If you’re an e-commerce business owner or marketer and looking for the Best Shopify Review Apps in 2024, we’ve got you.

At no point in time can e-commerce businesses underestimate the power of reviews. Statistics have shown that customer reviews are responsible for an average 18% increase in sales. Not just that, over 84% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. 

With such a huge impact on business growth directly, you can imagine the power of integrating a Shopify reviews app for e-commerce businesses that solely focuses on collecting customer reviews for brands from various review platforms. 

Isn’t that a super convenient way to reduce efforts and prioritize more important business operations?

In this blog, we will provide you with a listicle of the Essential Review Apps for the Shopify Store.

10 Top Shopify Review Apps to Boost Trust & Sales

Here is a listicle of some of the best review apps for Shopify in the market for e-commerce businesses.

1. Yotpo

Best Review App for Shopify

Yotpo is a market leader when it comes to Shopify review apps and a robust solution that goes beyond basic reviews. It includes features such as user-generated content, Q&A, and loyalty programs. 

The platform provides customizable widgets and integrates with various marketing channels. Yotpo’s focus on visual content and its ability to turn customer reviews into marketing assets make it stand out.

2. Judge.me

top Review Apps for Shopify

Judge.me is one of the review apps for Shopify. It offers features like unlimited review requests, photo and video reviews, and SEO-friendly snippets. Judge.me also provides social proof by showcasing reviews on-site. 

The app includes reviews, comments, and voting features. Judge.me is known for being budget-friendly while offering various features. Many Shopify store owners appreciate its simple setup and user-friendly interface.

3. Tagshop

Best Review Apps Shopify

Tagshop.ai is a Shopify reviews app that offers impressive features to collect reviews through QR codes, in-emails, and social networks. 

With Tagshop, e-commerce businesses can put these reviews to work and maximize brand trust by integrating reviews into product pages. Tagshop also allows users to collect user-generated content and offers customization options. To see Tagshop in action, you can browse through some Shopify Store Examples.

4. Loox

top Review App for Shopify

Loox is another one of the best product review apps for Shopify. It specializes in photo reviews, allowing customers to submit images with their reviews. 

It integrates with popular themes and provides a visually appealing way to showcase reviews on product pages. The emphasis on visual content and the ability to create a strong sense of trust through customer photos make Loox popular for stores looking to enhance their credibility.

5. Ali Reviews

best product review apps for shopify

Ali Reviews focuses on integrating with AliExpress, allowing merchants to import reviews directly from the platform. It offers customization options for displaying reviews on Shopify stores. Ideal for stores sourcing products from AliExpress, Ali Reviews simplifies the process of importing and displaying product reviews.

6. Trustpilot

best product review app for shopify

Trustpilot is one of the Review Apps for Shopify and an independent review platform that offers simple integration with Shopify stores. It collects and displays reviews and ratings, helping businesses build trust. 

The platform also provides analytics and insights. Trustpilot is widely recognized for its trustworthiness and the ability to collect reviews beyond the scope of the merchant’s own website.

7. Bazaarvoice

shopify reviews app

Bazaarvoice is a comprehensive solution for e-commerce businesses looking for a reviews and ratings platform. Bazaarvoice includes features like reviews, Q&A, and other user-generated content. 

It offers analytics and insights to help businesses understand customer sentiment. Bazaarvoice is known for its in-depth analytics and the ability to gather valuable customer feedback across different channels.

8. Okendo

shopify reviews apps

Okendo offers advanced features such as in-email and on-site review requests, photo and video reviews, and advanced customization options. 

It emphasizes collecting and showcasing high-quality customer content. Okendo is known for its advanced features and the ability to create a highly customized and engaging review experience.

9. Feefo

Best Free Review App For Shopify

Feefo is a feedback and review platform that integrates with Shopify. It provides detailed customer feedback and can be used to collect reviews for both products and the overall shopping experience. 

Feefo is recognized for its comprehensive feedback collection, which extends beyond product reviews to cover the entire customer journey.

10. Vitals

Vitals is a reviews and upselling app on Shopify that helps businesses collect product reviews for your brand from platforms like AliExpress and other popular review platforms. 

Vitals also offer features such as product bundles, social proof, currency converter, and more. All in all, it streamlines various essential functionalities into one app for convenience.

