Instagram Social Commerce: How Social Commerce is Reshaping Instagram Marketing?

instagram social commerce
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Instagram social commerce is taking over every form of Instagram marketing. If you’re wondering why and how? Keep reading this blog.

Instagram has seen tremendous growth in the past decade for many reasons. The spike in the popularity of smartphones and the improvement in internet connectivity globally has led to a massive reliance on the platform for entertainment, education, and inspiration. 

Statistically, Instagram users spend over 12 hours on the app monthly. That’s an opportunity businesses must not miss and utilize to build a social media presence that can actually cater to them effectively. 

Instagram social commerce is a byproduct of it. Now, businesses are earning on consumers’ content consumption patterns and integrating Instagram social commerce as a sales strategy.

What is Social Commerce Instagram?

Social commerce Instagram refers to the practice of selling products directly through Instagram content integrated into various e-commerce touchpoints. It leverages the social aspects of Instagram, such as visual content, including Instagram Reels, stories, and user-generated content to facilitate e-commerce transactions.

Unlike traditional e-commerce, where customers visit an online store, browse through products by investing their time, and finally make their purchase if they are convinced. Instagram social commerce facilitates consumers to discover products through authentic Instagram content integrated seamlessly into the e-commerce landing pages.

social commerce on instagram 2024

Why Should E-commerce Brands Use Instagram For Shopping?

There are many reasons why e-commerce brands should start investing in Instagram social commerce, but the most significant reason is its ability to convert customers faster and more effectively. Along with improving conversion rates, social commerce on Instagram has various other benefits. Let’s take a look at them:

1. Makes Shopping Interactive

Integrating Instagram content into your e-commerce store’s shopping experience makes your customers’ journey more interactive and entertaining. Rather than showcasing their products through branded content, businesses can showcase authentic user-generated content and display products in a better setting, making the shopping experience interactive.

2. Improves Product Discovery

Social commerce Instagram has helped e-commerce brands to utilize social content more significantly, allowing for better product discovery. By collecting and showcasing engaging UGC on e-commerce sites, brands can help customers look at their products more realistically, helping them discover products more efficiently and making their purchasing decisions better.

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3. Streamlines Purchase Process

Unlike traditional commerce, where the shopping journey is lengthy and tedious, Instagram social commerce facilitates a shorter and simpler checkout process. Consumers can discover new products through integrated social content and click on the product tags to get directed to the product pages instantly. This streamlined process also reduces the cart abandonment rate, allowing for more conversions.

4. Boosts Website Engagement

While Instagram social content facilitates transactions, it also serves as a valuable tool for driving traffic to e-commerce websites. Brands ccan use influencer collaborations or authentic UGC to drive attention. By strategically linking shoppable tags to product pages, brands can encourage users to explore their website further, engage with additional content, and make repeat purchases.

How Social Commerce Works On Instagram?

Instagram social commerce works by embedding Instagram content directly into an e-commerce store’s landing pages, such as home pages, product pages, or checkout pages, and integrating e-commerce functionalities into the embedded social content, allowing customers to make purchases from the social content directly. 

Here’s how it works:

1. Curating an Instagram Feed

E-commerce businesses can collect content from Instagram. This content can be branded or posted by customers or users showcasing the brand’s products. Brands can aggregate this content and curate a personalized feed of the content, where they can add the brand’s logo design or textual description.

2. Turning Instagram Feed Shoppable

Now the most important aspect of Instagram social commerce is turning the collected content shoppable. Brands can actually upload their product catalogs through CSV platforms like Shopify and Bigcommerce, and easily add product tags to the embedded social content.

3. Publishing it into E-commerce Pages

Finally, brands can easily publish the curated shoppable Instagram gallery into valuable e-commerce pages, allowing users to streamline their shopping journey from discovering products to actually adding them to their cart directly and completing purchases.

Social commerce instagram

Why Choose Tagshop To Integrate Instagram Social Commerce?

Tagshop is a leading social commerce tool that allows users to create compelling Shoppable Instagram & UGC galleries. While there are various similar tools in the market, Tagshop stands out as a remarkable tool that offers advanced e-commerce on Instagram features to help you build a highly social e-commerce store. Here are some top features Tagshop provides:

1. Allows Easy Content Collection

Tagshop is an efficient content aggregator that helps users collect social content efficiently. The tool allows users to fetch Instagram content from feed types such as hashtags, user handles, Instagram Reels, and stories. Users can quickly build highly personalized Instagram feeds with the collected content and add elements like CTA buttons for better interactivity.

2. Offers Various E-Commerce Integrations

Another feature that makes Tagshop a stand-out platform is its seamless integration with all major e-commerce platforms. Brands can easily sync their product catalogs and CSV files using Shopify, Bigcommerce, Google Merchant Centre, and more. This availability of integrations makes Tagshop an excellent tool for enabling social commerce on Instagram.

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3. Provides Shoppable Link in Bio for Instagram

Other than creating shoppable Instagram feeds and publishing them on e-commerce sites, Tagshop provides more features like that allow users to create a shoppable link in bio storefront. Users can create a mini shop from Instagram content, assign product tags, and link the store in the bio section of their profile.

Tips for Successful Instagram Social Commerce

E-commerce brands should use Instagram social commerce because it offers several benefits that enhance the overall shopping experience for users and drive sales. Here are some tips that brands must consider for successful social commerce.

1. Integrate High-Quality Social Content

Choose Instagram posts that feature high-quality images or videos that align with your brand aesthetic and messaging. Quality content will capture the attention of website visitors and reflect positively on your brand.

2. Prioritize Video Content for Better Engagement

Video content tends to garner higher engagement rates no matter the platform. Consider embedding Instagram videos on your website to provide visitors with dynamic and engaging content that effectively showcases your products or brand story.

Social commerce on instagram

3. Add Product Tags Concisely

When embedding Instagram posts featuring products, ensure that product tags are added concisely and strategically. Product tags should be clear, relevant, and placed in a way that doesn’t detract from the overall visual appeal of the content. This allows visitors to easily identify and explore the featured products.

4. Showcase Multiple Products Together

Integrate Instagram posts that showcase multiple products in a single post. This allows visitors to discover a variety of products within the same content piece, increasing the likelihood of engagement and potential purchases.


Instagram is not just a powerful social media platform, but also a marketing tool that e-commerce brands must take advantage of leveraging in 2024. 

By enabling social commerce on Instagram, brands have utilized the power of visual storytelling to a whole new level.

Instagram social commerce has enabled e-commerce brands to create a more dynamic and interactive shopping experience that has helped them achieve their business objectives more effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is social commerce on Instagram?

Social commerce on Instagram refers to the practice of utilizing integrated Instagram content to sell products on an e-commerce store. This type of e-commerce fetches content from Instagram to showcase products on e-commerce’s landing pages.

How do I grow my e-commerce on Instagram?

To grow your e-commerce business on Instagram, you must start focusing on creating quality content for your brand. Collaborate with influencers and creators to drive more content for your brand. You can also build an Instagram link in bio shop to further boost your conversions.

Which social media platforms support social commerce?

There are a few major social media platforms that support social commerce. Instagram social commerce tops the list because of its variety of content types and broad user base.

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