Grow Sales With Shoppable UGC For Consumer Electronics Brands; Here’s How?

Shoppable UGC for consumer electronics
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If you want to outpace your competition and win over new users, improving customer experience is non-negotiable. Providing consumer electronics buyers with informative content at every stage of their journey, from product discovery to purchase, plays an important role. 

Primarily, consumer product shoppers seek to know about the product in action. Feature experience-based content created by real consumers (UGC) in multiple locations of your eCommerce or online store to win their trust and considerably reduce pre-purchase hesitation.  

According to stats, 80% of the consumers say user-generated content, especially ratings and reviews, has a significant impact on their purchase decision. In addition to this, 89% of consumers said they read online reviews before making a purchase decision. 

So, how do you source this content and make it lucrative? To learn, keep reading.  

Why Consider UGC for Consumer Electronics Brands?

With digital becoming the new brick and mortar, social media the window display, and UGC the foundation of social proof, buying and selling has changed dramatically.  

Users seek more accessible, transparent, and trustworthy information to decide whether they must buy from the brand. Suppose you can cater to this, great. If not, selling is going only to get difficult. 

Potential shoppers are influenced when users create and share content featuring your brand. Therefore, by integrating this content into the users’ journey (product/home page/checkout/review pages); winning the trust, building brand affinity, and not to mention sales – becomes achievable. 

79% of the shoppers say UGC highly influences their purchasing decisions. 

Shoppable UGC for consumer electronics

Why Make UGC Shoppable?

Authenticity + Relevance + CTA = Exponential Sales. 

Consumers who interact with authenticity and relevant content are more likely to convert than those who come across brand-generated content. Statistically speaking, 90% of the consumers say UGC holds more influence over their buying decision than promotional emails and search engine results.

Now, imagine the impact generated when this content is integrated into your product pages or anywhere else in the online store? 

Visual user-generated content made shoppable turns inspiration into sales and increases the average order value by helping the hesitant shoppers see your product in reality. 

Further, authentic visuals are way more persuasive than brand-generated content. Perhaps, alters consumers’ perception of the brand by coming out as a customer-centric brand.

Why Is Shoppable UGC For Consumer Goods Important For Brands?

1. Builds Brand Credibility

Harness the power of user-generated content to build brand credibility and capture sales.

Today’s buyers are way more informed than probably a decade before. With information accessible at their fingertips, shoppers have become rather habitual of turning to trusted sources of recommendations that can much rather determine final purchases.

Content generated on social media by peers, influencers, online polls, Q&A, ratings, and reviews – these kinds of dependable content have the power of making or breaking a sale.

Further, with 30% of the eCommerce companies already selling on social media (as of 2021), the only chance of standing out and building a credible brand-user relationship is by integrating shoppable UGC into consumer electronics shoppers’ buying experiences.


2. Increases The Chances Of Purchases 

When deciding on the goods to buy, people depend on the information provided by fellow shoppers to make confident purchases. And richer the information is, the better. Here, leveraging a shoppable visual UGC gallery integrated into the online store can increase the selling potential. 

66% of consumer electronics shoppers are likely to purchase a product provided there are customer photos on the product page. Authenticity speaks to the consumers, and by leveraging influential UGC across all your digital experiences, you can create and deliver credible shopping experiences at scale. 

3. Provide a Frictionless Experience 

Shoppers have become impatient and unpredictable. They end up buying products without any intention. Here, providing a frictionless experience can create chances of upselling.

With visual lookbooks & shoppable UGC for consumer electronics galleries, brands can provide optimum information without having the shoppers run wild for information. Instead, they can conveniently browse through the product catalog, learn about the existing users’ experience with the brand and usage of products, find their inspiration, and checkout directly. 

Further, adding hotspots to the products can boost audience interaction and help them make informed buying decisions. 


4. Improve Mobile Conversions 

A majority of shoppers prefer shopping from their mobile devices, which means convenience but majorly distractions. They can switch tabs in no time and get onto doing something else entirely different. 

This behavior of consumers is attributable to the difficulty in conversions faced by brands. Here, leveraging shoppable UGC for consumer electronics can significantly influence their attention. Additionally, they can learn about the products in action in a gist through reviews and ratings given by existing users and decide whether or not to go ahead with their purchases.

Sourcing and resourcing all the relevant information in one place for mobile shoppers can have a drastic impact on engagement and conversions.

Cash On The Ever-expanding Scope Of Consumer Tech Products With Tagshop’s Shoppable UGC Solutions

Pool and allocate all your social and on-site content to the places you sell – webpages, emails, and social networks with Tagshop

Comprehensive eCommerce solutions provided by the platform are aimed at helping brands create and deliver immersive shopping experiences which boost sales and build brand affinity. 

Shoppable UGC Solutions ft. Tagshop For Consumer Electronics Brands

Leading brands across categories are leveraging innovative eCommerce solutions provided by Tagshop to drive social proof and revenue effectively. Find everything in detail below:

  • You can collect content from multiple social platforms and create a feed using any connection type.
  • Moderate the content to have only the top-quality posts in your shoppable gallery. 
  • Build shoppable Instagram, UGC, Inspiration, Product Page galleries, UGC lookbooks, on-site visual UGC uploads, or integrate customer reviews and ratings in the buyer’s journey. 
  • You can also create a Tagshop link and incorporate it into your Instagram bio to drive traffic and sales. 
  • Add interactive hotspots to the products and briefly showcase product information alongside the price to help shoppers make informed decisions on the go. 
  • Collect visual user-generated content, reviews, and ratings directly from your valuable customers with the on-site UGC uploads feature.
  • AI-powered intelligent curation and product tagging assistant – TruSense provides an easy and quick way to moderate, tag, and manage content.
  • And you can analyze the performance of your social content with the robust, dependable insights provided by Tagshop.

The sky is the limit to taking advantage of the platform’s potential for eCommerce brands. 

Over To You

Consumer electronics brands are bringing innovative products making customer experience critical. By integrating authentic content in the buyers’ journey, you can personalize shoppers’ experiences, humanize your brand, and inspire purchases seamlessly. 

Moreover, with shoppable UGC becoming the spectrum of growth for eCommerce; learning, experimenting, and incorporating it into buyers’ journeys can be a great way for brands to win. 

Should you need any further assistance in magnifying your eCommerce or online store’s performance, we’re all ears!

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