2X Visibility & Customer Engagement: How Shoppable UGC Helped Starstruck Achieve Unparalleled Growth

Conveying your unique offerings to customers effectively can make all the difference for e-commerce businesses. Especially for beauty brands, providing a personalized shopping experience to customers is the most significant way to improve customer retention.

Tagshop Case Study

Started in 2018, Starstruck is a popular beauty and cosmetics brand dealing in affordable yet quality makeup products. The brand has gained prominence as an e-commerce brand, offering a wide range of products.

Being in the highly drawn-on industry, Starstruck understood the significance of simplifying the shopping journey of its users, relying on showcasing its products engagingly through a shoppable gallery.

shopify The Challenge

Establishing Better Product Visibility & Boosting Product Page Visits

The beauty market is highly competitive, with numerous brands vying for attention. Improved product visibility increases the chances of potential customers discovering and choosing your products over competitors.

Additionally, Starstruck also wanted to improve its product page visits organically. Higher product page visits often correlate with higher conversion rates. When visitors engage with your product pages, they are more likely to be interested in purchasing your products.

Starstruck understood this challenge needed a robust strategy and resolved it with Tagshop's shoppable galleries.

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“We were looking for a tool that could help us improve our product visibility seamlessly. With Tagshop, we are able to use our organic social media content to showcase our products better. We are also experiencing an increase on our product pages since we have integrated Tagshop's shoppable galleries.”

- Team Starstruck

Like Startstruck, you can boost your sales & revenue too!

shopify The Solution

Integrating Shoppable UGC Gallery To Showcase Products Compellingly

Bringing audiences to your website is just one step towards growing your business. Showcasing your products in a convincing manner and actually making your customers stay and explore your products is what persuades customers to make a purchase.

With Tagshop, the brand was able to create an engaging gallery of social content, showcase its top products, and highlight them for customers to purchase directly through the gallery. This implementation of a shoppable gallery on the brand's homepage helped customers to explore products easily.

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“We have had our concerns with less website engagement rate, but with Tagshop, not only our website engagement but our conversion rates have also increased. It truly is an incredible tool for any e-commerce brand looking to utilize their social content to sell more.”

- Team Starstruck

shopify The Results - 30% Better Sales

Tagshop transformed Starstruck's e-commerce results by allowing them to incorporate a shoppable gallery of authentic social media content. By displaying engaging content on their e-commerce touchpoints, Starstruck improved their product discovery and visibility and drove 30% better sales.

This partnership between Tagshop and Starstruck provided remarkable results for the brand, allowing them to renew their growth as an established brand in the industry.

Turn Your Social Content Into Shoppable Posts That Increase Sales

shopify The Conclusion

The brand's seamless integration of a shoppable gallery led to unparalleled results. Concerns regarding low engagement rates on product pages and limited product visibility were swiftly addressed with Tagshop's advanced solutions. Not only did the brand find a comprehensive resolution to these issues, but it also experienced a remarkable surge in conversion rates. This partnership underscored the significance of leveraging user-generated content strategically to propel e-commerce success.

How Are Brands From The Beauty & cosmetic Industry Integrating Social Commerce & Unlocking New Potentials?

Showcasing shoppable UGC is helping brands build a trustworthy reputation among customers.

UGC is the most credible form of social proof. Displaying shoppable customer UGC is enabling customers to make immediate purchases.

Shoppable UGC is bringing forth the ability to help customers visualize how these automobile spare parts would be useful for them, which is resulting in more confident purchases.

Shoppable UGC is a great way for brands to create upselling and cross-selling opportunities with real use cases of your products in product and category pages.

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