How to Increase eCommerce Sales: 14 Brilliant Strategies

how to increase ecommerce sales
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If you are here to learn how to increase your eCommerce sales, you must already be aware of the competition and overcrowded landscape. 

There are millions of eCommerce websites currently on the internet. Though it reflects how easy it is to start an online business, it also showcases how challenging it can be to generate enough sales and become a profitable business in this heavy competition. 

Like any other business, having meaningful business goals is the first step for ecommerce brands as well. One of the most important factors involved in achieving these goals is having effective strategies.

Let us learn more about why e-commerce brands need strategies to increase ecommerce sales.

Why eCommerce Brands Need Strategies To Increase Sales 

Each business has its offerings as they can be product-based or service-based. A business might need more online visibility, while another brand might look for a more optimized User interface. 

Best strategies to increase ecommerce sales

It is important to understand the business you are running and what approach would be the best for it. Here are some crucial advantages of having one: 

1. Find Your Target Audience

You can make all the efforts to increase sales on your e-commerce brand. But, not having the right set of audience can make all go in vain. 

With the help of strategies like researching the market, studying consumer personas, and listening to customer requirements brands can the audience best suited for their product/ service. 

Moreover, brands can use other tactics, such as studying social media insights and carefully monitoring the return from paid ads. This practice can help brands recognize the touchpoints that are proving to be most beneficial for them in bringing in the right customers. 

2. Recognize Gaps In Marketing

For an ecommerce brand, It is important to leverage online marketing platforms such as social media channels to reach your audience more effectively. 

For example, if a brand is investing equally in social media marketing on both YouTube and Instagram but is seeing better results from Instagram, it indicates that the brand’s primary target audience is likely more active on Instagram. 

This can mean a few things: if the brand is creating reel content for Instagram and different types of content for YouTube, customers may be more engaged by Instagram reels.

All in all, when brands implement proper strategies to perform online marketing, they are more likely to recognize the gaps.

3. Capture the Sales Funnel Effectively

Statistics show that businesses lose over 71% of their leads by the time they reach the bottom of the sales funnel. 

Why does this happen? Because brands are unable to educate their leads and help them understand how brands can provide value to them with their offerings. With proper eCommerce strategies, businesses can capture each stage of the sales funnel effectively, reducing the rate of lost leads significantly. 

Starting from properly segregating customers, brands can implement powerful strategies. Improve brand awareness via blog posts, create interest and trust through authentic social proof and user-generated content, and ultimately inspire action, leading to sales. 

4. Display Brand Offerings 

One of the best ways to increase eCommerce sales is by letting your customers see your brand for what it is, and more. 

There is way too much competition in the market and it becomes almost impossible to keep customers engaged for longer periods.

With well-thought strategies such as properly leveraging authentic content and UGC, brands can showcase their products more realistically. This practice allows businesses to improve their sales and conversions.  

14 Brilliant Strategies To Increase eCommerce Sales

Now, you know the various advantages of having an eCommerce strategy for your business. They allow you to build a more approachable and positive brand that customers love. Let us take you through some of the best strategies on how to increase eCommerce sales. 

1. Utilize Authentic User-Generated Content 

how to increase ecommerce sales

User-generated content is a valuable asset for eCommerce businesses. By definition, UGC is a form of content created by a customer in the form of a video, blog post, review, or picture. Typically, user-generated content is posted on social media channels by customers and is based on customers’ authentic experiences with the brand. It is a powerful strategy that has helped businesses generate brilliant results, including more website engagement, better brand identity, and improved trust. UGC is a highly versatile form of content and brands can utilize them in various ways: 

  • Embedding UGC into webpages for better product placement. 
  • Curating UGC video galleries to boost website engagement. 
  • Turning embedded UGC shoppable across eCommerce touchpoints to maximize sales. 
  • Showcasing UGC as social proof to improve brand trust & credibility. 

E-commerce businesses can boost organic sales via multiple selling touchpoints by leveraging user-generated content. This includes direct purchases from emails, social media, and product pages. 

Now, if you are wondering how brands can curate UGC galleries. The solution is tools like Tagshop, that allow users to collect social content and curate immersive galleries. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using Tagshop. 

Step 1: Login To Your Account.

increase ecommerce sales

For the first step, log into your existing Tagshop account or create a new account by selecting your preferred plan. Tagshop offers a free trial of 14 days. 

