What is Instagram Feed?

An Instagram feed is a collection of posts created by a user on their Instagram profile. This collection of content includes a mix of posts, including images, videos, and reels. 

Users can scroll through any Instagram feed and check out posts that are showcased in chronological order. Typically, content in an Instagram feed is posted with a textual caption, emojis, and hashtags that help the post reach a wider audience.

Many e-commerce businesses utilize their Instagram feed by integrating it into their landing pages. This strategy improves customer engagement and allows businesses to showcase their products more compellingly. 

Not just that, many businesses make their Instagram feeds shoppable to boost conversions and sales. 

Let’s learn more about it.

How to Integrate Shoppable Instagram Feed With Ecommerce?

You can integrate a shoppable Instagram feed with your e-commerce with the help of a shoppable Instagram feed & UGC platform like Tagshop. Tagshop is an efficient tool that caters to e-commerce businesses, allowing them to aggregate content from social media platforms like Instagram, curate a feed of the collected content, and add product tags to the feed, making it shoppable. 

Here’s how to integrate your shoppable Instagram feed into your e-commerce store.

  1. Log in to your existing Tagshop account or create a new account by selecting your preferred plan. Tagshop offers a free trial of 14 days. 
  2. For the next step, connect Instagram to your e-commerce store and pick your preferred source feed – hashtag, handle, stories, reels, etc. 
  3. Now, to turn the feed shoppable, upload your product catalog with your preferred CMS platform.
  4. After your catalog is uploaded, you can add product tags to your content, and turn your feed shoppable.
  5. After your shoppable feed is ready, from the dashboard, go to ‘Website’ to moderate your feed by choosing a gallery theme and customizing it by adding CTA buttons, backgrounds, etc. 
  6. Once done, don’t forget to click on ‘Save Changes’ and click on ‘Generate Code.’
  7. Now, you will see a window with several platform options. Follow the instructions provided on the window and that’s it. Your shoppable Instagram feed is now successfully published on your Shopify website.  

Integrating a shoppable Instagram into your e-commerce can be highly beneficial for businesses looking to utilize their social content and scale through it.

What Are The Advantages Of Shoppable Instagram Feed?

1. Strategic Content Utilization

Incorporating a Shoppable Instagram Feed allows you to leverage your social content strategically, transforming it from mere engagement to a value-driving force. By seamlessly integrating Instagram posts with your e-commerce store, you maximize the potential of your content by retrieving immediate action from it.

2. Builds Trust & Authenticity

The integration of authentic social content into your e-commerce platform serves as a powerful trust-building strategy. Genuine user-generated content, when showcased alongside your products, provides potential customers with a transparent and honest view, reinforcing trust in your brand and offerings.

3. Inspiration for New Audiences

Shoppable Instagram Feeds serve as a source of inspiration for new customers, offering them a visually appealing sneak peek into your product range. By curating a smooth shopping experience, you capture the attention of a broader audience and stimulate their interest in exploring and purchasing your products.

4. Confidence-Boosting Real Content

Integrating real and user-generated content into your e-commerce store instills confidence in prospective buyers. When customers see your products in real-life situations, they can make more informed purchasing decisions, leading to increased order values and improved Average Order Value (AOV).

5. Conversion Rate Optimization

The primary goal of a Shoppable Instagram Feed is to boost conversions by providing a seamless transition from inspiration to action. With direct links to products featured in Instagram posts, you eliminate friction in the customer journey, leading to higher conversion rates and a more efficient path from product discovery to purchase.

These benefits of integrating a Shoppable Instagram Feed into an e-commerce store showcase the impact of focusing on real social content and its role in cultivating trust, inspiring new audiences, and enhancing the overall customer experience.


In conclusion, the integration of a Shoppable Instagram Feed into your e-commerce store goes beyond merely enhancing the visual appeal of your platform. 

It streamlines the process of social selling, and prioritizes customer-centric experiences. By seamlessly blending social content with your product offerings, you not only establish trust but also empower customers to make confident and informed purchase decisions.