3X More Sales: TrailFx Inspires and Sells with Shoppable UGC

Brands like TrailFx are looking to humanize their brand by activating the voices of their customers, who are the real brand advocates. These advocates highlight the brand identity, credibility, authenticity, and value perfectly by sharing their real experiences through images, videos, and texts.

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shopify The Challenge

Build Social Proof & inspire Users To Purchase

Aftermarket accessories installation is a popular method among vehicle owners to enhance their vehicle's features, capacity, and capabilities.

However, vehicle owners want to know how these installations would look in real-life on their vehicles. To counter this challenge and at the same time grow their sales, TrailFx wanted to activate the real visual user-generated content into a shoppable UGC gallery.

Showcasing the branded photos featuring products is dull and does not engage the users. The branded product photos are personalized and filtered which kills the authenticity and realistic proposition of products to the users.

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“Being able to tag products on our vehicle gallery page is huge because we're able to give a better customer experience and make it easier for customers to check out products to upgrade their vehicle.”

shopify The Solution

Shoppable Instagram User-Generated Content Galleries

We needed a way to showcase the user-generated content we received from Instagram to put on our site.

User-generated content on Instagram is one of the most influential contents that drives consumer behavior and shopping decisions. As consumers can explore the products in real-life and their aesthetics.

TrailFx mentioned “We needed a solution that let us pick which posts would show up on the feed, as well as make the feed shoppable. Being shoppable is a key feature because the feed shows potential customers what their vehicle could look like with a TrailFX bumper, winch, nerf bars, etc.”

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TrailFx have installed 2 different shoppable UGC galleries from Instagram on their website. For one gallery, they have created a unique inspiration page “Vehicle Gallery” where users can explore all of their products featured in shoppable Instagram UGC.

Secondly, they have also published a shoppable UGC gallery on their website's product page to upsell their products and boost their sales

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shopify The Results

Increased User Engagement, Sales, Product Views, & Page Time

Since installing Tagshop we've seen an increase in user-generated content submitted to us to be featured on our social profiles, we’ve seen an increase in sales, on-page time, and an increase of product views

TrailFx has seen immense growth in users photo submissions on social media channels which they are leveraging as Shoppable UGC on their brand website.

Moreover, the tactic to publish site-wide shoppable visual user-generated content galleries has made the website more engaging, interactive, and inspiring for potential customers.

“Tagshop is perfect to show off our user-submitted photos of our products installed on their vehicles. This will allow us to better showcase top posts and have other potential customers look through the gallery and see how our products would look on their vehicle.”

shopify The Conclusion

Easy-To-Use, Customizable, & Works Perfectly

“I highly recommend Tagshop for any e-commerce brands that want to level up their user-submitted content game. It showcases our best posts, and allows our customers to easily browse what products we offer.”

Visual content plays a huge role nowadays for online stores to engage users, inspire them, and drive sales especially when you leverage visual user-generated content, it amplifies the benefits to manifolds.

Turning UGC into Shoppable UGC galleries builds the bridge between inspiration and action leading to more sales, instant purchases, and maximized revenue. Moreover, it streamlines the online shopping experience for customers.

“Now our customers are able to easily view what products can look like on their vehicle by looking at our user-submitted photos on Instagram. Tagshop was really easy to install and works great on our online store.”

Integrate Shoppable UGC Galleries Into Your E-commerce store With Tagshop

How Are Brands From The Automobile Industry Integrating Social Commerce & Unlocking New Potentials?

Showcasing shoppable UGC is helping brands build a trustworthy reputation among customers.

UGC is the most credible form of social proof. Displaying shoppable customer UGC is enabling customers to make immediate purchases.

Shoppable UGC is bringing forth the ability to help customers visualize how these automobile spare parts would be useful for them, which is resulting in more confident purchases.

Shoppable UGC is a great way for brands to create upselling and cross-selling opportunities with real use cases of your products in product and category pages.

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