Step 2: Collect Content 

  • Now, start collecting content by picking your preferred source network. Here, we will select Instagram as an example.
  • Once done, choose the source through which you want to collect content. Let’s choose ‘hashtag’ here. 
increase sales on the eCommerce website
  • Here, you can check the ‘Only Reels’ option to fetch reels from Instagram. Or, you can click on the ‘Videos’ tab to fetch only video content. 

Step 3: Sync Your Product Catalog

  • Now, you will see a prompt to choose an eCommerce platform. Or, import your product list directly by uploading your CSV File or Product Catalog. 
  • Your product catalog is now successfully added. You can now start adding product tags to your content. 

Step 4: Add Product Tags

  • To add product tags, select the ‘Tag products’ button provided over the content. Search the product and click on ‘Save.’ 
increase ecommerce sales

Step 5: Customize Your Feed 

  • In the ‘Apps & More’ section on the sidebar, moderate your content gallery further with features like ‘Profanity Filter’ and ‘Auto-Moderation’ to filter out unnecessary content.

That’s all! You have successfully collected content from your preferred platform and created a shoppable gallery! Wasn’t that easy? Now, let’s publish it on your website.  

Step 6: Publish Your Feed 

best ways to increase e-commerce sales
  • From the side dashboard, go to ‘Website’ and Personalize your gallery by choosing a theme style from ‘Themes,’ and add a banner and CTA buttons.
  • Once you have made the changes, click on ‘Save Changes’  and click on ‘Generate Code’
  • For the final step, select the gallery type. 

Tagshop offers:

  • Homepage & Landing Page
  • Product Page Galleries
  • Tag-Based Shoppable Gallery
increase ecommerce sales
  • After selecting, choose your e-commerce platform. Follow the steps provided on the screen and your shoppable UGC feed will be published on the website.
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2. Implement A Solid Email Marketing Strategy

As a consumer, you must have received tons of promotional emails from brands and at some point, you might have even purchased from one. This successful purchase doesn’t happen incidentally. It happens due to a series of well-planned marketing emails that led you to take action. 

email marketing to increase ecommerce slaes

Suffice it to say, that for e-commerce businesses, email marketing is a crucial strategy that can help them increase ecommerce sales. Additionally, emails allow brands to directly target potential customers during their interest stage. 

3. Social Media Marketing

Statistically, 62.3% of the world’s population uses social media. That’s literally more than half of the world’s population. So, if you think social media marketing is an optional marketing strategy for your eCommerce business, it is time to reconsider. 

Apart from being an excellent tool to improve brand visibility and awareness, social media is an incredible marketing space for brands. 

social media marketing to increase sales

With the help of proper strategies, such as following popular trends, including video marketing and leveraging powerful visuals, eCommerce businesses can tap into massive sales.  

4. Display the best products

Many eCommerce businesses have multiple best-selling products. For example, a clothing brand may have a fast-selling pair of trousers, a dress, and some jewelry pieces. Now, various eCommerce businesses base their promotions and marketing on a single product, usually highly-priced products. 

increase sales

However, this limits the brand’s ability to maximize its reach and showcase all the products properly. Proper marketing strategies, such as curating Shop The Look galleries, can help brands seamlessly showcase multiple top-selling products.

So, if you are an eCommerce brand searching for how to increase eCommerce sales, implement strategies that help you display your best products in the most appealing light. 

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5. Focus on Mobile Optimization

A large number of your potential clients search and make purchases on the internet using their smartphones. 

If your website loads slowly, has confusing navigation, or is not designed for small screens, you are missing out on potential sales.

Responsive design is essential! This guarantees that your website will adapt for the best display on any device automatically.

6. Retarget Your Visitors On Social Media 

Have you ever walked out of a store wanting something but not fully convinced to make the purchase? Imagine that store constantly following you, softly bringing to mind the leather jacket you were interested in. 

Retargeting works just like that for eCommerce businesses on social media.

It is an effective tactic that allows you to engage again with individuals who have visited your website but have not made a purchase yet. Utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram allows you to display personalized ads featuring products they previously looked at or similar items they might like.

7. Highlight Product Reviews 

Consider reviews as the digital version of personal recommendations. Your delighted clients are enthusiastically promoting your products to the entire globe, and you know what? People listen! 

best ways to increase e-commerce sales

Feedback helps establish credibility and persuade more people to join the fan club, ultimately boosting your customer base and increasing ecommerce sales.

