6 Best Social Shopping Platforms & Apps For eCommerce To Drive ROI

Social Shopping Platforms
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A profound transformation has swept through the e-commerce landscape, revolutionizing the way businesses sell their products. Gone are the days when it was a one-way street for selling products. Now, with more competition and smarter customers, e-commerce brands are embracing a dynamic strategy centered around Social shopping platforms. 

These platforms are the new hotspots for connecting with customers in an impactful manner and making shopping a social experience. It’s a shift from just selling to actively engaging with customers, making Social Selling a vital strategy for ecommerce businesses.
To put a better emphasis on it, a statistic suggests that over 32% of all online consumers are actually social shoppers.

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What Are Social Shopping Platforms & Apps?

Social shopping platforms & apps are much more enormous on the commerce spectrum than the name social shopping suggests. These are platforms and apps that allow brands to convert their social content shoppable. Social shopping comes with many benefits for brands and users.

With social media shopping, users no longer have to go through the tiresome process of discovering and exploring products on the e-commerce website. Instead, they can easily find look inspirations through a shoppable gallery of social content integrated into the website. 

Users can simply find product details, more so, directly jump onto the product page by clicking on to the posts of the gallery, making the purchasing process 3X simpler, product discovery 50% quicker and increasing brand’s AOV (average order value) by 46%.

social shopping apps

Not just that, businesses have witnessed higher customer engagement rates. It brought their brand to a global stage, improved customer loyalty, and boosted their conversion rates.

Aren’t you feeling tempted to use social shopping apps and platforms for your brand too? 

Here are six social media shopping apps & platforms, and apps you can try for your brand to get more sales, traffic, and revenue.

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Top 6 Social Shopping Platform & Apps

Here we have listed the 6 best social shopping platforms and social shopping sites that you can leverage today to turn social media into a shoppable experience.

1. Tagshop

Tagshop is growing to become the most popular Social Shopping platform. It enhances ecommerce websites with their promising shoppable galleries like shoppable UGC, shoppable Instagram feeds, shoppable emails, etc.  These features provide memorable social media shopping experiences to website visitors while staying on the website. 

These shoppable galleries provide authentic social media content that attracts users to explore your products. They also have a newly added feature called the shoppable hotspots that allows you to add product tags in the shoppable galleries that help the users reach the product’s page without exploring the entire website.
Not just that, features link Shopon.Bio by Tagshop help brands to create a gallery of Instagram or TikTok content and link them together to create a shoppable feed. This link can then be added to the brand’s social media bio, making it easier for users to explore products and shop them. All this has maximized conversion and boosted the engagement rates for brands like never before.

2. Shoppable Instagram

Instagram is a widely loved social media platform and one the most popular social shopping networks, and users enjoy exploring the visuals it has to offer. Instagram has now come up with its shoppable Instagram features. 

This allows brands to convert their business accounts into shoppable storefronts. The goal is not to forge the users’ social experience but enhance it with social shopping. Everything is the same, brands can upload images of their products just like they used to, but now they can tag these products as shoppable. 

Users can click on these tags and reach the description page. Also, within a few more clicks, they can purchase the product hassle-free without leaving the app.

3. Pinterest Pins

When it comes to visuals, Pinterest is everyone’s, first love. That’s because it offers some highly inspiring and influential content to the users and allows brand discovery.  Pinterest has recently introduced its Pinterest buyable pins. It is similar to Instagram’s shoppable posts, and brands can tag their product pins as shoppable. 

What attracts the users is that along with getting inspired, they get to purchase these inspirations. As brands, all you have to focus upon is the quality of your pictures, as Pinterest users are real visual content snobs.

4. Facebook Shops

The most populated platform, Facebook is the oldest and the most reliable social media platform. Facebook introduced its buy button in 2014, but it was only until 2018 when Facebook introduced an entire marketplace. This marketplace called Facebook shops focuses primarily on small businesses and uplifts them with free services. 

Businesses can create personalized and branded storefronts and facilitate shopping through the messenger app, highly preferred by the users. Facebook provides the perfect social shopping experience and provides valuable insights. This enables brands to understand consumer’s shopping behavior and work accordingly.

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5. Snapchat

The platform – Snapchat is a popular social media store and new to the social commerce landscape, but the features it offers are promising. Snapchat comes equipped with AI technology that makes filters look realistic. Brands can create filters for their products and embed a product link along with them. Users can try these filters as if they are trying on the product. If they like it, they are more likely to click on the embedded link to explore more. 

It creates possibilities for eyewear brands or makeup brands that usually focus on the face. The Product link can be integrated with the story and users can shop the product through snapchat story with easy tagging. It enables the users’ friends to click on the link too.

6. Meesho

Meesho is the popular social commerce app for people who have good social contacts and are willing to act as resellers for wholesalers. Users get products at wholesale prices, and they can share these products among their social contacts on WhatsApp and other social media platforms and share the product’s price by adding their margin.

It is a very empowering opportunity for people who want recognition as businesspersons. They don’t require any resources other than a smartphone with the Meesho app and an internet connection. Everything else is done by Meesho.

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Social commerce sales in the United States are expected to rise to over $35 billion this year, an increase of 34.8%. While the world is equipping with the all-new social shopping platforms and apps, why are you still here wondering about it? 

We gave you the perfect examples of social shopping platforms and apps. It is time to choose the most suitable one for you and get set going on this trail of endless sales, traffic, and revenue!


What is a Social Shopping platform?

A social shopping platform is an online platform that integrates social media elements with ecommerce, allowing users to discover, shop, and share products through social content.

What are the benefits of Social Shopping?

Social shopping is a popular selling strategy for ecommerce and the benefits include increased product discovery, product inspiration, peer recommendations, interactive shopping experiences, enhanced brand engagement, and the potential for viral marketing.

Which is the best social shopping platform?

Tagshop is the best social shopping platform that allows users to seamlessly collect and curate a gallery of social content and integrate it into their ecommerce touchpoints, such as, homepage, product pages, emails, and more.

Which brands are using social shopping?

There are various popular brands across industries using social shopping as a major strategy in their sales and marketing efforts including major players like Nike, Fenty Beauty, ASOS, and H&M, leveraging platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and ecommerce integrations.

Is social shopping important for eCommerce?

Social shopping is crucial for eCommerce due to its ability to boost sales, enhance brand visibility, foster customer engagement, gather insights, and adapt to evolving consumer behaviors and preferences. It’s an essential aspect of modern ecommerce strategy.

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