Advertisements do not excite the audience to try and trust any brand as much as they used to. The opinions of other customers who have used products have a much better impact on potential customers’ decisions. 

Customer reviews can be effective social proof and hence, brands must leverage them at every possible opportunity. Let’s understand them in detail and why they are so important today. 

What is Customer Reviews?

Customer reviews are the testimonials of customers who have used the product. It clearly explains the product usage journey of existing customers. It helps potential customers to make more informed buying decisions about whether the product is worth their investments. 49% of the customers trust customer reviews, similar to personal recommendations.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, etc., are common online review platforms where customers share their experiences and opinions about the product/ service. Thus, by reading the customer reviews, potential customers landed on these review platforms and evaluated their choices before buying any products. 

Why Customer Reviews are Important for Businesses?

Today, customer reviews have become a vital element for the business. Online marketing is full of options as more businesses are joining the race with time. Thus, customer reviews will be a game-changer for businesses aiming to bring difference and elevate their brand image. 

  • Customer reviews are excellent social proof for businesses. It helps customers to gain more profound knowledge about any business. 
  • Customers prefer businesses with more and better customer reviews. 
  • 60% of the customers decide whether to use a service based on the number of reviews a business has. 

  • Furthermore, other than customers, businesses also benefit from customer reviews. Customer reviews give businesses better insight into their customers’ choices and queries.
  • Brands can improve themselves and provide better customer experiences by looking into customer reviews.

All in all, customer reviews are powerful and can make or break any business.