Tagshop’s impressive UGC solutions, Reina Olga leveraged the power of user-generated content to showcase their products profoundly. The brand collected authentic content such as visual UGC under their brand hashtag #ROGirls from multiple social media channels, curated a shoppable gallery, and integrated it into their e-commerce homepage.

This helped the brand achieve three things:

  • Improve website engagement by showcasing their products in action by real customers.
  • Boost Average Order Value (AOV) by showcasing complementary products together, allowing customers to visualize them better.
  • Reduce cart abandonment rate by showcasing authentic UGC and establishing social trust.

But, let's talk specifics.

shopify The Results - 12% AOV
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By incorporating shoppable UGC galleries by Tagshop, Reina Olga experienced a 12% improvement in the overall Average Order Value. Each visitor on the website spent more time exploring the products, on average. The rate of successful orders increased, and the order size saw an improvement.

Additionally, Reina Olga also saw a +16K post clicks/month. This shows the significance of integrating relatable and authentic UGC on your website.

What's more is that there was a 66.27% improvement in positive sentiments. Which means that the visitors on website were more satisfied with their shopping experience than before.

shopify Ending Note

In a competitive e-commerce marketplace, where even the most innovative and efficient brands find it challenging to gain visibility, authenticity has become a key differentiator. If you are a brand and want to become the customers’ favourite, you have to priortize their needs. By implementing solutions like Shoppable UGC galleries, you are providing your customers with a buffet that serves social proof, smooth interface, and interactivity.

The partnership between Reina Olga and Tagshop resulted in a huge success for the brand, allowing them to achieve their goals more efficiently.

How Are Fashion & Apparel Brands Integrating Social Commerce & Captivating Customers With Shoppable UGC?

Showcasing shoppable UGC is helping brands build a trustworthy reputation among customers.

UGC is the most credible form of social proof. Displaying shoppable customer UGC is enabling customers to make immediate purchases.

Shoppable UGC is bringing forth the ability to help customers visualize how these automobile spare parts would be useful for them, which is resulting in more confident purchases.

Shoppable UGC is a great way for brands to create upselling and cross-selling opportunities with real use cases of your products in product and category pages.

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