Here is a guide on converting positive feedback into purchases:

1. Simplify the process of leaving reviews

  • Emails sent after a purchase: Add a “Leave a Review” button instead of just saying, “Thanks for your order.”
  • Social Media Games: Host entertaining competitions or promotions requiring participants to write a review to participate. It’s a mutually beneficial situation: you receive reviews, and they have an opportunity to win awesome prizes.
  • Encourage website visitors to leave a review by offering a discount or reward points as incentives. Ensure that it does not come across as a bribe – keep it genuine!

2. Show off those reviews as if they were a collection of trophies.

  • Display reviews alongside your product descriptions on product pages. Feature the positive content or allow users to filter by “most helpful” to find what appeals to them.
  • Establish a special page, such as a “Review Hall of Fame,” to showcase all of your outstanding reviews. Create a user-friendly system for filtering based on product or star rating, similar to a customizable customer satisfaction journey.
  • You can add a small pop-up window displaying an excerpt from a positive review on product pages or during the checkout process.

3. The Shoppable Review Advantage

Positive reviews are gold for your e-commerce business. They act as social proof, building trust with potential customers and influencing buying decisions. 

Shoppable review to increase ecommerce sales

But did you know you can take reviews a step further and leverage them to increase ecommerce sales as well?

Turning Reviews Shoppable:

Imagine a customer reading a review about your product. They’re excited and ready to buy but instead of needing to search for the product on your website, what if they could click directly on a highlighted item within the review itself and be whisked away to the product page? 

That’s the power of shoppable reviews!

By combining shoppable reviews with genuine customer feedback, you can achieve two goals at once: increased sales and a more trustworthy brand image.

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8. Upsell Your Customers

So, your customer just bought something extraordinary from you. That’s a high-five moment for sure! But before they head out, let’s chat about upselling –  helping them discover even more cool stuff that you have to offer.

Think of it like this: you wouldn’t go to a burger joint and just order fries, right? You gotta get the juicy burger, too (and maybe some onion rings, because why not?). 

Upselling is about suggesting additional products that complement their purchase and enhance their experience. It’s a win-win: they get more value, and you boost your ecommerce sales.

Read more about best upsell apps for shopify.

9. Make Your Website SEO Friendly

seo friendly store to increase sales

Imagine your store is hidden down a dark alley. No flashy signs and no one knows it’s there. 

That’s not exactly a recipe for success, right?  

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is like putting up a giant neon sign that screams “Awesome products this way!” to the online world.

Here’s how to use SEO for business growth to make your store the top pick for all things amazing:

1. Focus on Keywords:

Consider the perspective of a customer: What keywords would individuals use to search for items similar to yours? Research to find important keywords and then incorporate them into your product descriptions, titles, and website content. However, avoid cramming them randomly; they should flow smoothly.

Focus on Long-Tail Keywords: These phrases are more detailed and specific, such as “top yoga mat for novices” instead of simply “yoga mat.” Reduced competition leads to increased focused traffic!

2. Content:

Avoid generic “one size fits all” descriptions and create product descriptions that stand out. Instead, create interesting content that showcases your product’s advantages and characteristics while weaving in a narrative.

Develop a blog that showcases valuable and engaging content about your products. This will help you maintain the latest content on your website, draw in new visitors, and demonstrate your expertise in your industry.

3. Check out the Technicalities:

  • Ensure that your website appears great and operates smoothly on every type of device.
  • Maximize the efficiency of your images and code to guarantee a seamless and quick shopping process.
  • All components of the website should be simple to locate. Effective navigation and well-defined categories are the keys to making a smooth customer experience.!

10. Retain Your Existing Customers

So, you’ve attracted some fantastic clients. That’s incredible! However, the true magic lies in ensuring their satisfaction and loyalty to keep them returning for more. Here is the process of transforming occasional purchasers into devoted supporters:

customer retention to increase sales
  1. Implement a loyalty programs that offer points, or exclusive offers to reward loyal customers. This way you can show the appreciation you have for them being a regular customer. This also encourages them to stay associated with you, eventually increasing your retention.
  2. You can also give some complimentary samples for their upcoming purchase or exclusive discounts for their birthday. Sending them a tailored email with product suggestions from their previous buys can help in cross-selling.
  3. Provide your loyal customers with exclusive access to new products, sales, or events ahead of the general public, and give them an exclusive experience! It’s a way of indicating that you are a member of the VIP club.
  4. Answer all your customer queries quickly, handle issues with professionalism, and go above and beyond to solve any problems. Satisfied customers are customers who remain loyal!

