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Hook, convert, and retain holiday shoppers with social and user-generated content made shoppable for your online store, email campaigns, and social ads. Grab the deal to acquire new customers and increase holiday revenue!

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Why Use Social Content In Marketing?

Holiday marketing fuelled with authentic visuals can help your brand establish credibility, drive inspiration, and immediate buying action.

Shoppable UGC & Shoppable Instagram galleries alongside user reviews on your product and other high-selling pages can build trust.

Increase your Average Order Value(AOV) by creating upselling and cross-selling opportunities with real use cases of your products in product and category pages.

Activate abandoned carts and improve click-through rates with influencer and user-generated content incorporated into email campaigns.

Turn Holiday Marketing Campaigns To Advantage!

  • 1.
    Define Holiday Marketing Goals

    Acquiring new customers, stocking out inventory, or re-connecting with old customers

  • 2.
    Research and Prep

    Analyze past data, create funnels to maximize sales, and prepare email lists to send out to customers post-sale

  • 3.
    Activate social channels

    Run contests, hashtag campaigns, and giveaways to spread brand awareness and connect with visitors

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    Plan hashtag campaigns, giveaways, & contests to attract audience attention.

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    Run influencer marketing campaigns - aiming to spread awareness about your offers.

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    Collect, manage, & analyze this content from Tagshop's app - aligning it with your holiday goals.

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    Create & publish shoppable galleries that drive inspiration & prompts impulse buying.

  • 1.
    Improve The Shopping Experience

    Keep minimum pause points for customers, keep the website ready for heavy traffic

  • 2.
    Use Social Content

    Use social content like UGC or branded content and increase brand credibility

  • 3.
    Create An Urgency

    Launch flash deals or limited-time offers to instill the feeling of FOMO in your customers

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    Target AOV with tiered discounts, offering gifts with purchases, creating bundles, etc.

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    Refresh your ad creatives, prospect hard, and remarket even harder over the holiday. [Tip: Use UGC in ads to improve advertising engagement and CTR.]

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    Leverage content from your social channels into your email funnels to create FOMO & achieve results from targeting.

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    Track your content's performance with detailed analytics provided by Tagshop, strategize on required changes, and capitalize on the holiday spirit.

  • 1.
    Send Out Emails

    Send out emails to customers to maintain an active interaction with them for future purchases

  • 2.
    Gain From Feedback

    Get real insights about your product and prep up for next year with this year's feedback

  • 3.
    Use Stats For Promotions

    Use stats and positive insights from the sales to send in emails as a social proof

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    Give holiday shoppers a reason to come back to you with loyalty programs.

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    Read the recorded data to understand your holiday campaign's performance for better future targeting.

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    Create email funnels to recognize your MVCs, aiming to enhance their LTV.

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    Leverage the aggregated holiday content from social channels across your eCommerce store and other marketing channels to further drive sales.

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