200% More Conversions: How Shoppable UGC Propelled Shop LC's Growth

“Just as style is all about how you put it upfront, the creative display of products holds the key to unlocking the full potential of any eCommerce empire.”

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Shop LC is a popular jewelry brand and shopping network specializing in affordable jewelry, gemstones, and lifestyle products. Established in 2008, Shop LC has gained a significant presence as an eCommerce marketplace, offering a wide range of high-quality products at competitive prices.

Shop LC understood the importance of articulating a shoppable gallery that showcases its wide variety of products in a compelling way that helps the visitors on their journey from product discovery to product purchases, and in this endeavor, Shop LC turned to Tagshop.

shopify The Challenge

Simplifying Product Discovery and Decision-Making for Users

Shopping online has much to do with trust, credibility, and confidence in your choices. Shop LC understood this, and as an eCommerce marketplace, they wanted to provide their users with enough social proof and inspiration that would help the customers make confident purchases.

Shop LC offers a range of products - from jewelry and home decor to apparel and beauty products. Being an eCommerce marketplace, the only fair way to build that level of trust is through leveraging the power of authentic visuals that speak for themselves.

Shop LC's challenge to provide users with social proof, inspiration, and a clear display of their product variety was resolved with Tagshop's shoppable UGC galleries.

“We wanted a solution that could help us utilize our existing customers' content in a way that would showcase our wide range of products, inspiring more customers to shop them and ultimately increasing our conversion rates. Tagshop's shoppable UGC gallery has been an asset to us. We are experiencing major growth. It's incredible!”

- Manager Social Media, Affiliate Marketing & Content

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shopify The Solution

Providing Users With A Ready-Made Page Of Shopping Inspiration

Shop LC is a quirky eCommerce marketplace brimming with an extensive collection of stylish jewelry, apparel, home decor, and fabulous accessories.

The brand's loyal customer base drove a considerable amount of user-generated content that the brand wanted to leverage for promotions and set as an inspirational catalog for potential customers.

Tagshop came into play and helped the brand leverage the user-generated content and turn it into shoppable galleries.

This posed as a ready-made gallery of shopping inspiration for new visitors on the website. Let's hear it in our client's words:

“Tagshop has truly been an incredible tool for us. It is so easy to use and navigate; we didn't require any technical assistance to publish the content on our website. The design is so intuitive, we could quickly grasp the platform's functionalities without encountering any obstacles along the way.”

- Manager Social Media, Affiliate Marketing & Content

shopify The Results

16% Boost In AOV, +63% User Engagement, 3X Conversions

Tagshop revolutionized Shop LC's brand by not only elevating the aesthetics of their eCommerce store but also driving astounding results.

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By seamlessly integrating a shoppable UGC gallery, Shop LC witnessed a remarkable surge in their conversion rate. The brand experienced an impressive 16% increase in average order value, accompanied by a staggering 63% spike in user engagement rate.

Tagshop's transformative solution not only captivated existing customers but also attracted a substantial influx of new customers, making a significant impact on Shop LC's success story.

Maximize engagement and conversions by adding Tagshop's shoppable UGC galleries to your online store.

shopify Conclusion

By implementing Tagshop's innovative solution, Shop LC was able to create a truly immersive and engaging shopping experience for their customers.

The brand's partnership with Tagshop resulted in significant outcomes. Shop LC experienced a substantial boost in overall growth.

This collaboration between Tagshop and Shop LC serves as a testament to the potential of user-generated content in revolutionizing the online shopping experience and how it can be beneficial for the eCommerce industry in general and in particular.

How Are Lifestyle Brands Integrating Social Commerce & Captivating Customers With Shoppable UGC?

Showcasing shoppable UGC is helping brands build a trustworthy reputation among customers.

UGC is the most credible form of social proof. Displaying shoppable customer UGC is enabling customers to make immediate purchases.

Shoppable UGC is bringing forth the ability to help customers visualize how they can utilize lifestyle products, such as home decor, jewelry, and home appliances, which is resulting in more confident purchases.

Shoppable UGC is a great way for brands to create upselling and cross-selling opportunities with real use cases of your products in product and category pages.

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