Retention is mainly about developing connections by going above and beyond and demonstrating gratitude to your customers.

11. Use Anchoring Technique

This marketing strategy is effective by introducing an expensive product initially, serving as a reference point. Afterward, when you display your items at their typical price, they appear more budget-friendly by comparison.

Just keep in mind that using anchoring as a subtle tactic can have a strong impact. Utilize it effectively to shape customer’s views and persuade them to invest in your non-discounted items.

12. Customer Journey Analysis

Analyzing the customer journey involves creating a map of the process and comprehending their interactions at each point of contact. 

Customer Journey Analysis to increase ecommerce sales

It helps

  1. Determine areas of discomfort
  2. Improve conversion rates
  3. Provide tailored experiences

Analyzing the customer journey is a continuous task. As your business expands and your customer base changes, continuously review and improve your understanding of their experience. 

By doing this, you will generate a smooth and captivating experience that retains customers and encourages them to return.

13. Provide Multiple Payment Options

Providing various payment choices aims to eliminate obstacles in the purchasing journey and facilitate customers in finalizing their transactions.

how to increase ecommerce sales

Consider these popular payment choices:

  1. Credit cards are essential for the vast majority of eCommerce stores.
  2. Debit cards provide a convenient option for customers who like to make payments directly from their checking accounts.
  3. Digital wallets such as PayPal and Apple Pay provide a quick and safe way to complete purchases.
  4. Explore different payment methods, such as deferred payment services or regional options based on your specific audience.

Ensure that your payment gateway is both secure and dependable. Make sure to show all payment choices clearly during checkout to prevent any surprises for your customers. 

Increasing conversions and ensuring customer satisfaction are the results of offering a seamless and secure payment process.

14. Optimize Product Pages

Your product pages must be attractive, and educational, and ultimately, turn viewers into purchasers. Here is a guide on how to enhance your product pages to increase your ecommerce sales.

best way to increase ecommerce sales
  1. High-Quality Images: Using high-quality images always gives a professional look and shows that you’ve put a lot of effort into website creation. Even if you are using infographics or illustrated images, it is important to choose the colors very carefully.
  2. Engaging Product Descriptions: Emphasize the advantages and how the product addresses customer concerns. Make sure you use language that is easy to understand while also adding your flair.
  3. Use Customer Reviews: Utilize customer reviews and ratings to demonstrate social proof on your product pages. Social proof helps establish trust and persuade potential buyers to make a decision.
  4. Mobile-friendly design: A good design is important because many people shop online using their mobile devices. Make sure your product pages are optimized for easy navigation and clear calls to action on smartphones and tablets.
  5. Precise Calls to Action: Provide clear information about what you want the visitor to do. Utilize compelling prompts such as “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” to direct and encourage them to make a purchase.

Bonus Tip: Experiment with testing various components on your product pages.

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Why Do Brands Prefer Tagshop to Create Shoppable Galleries?

A brand must keep making online shopping fun and interactive, and that’s where Tagshop comes in. It’s literally all you need for creating shoppable galleries that are as easy on the eyes as they are on your sales.

See what a shoppable video gallery looks like.

Here’s why your brand needs Tagshop to create shoppable galleries:

1. Creating an “Insta-Shop” with the Tagshop tool is simple and doesn’t require manually tagging products. Tagshop allows you to extract content directly from social media platforms. 

Simply select your source and pick your favorites, and Tagshop will handle the tagging process.

2. Customers have more faith in their peers compared to elaborate advertisements. Tagshop enables you to display genuine customer images and videos showcasing your products.

These interactive displays convert social validation into purchasing influence by demonstrating the product in action.

3. Tagshop enables you to generate interactive displays that showcase your products being used, inspiring creativity and converting casual viewers into loyal supporters of your brand.

4. Tagshop seamlessly integrates with all of the top companies in the industry. Getting your shoppable galleries online quickly allows you to prioritize monitoring the increase in eCommerce sales.

Utilizing Tagbox’s easy-to-use tools and its in-depth analytics, a brand can generate interactive shopping experiences and boost its sales. 

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Final Word!

Every step an eCommerce brand takes should be aimed to eventually increase its sales. From mastering product pages to leveraging social proof, you are now equipped with the best ways to increase sales on your eCommerce website.

So, stop wondering how to increase eCommerce sales and start implementing these strategies.  Watch your sales climb, and your brand takes center stage in the world of e-commerce!

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