How To Increase Sales With Shoppable UGC for Consumer Goods Brands?

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The consumer goods industry services a broad category of products – from home decor to baby and pets to books and others. While brands catering to them might have their respective goals to achieve – maximizing sales is shared by all of them. 

But how do you attain it when your brand is no longer ‘just’ yours?

Users are leading brands. The B2C brands are predominantly becoming C2B, as consumers are now officially becoming in charge of how businesses interact and sell to them. 

Consumer goods shoppers seek more authentic experiences and care to know more about the past users’ experiences with the brand through faces they can relate to and depend upon. So, how can brands fulfill this growing appetite for authenticity while still maximizing sales? 

Shoppable UGC for consumer goods is what it takes for brands to stand out from the competition and grow their business. To learn more about this leading strategy, make your way to the end of this blog. 

What is Shoppable UGC for Consumer Goods Brands? 

Your brand is what shoppers say it is. According to Nielsen’s 2021 Trust in Advertising Study, most people trust recommendations from people they know. Hence, having a customer-centric approach is essential as it leads to building a sustainable, trusting relationship between the brand and its shoppers. 

By incorporating users’ content in the consumer goods shoppers’ journey, you can showcase actual use cases of the product, ease pre-purchase anxiety, provide precise information and drive greater sales.

Shoppable UGC or User-Generated Content is about adding product tags to the user-generated product visuals, curating them into shoppable galleries, and publishing the same in any location within the online store. 

Shoppable UGC For consumer goods.

The gallery featuring authentic content has greater chances of conversions. Potential users can know and learn about the product’s performance, existing users’ experience with it and make informed buying decisions. 

In fact, 85% of the consumers find visual users’ content more influential than brand-produced photos & videos.

Why Must Consumer Goods Brands Consider Shoppable UGC?

Selling high-quality products isn’t enough, nor is an excellent shopping experience – how the customers perceive your brand matters. In truth, 70% of consumers consider user-generated reviews or ratings before making a decision to buy. 

Further, consumers’ growing need for authenticity is compelling brands to integrate consumers’ voices in the buying journey. Here are the top reasons why considering shoppable UGC for consumer goods can be their best bet:

1. Shoppers Are The New Salesperson 

User-generated content – ratings, reviews, photos and videos are the biggest asset for any brand, including consumer goods. They showcase the real experiences of people with the product and help prospects make more confident decisions without doing extensive research on their devices. 

Further, collecting this content and making it shoppable – generating trust and inspiring shoppers to buy becomes effortless. The experience-based content featured in the online store can give precise information to the consumers and help them make informed buying decisions. 

Further, by incorporating user-generated reviews and ratings in the consumer funnel, you can come across as credible, and the chances of purchase increase a notch more. 

According to stats, 71% of consumers agree that user-generated reviews make them feel more confident in their decision to purchase a particular product over another. 

2. Convenient Shopping Experience Is Essential

With a massive growth in the number of online consumer goods shoppers, it is about time for brands to work out the kinks. Incorporating shoppable UGC in eCommerce – featuring the product in action alongside a CTA- can provide a seamless buying experience to the shoppers, apart from growing sales. 

Shoppable UGC for Consumer Goods

Be it social commerce or eCommerce, shoppers seek to get all the information about the product with a single tap. More so because consumer goods users shop without an intention; an inconvenient path to shopping can increase bounce rate and cart abandonment. 

UGC being immersive and inquisitive, can deliver the information in a gist to the potential buyers and lead them to purchases. 

3. Personalized Shopping Experience

Users seek personalized shopping experiences and product recommendations. They want to know how others use products and depend on real experiences more than brand-generated content. 

A personalized shopping experience can remodel user experience and conversions for consumer goods brands. For example, if you cater to the home decor vertical, featuring how your existing users are using, say suppose, lamps in the product pages alongside a ‘Buy Now’ CTA can help buyers make confident purchase decisions. 

Product Page Gallery

80% of the shoppers are more likely to buy from a brand that offers personalized shopping experiences. Thus, for merchants seeking to engage their shoppers, increase repeat purchases, drive sales and boost revenue – personalizing shopping experiences via shoppable UGC for consumer goods, can be charismatic.

4. Improve Mobile Conversions 

A majority of consumer goods shoppers prefer shopping from their mobile devices, a part of which means convenience, but also distractions. They can switch tabs in no time and get onto doing something else entirely different. 

This behaviour of consumers is attributable to the difficulty in conversions faced by brands. Here, leveraging shoppable UGC can significantly influence their attention.

They can comprehensively learn about the products in action and decide whether or not to go ahead with the brand. Moreover, leveraging shoppable UGC for consumer goods has an impact on buying decisions as it activates impulsive buying, leading prospects to conversions.

Build Demand For Consumer Goods With Tagshop’s Shoppable UGC Solutions

Pool and allocate all your social and on-site content to the places you sell – webpages, emails, and social networks with Tagshop. 

Comprehensive eCommerce solutions provided by the platform are aimed at helping brands create and deliver immersive shopping experiences which boost sales and build brand affinity. 

Shoppable UGC For Consumer Goods Brands ft. Tagshop Social Commerce Solutions

Leading brands across categories are leveraging innovative eCommerce solutions provided by Tagshop to drive social proof and revenue effectively. Find everything in detail below:

  • You can collect content from multiple social platforms and create a feed using any connection type.
  • Moderate the content to have only the top-quality posts in your shoppable gallery. 
  • Build shoppable Instagram, UGC, Inspiration, Product Page galleries, UGC lookbooks, on-site visual UGC uploads, or integrate customer reviews and ratings in the buyer’s journey. 
  • You can also create a Tagshop link and incorporate it into your Instagram bio to drive traffic and sales. 
  • Add interactive hotspots to the products and briefly showcase product information alongside the price to help shoppers make informed decisions on the go. 
  • Collect visual user-generated content, reviews, and ratings directly from your valuable customers with the on-site UGC uploads feature.
  • AI-powered intelligent curation and product tagging assistant – TruSense provides an easy and quick way to moderate, tag, and manage content.
  • And you can analyze the performance of your social content with the robust, dependable insights provided by Tagshop.

The sky is the limit when it comes to taking advantage of the platform’s potential for eCommerce brands. 

Over To You

Selling no more is about the brands. Instead, it is centred around consumers’ needs and how they want a brand to communicate with them. And from what’s evident, authenticity speaks to them more than any branded effort. 

They seek to know existing users’ experiences with brands, get inspired by their ideas, and then make a call to action. By turning UGC shoppable and leveraging it further in marketing channels and buyers’ journeys, building trust and providing an engaging buying experience becomes possible. 

Further, to dive into the endless possibilities with shoppable UGC, explore Tagshop. Well, at least that’s what the leading brands are also doing. 

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