How To Create A Shoppable Flickr Feed?

1. Adding A Flickr Wall

Firstly you need to create an Flickr wall so that you can make it shoppable later on. So, you need to follow the given steps.

Step 1

First login to your Taggbox Commerce account. After Login, You will see the Dashboard.

If you are a new user, then Sign Up & follow from Step 4

Step 2

On the Taggbox Dashboard, Now click the “+Create Shoppable Wall” button to create a new Flickr wall

Step 3

Then a new pop-up will appear, There give a NAME to your wall & Click on “Create Shoppable Wall”

Also, a unique URL of your wall will be created automatically according to the name. You can also change it according to your preference

Step 4

In the popup that appears, select Flickr as the connection type from the top tabs & fill the connection details.

Step 5

Fill up the details of the “Hashtag(#)” and “Handle(@)” column as per your requirement

Step 6

Enter the login details to fetch content from the source. Then click the “Create Feed” button to complete the process.

Important: To get your social content, you must connect your chosen social media source 

Great, the Connection has been created and within a few moments posts will appear in the Editor

2. Creating A Shoppable Flickr Wall Now

To create a shoppable Flickr wall, you need to follow the given steps once you have completed the above steps.

Step 7

Click on Shoppable Posts (You will find it on the left-hand side of the Editor page)

Step 8

Click On Product Listing under the Shoppable Posts

Here you can add products, mention details, price, checkout link, etc. You can add all your products that you want to tag later on

Step 9

Click on Customize Button to design the Products Pop-up style of your Shoppable Wall. Once done, click on Update Settings.

Step 10

Now to tag products to the Flickr wall, click on Tag Products

Now you will see the option of Tag products under each post of your Flickr Wall, click on the post(s) that you want to tag products

You will see your product catalog. From there,  select the product which you want to add.   

Once you are done with the product tagging, your SHOPPABLE FLICKR WALL is ready. Now, you can move ahead to embed the wall on your website.