Customer reviews and ratings play a vital role in uplifting any e-commerce business’s impression in the wide market. By choosing the most efficient platform from the given listicle of Must-Have review apps for Shopify, you can magnify your conversions by integrating more social proof from these platforms, turning your store more trustworthy.

The Power of Customer Reviews & Ratings in E-Commerce

Shopify Review Apps

Customer reviews and ratings hold high importance for e-commerce businesses across industries. 

Whether it is consumer goods brands like laptops, mobile phones, furniture, or fashion and skincare brands, customers in every sector rely on customer reviews and ratings to seek confidence in their purchasing decisions through reviews. 

These testimonials provide valuable insights, helping potential buyers make informed choices while also retaining existing customers by constantly improving their products based on the reviews.

1. Product Credibility:

Positive reviews enhance the credibility of a product or brand. When new or potential customers see that others have had positive experiences with the brand, they feel compelled and confident enough to try it out. Additionally, reviews and ratings also reinforce the product’s value and quality.

2. Increased Conversion Rates:

Products with reviews and ratings are more likely to convert potential customers into actual buyers. The endorsement of satisfied customers is a motivating factor during the decision-making process. Moreover, if some kind of visual content backs the reviews, it further drives potential consumers to trust in the brand.

3. Feedback Loop for Improvement:

Reviews provide valuable feedback for both businesses and other potential customers. Companies can use this feedback to improve their products or services, demonstrating a commitment to customer satisfaction.

4. Customer Engagement:

Encouraging customers to leave reviews fosters engagement. It shows that a company values customer opinions and is open to dialogue, creating a sense of community around the brand.

Integrating customer reviews and ratings has a profound impact on the success of e-commerce businesses. It plays a great role in influencing customer trust, purchase decisions, and overall brand perception. 

Review Apps for Shopify

Moreover, you can also boost sales significantly by focusing on product promotions. There are various best customer review apps that allow businesses to aggregate reviews for specific products from various platforms. 

Why are Shopify Reviews App so Important?

E-commerce businesses across industries are powered heavily by social proof like reviews and testimonials. Many businesses are listed on different platforms and marketplaces and retrieve a massive amount of sales from these listings, ultimately getting reviews on these platforms as well. 

With the help of Shopify review apps, businesses can collect reviews from various platforms like social commerce platforms, and review apps like Yelp and Ali Express and integrate them into their e-commerce touchpoints.

1. Build Trust and Credibility:

Customer reviews provide social proof, demonstrating that real people have purchased and had positive experiences with your products. This builds trust and credibility among potential buyers, who are more likely to trust the opinions of fellow consumers.

2. Influence Purchase Decisions:

Many online shoppers rely on reviews to make informed decisions. Positive reviews can influence potential customers by highlighting your products’ benefits and positive aspects. Conversely, negative reviews can provide insights into potential drawbacks and help customers make realistic decisions.

3. Enhance Product Pages:

Reviews add valuable content to your product pages, making them more informative and engaging. They provide additional details, use cases, and perspectives that can help potential customers understand your products better.

4. Differentiate from Competitors:

Positive reviews can set your products apart from competitors. If your products have higher ratings or more positive reviews, it becomes a unique selling point that can attract customers.

By actively encouraging and managing customer reviews, you can leverage the power of user-generated content to drive sales and build a positive reputation for your e-commerce business.


In conclusion, leveraging reviews and ratings for your e-commerce business is a powerful strategy for businesses, including budding and established businesses. 

This integration can help any brand significantly magnify brand trust, and customer loyalty and boost brand awareness. 

Suffice to say, relying on an efficient & best review apps for Shopify can be the absolute game-changing strategy that you, as an e-commerce business, might be looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best free review app?

There are various free review apps for Shopify that provide pretty basic features such as collection of reviews from limited platforms and their integration. Ali Express reviews is an example of a free Shopify reviews app.

How do I choose the best review app for my Shopify store?

While choosing the best review app for your Shopify store, factors like business needs, requirements, budget, ease of use, and accessibility play a significant role.

Can Shopify review apps help in increasing my store’s conversion rates?

Yes, Shopify review apps can boost e-commerce business conversions by allowing users to integrate reviews and testimonials in their important e-commerce landing pages, maximizing trust and confidence.

Are there specific features I should prioritize when selecting a review app for my Shopify store?

While choosing a review app for your store, you should look for features that cater to your brand’s requirements. This may include the availability of aggregation from specific platforms, or integration to specific areas

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